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Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?
— HRG incinuating what Elle really is, to Elle
(Cautionary Tales)
Powers Sensory amplification and something else
Aliases Darth Dorkus, Riff
Sex Male
Age 23
Home TN
Occupation Student
Favorite color What kind of question is this?
Favorite episode Five Years Gone, Company Man, The Line, Out of Time, Four Months Ago..., Cautionary Tales
Favorite character Sylar, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, damn it's hard to choose
Favorite power Space-time manipulation

I just want to let people know that I have been working on a Heroes Wiki back at Wikia, but was alerted to the presence of this massive version which makes the one I was working on very minuscule (it was only 160 articles). Rather than abandoning the project altogether, I will try to help here where I can, although I'm not quite sure what is left to work on. I mean, 2000 articles from only one season and five episodes, 60 short graphic novels, and external sources, damn. Then again it all makes sense to the complexity of this series.

When not here, I can be found on the Wikia wikis of 52,000-article Wookieepedia and the 380-article Futurepedia.

Something wrong here

The first signs of Riff's powers came with basic sensory amplification. A cut felt like a whole loss of limb as the tiniest acute senses are over-activated and react at several times the norm. Smells were amplified and triggered distinct memories based on the chemical composition that was derived. Sight-sharpness was doubled during times of high activity.

Riff now sometimes feels as if he emits waves of kinetic energy felt by others, though barely noticeable. He may be able to send thoughts via a mild form of telepathy as well channeled within these waves. Whole sensory events seem to occur around known processes without becoming apparent to others. It may appear as a cold draft in the air or a light breeze. This sensory amplification thus takes the existing field of energy and transforms into a larger abundance as felt by the user.

Further experiences have shown that Riff can feel the energy/emotions left behind by others in their wake, like ripples on a pond. Past feelings and experiences tied to objects and areas in which things occurred previously can be sensed and read. If concentrated enough, it can cause detailed fantasies to occur in the mind, especially if strongly sexual in nature. However, bad memories can create a miniature nightmare effect. Why these things occur are unknown, but it is to be seen later on that what appears to be a curse can do some good.

Articles started

It's All Connected!

Is this not the scariest effing thing you've ever seen??
Even this one is hideous...
But eventually she returns to normalcy.

It appears that all the actors of Heroes have connections before they even starred in Heroes together. Shall we present the 6 Degrees of Chandra Suresh?
(Bold names belong to main or supporting actors of Heroes.)

Erick Avari

Cristine Rose

Clea Duvall

Greg Grunberg

Malcolm McDowell

Ashley Crow

Matthew John Armstrong

Hayden Panettiere

Dan Warner

Zachary Quinto

I can't see Zachary as being anyone other than a psychotic killer. Do you think he's.. *gasp* typecasted?

Milo Ventimiglia

Adrian Pasdar

Masi Oka

James Kyson Lee

Thomas Dekker

Holt McCallany

Christopher Eccleston

  • Malcolm McDowell in Our Friends in the North
  • Jesse Corti in Gone in Sixty Seconds
  • Eric Roberts played Doctor Who's (an earlier version of Eccleston's character) arch nemesis, The Master, in the 1996 Doctor Who television movie.

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Stana Katic

Jack Coleman

Best death scene in Heroes...
But the best part is that he's not dead yet.

Tawny Cypress

Ali Larter

Stephen Tobolowsky

Adair Tishler

Sendhil Ramamurthy