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Heroes Interactive:Distractions

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Distractions.


  • Fun Fact
    The "floating" pretzel was actually attached to a green fishing wire controlled by a fishing rod, which was flown around the set. The wire was removed in post.
  • What Do You Think?
    The invisible man ... love him or hate him?
    • 50% -- Love him
    • 2% -- Hate him
    • 48% -- Too soon to tell
  • What Do You Think?
    Do you wish Niki would rid herself of Jessica for good?
    • 55% -- No, but let them live in harmony as one
    • 26% -- No, I like the conflict between them
    • 19% -- Yes, let D.L. and Micah have the powers in the family
  • Fun Fact
    Zachary Quinto (Sylar) wasn't actually cast until episode ten. A stunt double was used for shots of Sylar's shadow/silhouette prior to final casting.
  • What Do You Think?
    Who should Simone choose?
    • 47% -- Isaac, they have such history
    • 38% -- Peter, they make a better couple
    • 15% -- Neither, she can do better
  • Fun Fact
    The average adult manatee is about 9.8 feet long and weighs between 800-1,200 pounds.
  • Fun Fact
    The bandaged guard who is constantly battling Niki/Jessica is simply referred to as "Broken Nose" in scripts.
  • Test Your "Heroes" Knowledge
    How much money did Niki pay to send Micah to private school?
    • 31% -- $30,000
    • 16% -- $15,000
    • 51% -- $25,000
    • 2% -- $12,500
  • Fun Fact
    Claude Rains is the British actor who played the Invisible Man in Universal's classic 1933 film.
  • Fun Fact
    Pyrokinesis is the ability to light and control fires through the power of the mind.
  • What Do You Think?
    Will HRG and The Haitian succeed in killing Sylar?
    • 24% -- Yes, they can outsmart him
    • 76% -- No, Sylar is unstoppable!
  • What Do You Think?
    How many times do you think Sandra's mind can be erased without permanent damage?
    • 10-20
    • 20-30
    • Infinite
    • It's already damaged

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