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Episode:The Eclipse, Part 2

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The Eclipse, Part 2
Season: Three
Episode number: 311
First aired: December 1, 2008
The Eclipse, Part 2.jpg
Written by: Joe Pokaski
Aron Eli Coleite
Directed by: Holly Dale
Previous episode: The Eclipse, Part 1
Next episode: Our Father
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Story Development

Eclipse · Sam's Comics · Sam & Frack · Bike Messenger



In Haiti, Peter tries to convince the Haitian to go after Nathan and Samedi. Peter suggests their lack of powers due to the eclipse is a good thing, as it’s a test of their resolve. He notes that Samedi is as powerless as the rest of them and says they can show the natives that Samedi isn’t a god. The Haitian asks why Peter is helping him, and Peter first claims that it was to get his help to stop Arthur. When the Haitian tells him not to lie, Peter explains that he needs to know if he can be a hero without his powers. Satisfied, the Haitian turns around and returns to the village his brother uses as a base of operations.

Sandra accompanies the wounded Claire to the ER. An emergency room doctor says that Claire was either shot much less recently than Sandra claims, or Claire has never been sick in her life, and demands an explanation. Sandra doesn’t explain, and the doctor replies that if Sandra doesn’t tell her the truth, she’s going to call the police.

Sylar and Elle have just finished making love in Stephen Canfield’s house. Elle wonders what happens if their power loss is permanent, and Sylar says if it is then she gets what she wants. She asks him what he thinks she wants and after kissing her, says they have a chance to reinvent themselves, free of powers or parents. Elle admits it’s scary, and then notices a laser sight on Sylar’s forehead. She pulls him out of the way as Noah opens fire. They get to cover as he bursts in, and Elle returns fire. They head out the door as Noah shoots her in the thigh. Noah chases them, following the trail of blood. They hide behind a junked car and Noah yells at them to run, and that he wants them to be scared like Claire was.

Nathan is chained to the wall in a cell with two girls, Vivienne and Marie. He speaks to them in French and they eventually acknowledge him. Before he can say anything further, Samedi comes in notes that giving away one’s name is to give away part of one’s power. The soldiers take the younger Haitian woman away and Samedi informs Nathan that she’ll be sold into slavery. Nathan says he won’t let Samedi get away with it, but Samedi says that he’s a god and Nathan is but a man.

At Pinehearst, Mohinder goes over research materials on eclipses and considers Maya’s address. Flint is watching him and Arthur arrives to demand answers. Mohinder says there are too many possibilities to narrow anything down, and Flint snaps at him. Arthur tells Mohinder that he needs more incentive and has Flint torture him with a cigarette lighter. Mohinder collapses in pain and Arthur leaves.

Noah receives a call from Sandra: she asks him where he is and explains about Claire. She isn’t sure what to tell the police and he tells her to tell them what he would: to lie. Hanging up, he spots blood on a gate and draws his gun, then goes in. He finds more blood on the ground and follows the trail.

Matt asks Daphne what’s going on and she explains she has cerebral palsy. She explains she was cured after the last eclipse but now she’s back to the start. She tells him to read her thoughts if he doesn’t believe her, and Matt explains he doesn’t have any powers either. Daphne thinks Arthur stripped them of their powers and says that she’s a villain. Matt insists that she’s a good person but she says he can’t help her. Mr. Millbrook returns and Daphne says that Matt was just leaving.

Mohinder and Flint talk.

Mohinder prepares a syringe with an injection for Flint, claiming it will track the changes he’s going through. Flint believes it’s a trick and Mohinder agrees, then smashes him over the head with a microscope. The two struggle and Mohinder viciously beats Flint into unconsciousness. He takes Flint’s key card, grabs Maya’s address, and leaves.

Ando and Hiro ask Sam and Frack for the new issue of 9th Wonders!. Sam thinks it’s some kind of trick but Ando says the answer to getting back Hiro’s power is in one of the comics. He shows him the current issue, which shows what they’re speaking as they say it. When Sam demands payment for the comics, Hiro gives Sam his company credit card and starts going through back issues of 9th Wonders!

Elle and Sylar take refuge in a drug store and Sylar tries to treat Elle’s wound. A clerk asks them if they need help and Sylar throws money at him, then warns Elle that they have to split up before Noah gets there. Elle warns that Noah is better trained and will kill Sylar, and suggests they set a trap together. Sylar wonders if he deserves to die, but eventually agrees and takes her into the back storage area.

Samedi takes the younger woman into a hut and prepares to rape her, but the Haitian comes up from behind and knocks him down. The younger woman flees and Samedi asks the Haitian if he’s going to kill him, insisting it’s the only way to stop him. The Haitian knocks him unconscious and Peter ties him up.

Hiro goes through the comic books which show his previous adventures. Matt arrives and Frack points out there was an eclipse on the day Hiro got his powers. He thinks that their powers will come back when the eclipse ends. Matt finds a comic that shows Daphne running out of her home and heads back there. Ando tells Hiro that he will soon get his powers back, but Hiro says he doesn’t want to grow up and runs into the bathroom. Ando reads the issue of 9th Wonders! that Hiro was reading and sees the panels of Hiro killing Sylar, meeting Charlie, fighting Adam, and his father Kaito dead.

Nathan talks to the remaining woman in his cell, apologizing for being unable to help her or others like her despite his power and influence. Peter and the Haitian arrive to free him and the woman. Peter says he’ll hold off the approaching soldiers while they escape. Nathan initially objects but Peter says they need to get the Haitian to America to stop Arthur.

Claire wakes up as Sandra sits at her bedside and explains she’s fighting off an infection. Sandra gives her a button to push for painkillers and tells her daughter that Noah is on her way. Claire realizes she’s lying but Sandra insists he’ll be there. Claire bemoans the fact that now that she has lost her powers that she thought she didn’t want, she’s dying without them. The police arrive to talk to Sandra and Claire says she was a stupid teenager who thought she could be something more. She enters septic shock, flat lines and Sandra frantically calls for help.

Sylar and Elle run into the storeroom and spot Noah on a security monitor. Sylar shoves Elle into a freight elevator, closes the gate, and sends the elevator down. Elle bangs on the doors, begging him to bring her back. Noah arrives and Sylar tackles him. The two struggle.

The doctors prepare to crack open Claire’s chest to try and revive her.

Sylar dies at the hands of Noah.

Noah slams Sylar into the shelves, and Sylar asks what would happen if Claire could see him there out of control. Distracted, Sylar manages to land a few punches but Noah drops him to the ground. He grabs a packing knife as Elle’s elevator comes back up. She watches in horror as Noah cuts Sylar’s throat. Noah exits the storeroom, leaving Sylar for dead.

As the eclipse begins to conclude, the doctors declare Claire dead on the operating room table. Sandra looks at her daughter’s face as the sunlight shines through the window… and Claire comes back to life. Sandra says they have to get out of there.

Matt returns to the Millbrook farm and Mr. Millbrook tells Matt that Daphne has left and he doesn’t know where. Matt has his telepathy back and can read his thoughts. Matt telepathically “hears” Daphne in the distance while Mr. Millbrook wonders if he could have done more to convince her to stay. Matt thanks him and goes back into the corn field, and finds Daphne examining a scarecrow. He wonders why she’s still there and she explains she wanted to talk to the scarecrow, Ray, who she made when she was 13. Daphne explains that they were losing the crop and the scarecrow saved the field. Matt says she saved the field and he understands that she was just trying to get something back. He insists that she’s a good person and she knows that he knows it. She asks if he forgives her and he says he’s not the one she needs forgiveness from. Daphne runs to the house and embraces her father.

Four of Samedi’s men search the village when Peter opens fire on them. They return fire and Peter runs out of bullets. He holds up the rifle and surrenders, tossing the rifle to the ground. The Haitian comes up behind the soldiers and knocks them out using his restored powers. Nathan and Peter knock out the other two soldiers. Samedi arrive and declares that he is a god, and they should have stopped him when they had the chance. He tells Nathan it isn’t his fight but Nathan says it is and flies into him, slamming him into a jeep. Samedi is unharmed due to his impenetrable skin. Peter tells the Haitian to negate Samedi’s power so he can shoot, but the Haitian says it’s his responsibility. The Haitian grabs Samedi by the head. Samedi says that he can’t harm him, because he’s his brother and still loves him. After a few moments of struggle, Samedi collapses.

Mohinder goes to Maya’s address and knocks on the door, identifying himself. She says she’ll be there in a minute, but Mohinder notices the scales growing back on his hand. He runs away and she opens the door to only find the address slip lying on the floor.

Frack spots Hiro and Claire hiding in the greenhouse within one of Isaac's comics.

Sam knocks on the bathroom door and tells Hiro that he has to grow up. Hiro notes that they never grew up: all they do is read comic books and eat junk food. Sam says that as a hero, saving the world comes before everything else. Hiro asks why he should bother being a hero if Kaito is dead. Sam says that anyone can make a difference. Hiro finally comes out and thanks Sam. Frack, going through a 9th Wonders! comic, finds a panel that shows Kaito giving baby Claire to Noah. The panel shows the modern Hiro and Claire hiding behind the ferns in the greenhouse. Frack concludes that Hiro needs to take Claire back so he can regain his memories. When they wonder how they can find Claire, Hiro goes through another issue and finds the scene he needs. He teleports away as Sam says, “Best day ever.”

Noah returns home where Claire is laying in her bedroom. She accuses him of abandoning her again and viewing her as just an assignment, and notes she died again and he missed it. Noah realizes the significance of her coming back and runs downstairs, only to find Sylar and Elle waiting for him, their powers restored. Sylar disarms him using telekinesis and Elle threatens to electrocute Sandra when Claire tries to grab the gun. Sylar says they’re taking Claire and he’s going to finish the job by delivering her to Arthur. He starts to choke Noah but Noah says that Arthur and Angela aren’t Sylar’s parents. He’s read Sylar’s files and knows the truth. Elle says he’s lying and Noah says that she knows who Sylar is and she helped create him. Noah says there’s no way they can have a normal life, not after Sylar killed Bob. Sylar starts to slice open Noah’s throat but Hiro appears, teleports away Sylar, then returns and teleports Elle away. Finally he grabs Claire, says “Save the cheerleader…” and teleports away with her.

Matt and Daphne return to Sam’s Comics and discover that Hiro is gone. Sam reveals they have the last posthumous issue of Isaac Mendez’s comic and there’s nothing else. However, Sam talks of a urban legend that Isaac gave one final story to a bike messenger on the day he died.

The Haitian prepares to take the Haitian girls back to their village and Nathan thanks him for his sacrifice. Once the Haitian is gone, Nathan admits he respects Peter for making his decisions from the heart. He then says that he thinks Arthur’s plan to give everyone powers is a good idea. He points out it was one person using powers that conquered a village, and the Haitian, with powers, who stopped Samedi. Nathan feels they have an obligation to stop any powered individuals who support war and genocide everywhere and Arthur has a way even if it’s not perfect. Nathan tells Peter to call the embassy to get home and then flies back to America.

At Pinehearst, Arthur is watching a battered Flint when Mohinder returns. Arthur admits the eclipse showed them all that they’re desperate and weak, and asks if Mohinder is ready to go back to work. Mohinder says he has nowhere else to go and Arthur assures him that they’ll find a cure. However, he warns Mohinder he’ll have to take care of the monster within him on his own.

Sylar and Elle share their final moments.

Sylar is standing on a beach when Elle appears behind him. Sylar explains that Hiro was responsible and asks Elle if Noah was telling the truth about his parents. He has her sit down and touches her forehead. She flinches briefly and then they lay back on the beach. Sylar says he’s been thinking about them finding themselves, free of their parents and their powers. He says she was wrong and that nobody really changes. Elle says that he did. But Sylar states that it was temporary and that now he has his powers back, he knows neither one of them is going to change because they’re "both just damaged goods". He starts to slice open her skull as she screams in agony.

Manhattan, 16 years ago. Hiro and Claire arrive in the past where Kaito is giving baby Claire to Noah. Claire calls out “Dad” and Hiro shushes her, then shows her the comic showing the scene and the dialogue as it occurs. Kaito warns Noah not to get too close and Claire swears “Holy sh--"

Memorable Quotes

"There’s a legend I heard from a guy at a convention, who heard it from a dude, who heard it from another dude...that one more 9th Wonders! story exists."

- Sam

"His followers think he's a god."

"Then I say we make him bleed."

- The Haitian, Peter (referring to Samedi)

"Others believe that names grant great strength."

"Is that why you call yourself Baron Samedi? So people will worship you like a god?"

"Is that why you took the title "Senator"?"

- Samedi, Nathan

"They are asking a lot of questions. They called the police. What am I supposed to tell them?"

"Tell them what I would tell them."

"You mean lie."

- Sandra, Noah

"You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?"

"Honestly... yeah. I did."

- Flint, Mohinder

"I think this eclipse showed us all exactly who we are. Desperate. Angry. And weak."

- Arthur

Character Appearances


  • Kristen Bell is credited as a Special Guest Star for this episode.
  • In a blog entry, Greg Beeman said that the decision to not directly show Noah slitting Sylar's throat may have been influenced by The Dark Knight and its lack of directly showing violence.
  • This is only the third time that Hiro and Claire are with each other, the other two being when Kaito handed Claire off to Noah and in Kirby Plaza. This also marks the first time Claire and Hiro actually speak to each other.
  • This episode continues the trend of a character saying "Holy sh—" before cutting to the to be continued screen, as seen in season one and season two. Incidentally, a Bennet has always been the one to deliver the line: Claire in seasons one and three, and Noah in season two.
  • A continuity editing goof occurs in the episode: right before Sylar cuts Elle's skull, he points his finger at her forehead to use telekinesis. In this shot, Kristen Bell's hair is hanging over her forehead. However, in the next shot, where Elle's head is actually getting cut, Kristen's hair is smoothed back behind her ears.

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