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Forum pls, could you check pm of ch though-- By Danko CH 10:57, 4 April 2010 (EDT)

  • Cool thx, can you check it, I'm in a very good mood-- By Danko CH 15:30, 5 April 2010 (EDT)
  • Done, plz check-- By Danko CH 18:49, 9 April 2010 (EDT)
    • Back, how've you done?-- By Danko CH 12:42, 15 April 2010 (EDT)
      • Weird I can access it, anyway post when you can or send it to me, whichever. Got some results back today so I'm in a good mood.:) -- By Danko CH 12:46, 15 April 2010 (EDT)
        • Bad luck, well let me know when you're done, hopefully you'll have most of it to memory anyway.-- By Danko CH 12:56, 15 April 2010 (EDT)
          • Please check. By Danko CH 13:16, 16 April 2010 (EDT)

Page borders

Hi Leckie, I want ask you if I can use (changing the colors) the page borders for Caitlin's Revenge, my fanfic. Thanks,TanderixUTCR 14:47, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

  • Sure! Smile.jpg TanderixUTCR 14:50, 6 April 2010 (EDT)


For some reason, this is connecting me and Danko with a box that says "Visions of Earth". I don't know why. Can you fix it?--BOYCOOL -- THE END IS NIGH. 14:51, 6 April 2010 (EDT)

Visions of Earth episode

Hi Leckie, I was just wondering when the next episode of Visions of Earth is coming out? , I read the others yesterday and I'm really interested to see what happends. -- Mr. muggles mike

Hey :)

Well, I never left! lol! I have been here checking my Watchlist every other day sometimes every other three days and I am discontinuing Gulp-Ninja because I just don't have time lately and it doesn't seem like any one cares or even reads it. ~~IHHTalk 16:26, 11 April 2010 (EDT)

  • Well thanks very much! But see that's the problem, I'm so busy there has to be a hiatus. I was writing all of the stories in my history class at college but now we are moving at such a fast pace, I don't have any time to even write it! Let alone type it! There are so many things I want the public to know about in the series but I just don't know how I could keep a regular schedule. ~~IHHTalk 16:35, 11 April 2010 (EDT)
    • Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have time right now and am working on the last story of G-N and hope to get it all typed up and ready by next week. I know that after it there will be a LOT of loose ends but I just don't know if I can keep it up to answer them all. Yours truly, ~~IHHTalk 10:24, 16 April 2010 (EDT)
      • The Gulp-Ninja Series has reached the series finale. And it is now released! ~~IHHTalk 15:33, 17 April 2010 (EDT)
        • Hey, so you want G-N to keep going? Becuase after what you said, I feel bad about ending it. And didn't know if you wanted to help with it? ~~IHHTalk 16:02, 24 April 2010 (EDT)


Hey dude, good to see you too :) thanks for the offer, if I need any help, I'll ask you. Now I'll take a look at the Visions of Earth, the title is intriguing =) Green.gif AltesUTC CH 04:02, 14 April 2010 (EDT)


Looks good, colour scheme of blue and green works well, nice job-- By Danko CH 12:09, 14 April 2010 (EDT)


Hey, Leckie, mind if I copy/paste some of this for my subscriptions?--BOYCOOL -- THE END IS NIGH. 17:15, 14 April 2010 (EDT)


Sorry Leckie, I've see only now the subscriptions message and...yes, I'de like to update the sections. You've only to tell me what I've to do. --TanderixUTCR

  • Ok, tell me what I've to do. :) --TanderixUTCR


Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! Of course I'll let you know, I feel so bad you've had to wait for so long, especially considering you have to be one of the Hunted's biggest follwers! (look at me, acting like everyone reads it, HA!) And thanks for reminding me, I remember which one it is now, it's really good! Keep up the great work, and thanks again!! --Skullman1392 16:17, 15 April 2010 (EDT)


Hi Leckie, I was just wondering what you think of my series Neighbourhood Life and also would you be considering setting up a theory page for your series VOE? Mr. muggles mike 11:14, 16 April 2010 (EDT)

  • Theories are instances of fan speculation. Theories are of varying quality and are not sufficiently supported by canonical Heroes information or in your case VOE.--Mr. muggles mike 14:19, 16 April 2010
    • That is exactly what I'm saying and I think it would be reall good for VOE if you created one. Mr. muggles mike 08:25, 17 April 2010 (EDT)

My Fanfic

Do you like Noh's Apprentice? --Boycool Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse wouldn't quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out. Amen. 16:33, 16 April 2010 (EDT)

Questionable move

I see that you wanted to find a good place for my discussion of the fan creation. However, I was not the only one involved in making X-Men versus Heroes for Ferris. I was only the main producer for it. Your attempt to put it in my "namespace" is causing the discussion page to read it as a separate user, instead of being an article about something I made.

Could you move it again some place more fitting? Thank you.

BulldozerBegins 11:15, 17 April 2010 (EDT)

  • I'm glad you cleared that up. Do user-contributed articles about fan works get noticed by the navboxes though? Or is that only for admins who take notice of memetic fan works that they themselves didn't make?

BulldozerBegins 11:26, 17 April 2010 (EDT)

    • By "get noticed," I mean that the navigation boxes at the bottom for fan works will eventually list that item. So if I see "Fan created works," then my contribution will be one of the many that shows up. If only memetic works are shown that attention, then mere user contributions by-definition would not. I wasn't sure which rule applies, that's all. BulldozerBegins 11:33, 17 April 2010 (EDT)
      • Okay, got it. Thank you for all your help.BulldozerBegins 11:42, 17 April 2010 (EDT)

Image for hydrokinesis

Leckie, you are more than welcome to use Water purification.jpg for your fan power.--CreedogV 13:28, 19 April 2010 (EDT)

Visions of Earth

Hello I would like to say that I have been reading your fanfiction and I think it is really good! I love the characters (especially Ed Jones)! My favourite power is the water one :) --Beachboy 15:08, 19 April 2010 (EDT)

Vandalism reverting

Hey, I see you reverted Implader's vandalism. However, there's a more efficient way of doing that, here's the deal: instead of manually undoing all edits, just check the page history, use the compare feature using any version with the last good revision before than vandalism and save that last revision on top of the current one. It'll save you some time. Intuitive Empath - Talk - Contributions 16:44, 19 April 2010 (EDT)

  • It took me a while to learn it as well, one day I saw someone doing it in another wiki, I tried it here, and it worked. I call it "the unofficial rollback". It does the same thing, only with a couple extra clicks. Intuitive Empath - Talk - Contributions 20:10, 20 April 2010 (EDT)


Ok, thanks Leckie. --TanderixUTCR 14:32, 20 April 2010 (EDT)


  • I was finally able to get the next episode of the Hunted up! Enjoy! --Skullman1392 18:34, 22 April 2010 (EDT)
    • Episode Nine is now available! Hope you like it! --Skullman1392 18:07, 29 April 2010 (EDT)
      • Hahahaha I had a feeling you'd love it :D And I have to say that Wicked is definitely one of the best musicals around!! I'm happy Rewritten made you happy lol --Skullman1392 13:03, 30 April 2010 (EDT)