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Current Episode: Countdown

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Who will win the Clash?
The Clash; August, 2010

Caitlin's Revenge
Caitlin's Revenge.jpg

Caitlin's Revenge is a mini-series created by the user Tanderix.

Volume Two: Events

The second volume, Events, tells about Caitlin who need to go to India to his enemy, Noah Gray. Another story is narrated, a new villain, "Red Carpet" have started to kill all the "specials". Look here for all the season two episodes.

Latest Episode

Release Date: August 15, 2010'

The team prepares a plane for the clash...

Latest Webisode

'Ice King, Part 1
Release Date: April 3, 2010'

A strange family...

Characters & Abilities

Character Ability
Caitlin Richards Lung adaptation
Mohinder Suresh Enhanced stregth
Sparrow Redhouse Terrakinesis
Jason Suvverman Freezing
Angie Rowland Element mimicry
Miranda James Smoke mimicry
Eli Collins Cloning
Frank Hornby Enhanced accuracy
Red Carpet Life absorption

Next on Caitlin's Revenge

  • The next episode, The Clash, will be released soon.
    See here for episode spoilers.
  • The next webisode, Ice King, Part 2, will be released soon.
    See here for webisode spoilers.


  • The episodes will be aired every Thursday, the webisodes during arc between an episode and another.
  • The Double-episode season premier aired on December 13, 2009.
  • Here is the episode spoilers page.
  • The Company kepps files for the Caitlin's Revenge characters, you can watch them here!
  • Caitlin's Revenge's Wikia.


  • Tanderix announced that he is working on a series of webisodes about how Angie, Jason, and Sparrow discovered their abilities.
  • A contest for the volume 2 (finished).

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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