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Dear Readers,
Sorry about the delay in the release of stories. Times are hard right now and I am really busy. I have all of the ideas ready, just not typed up yet and put into a story! Bute I will try to get them up as soon as possible! :)

The Gulp-Ninja Series!

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  • The contest is now over! Congrats to all of the winners! Hope you all enjoy the Novel!


To subscribe to the Gulp-Ninja Series , please place your user name under the subscription section on the Series' talk page. Subscribing means that you will get a notification on your talk page when a new story of the Gulp-Ninja Series comes out and is completed.

Scrambled Eggs Receivers

A Scrambled Egg is an award that each story has that goes out to a character from the show, Heroes based off of events in the story. However, the awards were quit being given out as of Novel Three.

Organizations and Places

Main Characters

Carl Acking · Agent 147 · Denise Black · Jamie Black · Seasion Caramine · Sawyer Gonzo · Jordan Hayes · Gulp-Ninja · Vincent Thomas

Recurring Characters

Perry Adams · Candace Blaine · Robert Booth · Evergreen · Gomer A · Hank Gordman · Billy Joe · Andy Lewis · The Lighter · T.J. Luther · Bromwin Meyer · John Millard · Lilly Ninja · Kaito Nakamura · Steve Orwall · Ken Richey · King Rosko · Snowflake · Maxwell Wakes · Wind 3-P


Accelerated probability · Chess Configuration · Electric manipulation · Enhanced hearing · Evolving touch · Excelerated Jump · Freezing · Friction Diminishment · Invisibility · Mediumship · Mental manipulation · Microwave emission · Mortal Detection · Phasing · Precognition · Probability manipulation · Rapid cellular regeneration · Red lightning · Self-Replication · Silencing touch · Sound manipulation · Space-time manipulation · Spontaneous combustion · Telekinesis · Terrakinesis · Transforming · Water Slicing Manipulaion · X-ray Vision

Map of Wonders

Character Appearances
Novel One: Cops and Robbers
90lbs · The Mirror · Lighters · Safety · Interrogation · The Dance of Death

Novel Two: Theory of Evolution
Cold Rain · Charmed · Time We Share · Teiresias · Knock Out · Treachery and Innocence

Novel Three: The Eclipse
A Solitary Journey · The Future is Set · A Relinquishing Passage · Fate's Everlasting Truth · King Rosko's Will · The Opposing Side · A Family's Past


Character Appearances
The Heard · Deal With the Devil · Baking Lessons: 1 - 2 · The Break Out

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Gulp Ninja Series edit
Latest Story: A Family's PastLatest Vignette: The Break Out
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