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Episode:June 13th, Part Two

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June 13th, Part Two
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 508
First aired: November 5, 2015
June 13th, Part Two.png
Written by: Raven Metzner
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: June 13th, Part One
Next episode: Sundae, Bloody Sundae


Story Development

Mohinder's impersonator · Afghanistan War · Hiro Nakamura's home · Angela Petrelli's chateau


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Memorable Quotes

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Character Appearances


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 3.975 million people, which represents a 0.73% rise in viewership from the previous episode. Notably, this episode was viewed by 1.27 million people in the coveted 18-49 age demographic, which is a 20.48% rise in viewership from the previous episode.
  • This episode was originally known as As Time Goes By, which is the name of the famous song from the movie Casablanca.

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