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Petrelli Movement

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Petrelli Movement
Location: The Highland Dream (formerly)
Purpose: To protest the Evo Registration Act,
To save evos from persecution
First appearance Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World
Known leaders: Peter Petrelli,
Claire Bennet (deceased)
Known members: Abhaya Bhatnagar,
Hammer (formerly),
Peter Petrelli,
Claude Rains,
Micah Sanders,
Mohinder Suresh,

The Petrelli Movement is a pro-evo movement that was created when Peter Petrelli declared war on the revised Evo Registration Act. The Petrelli Movement was originally an ideology shared by active protesters across the globe, but eventually became an organization based out of the ship Highland Dream. The movement aims to protest against the ERA and save evos from persecution wherever possible.


Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

On October 25, 2011, Peter Petrelli holds a press conference outside the Petrelli for Congress offices and dramatically rejects the amended version of the Evo Registration Act before vanishing into thin air. Peter's speech gained billions of views on YouTube and sparked a worldwide movement comprised of evos and others who opposed the ERA. This movement soon became known as the "Petrelli Movement", a name which was adopted by many of its supporters who went on to form public protests. One such protest, at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France, escalated into violence between protesters and police.

On November 15, 2011, Claire Petrelli submits a guest editorial in Washington Magazine in which she condemns the hostile actions of the Petrelli Movement and instead encourages them to protest peacefully. Despite disagreeing with their methods, Claire states that she shares the Petrelli Movement's opinion of the Evo Registration Act.

By December 24, 2011, the Petrelli Movement had helped evos all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. They had tried to make inroads into North and South America, though they were for the most part unsuccessful due to the aggressive enforcement of the ERA in those regions. One of the evos they rescued was Morgan Perdue, who has the ability of telekinesis. Peter later visited Morgan at his home and replicated his ability.

As a result of Claire's kidnapping by the Lamarck Project, The President gave Renautas more autonomy, and their field agents became more forceful. When Claire returns to the Petrelli Mansion on January 3, 2012, Angela persuades her that she needs to go off the grid to avoid being recaptured. Although Claire disagrees with the Petrelli Movement's methods, she realizes that she can no longer be the face of the evos, so she will have to join the movement underground if she wants to continue to help them. Angela books Claire a cabin on a cruise ship and arranges a meeting between Claire, Micah, and Mohinder, two members of the Petrelli Movement. Claire enquires if Matt, Hiro, Ando, and Sylar are part of the movement; Mohinder replies that he has heard little from the first three and that Sylar comes and goes as he pleases. Claire agrees to join them.

Claire moves onto the Highland Dream, the headquarters of the Petrelli Movement, and helps countless evos from her laptop. Using a secure chat server designed by Micah, Claire continues to give evos tips on how to stay safe and hidden. On April 18, 2012, Claire video chats with around twenty evos at once. Around that time, the Petrelli Movement is working on getting an underground railroad set up in the United States that leads to Canada, where the ERA is voluntary like it was originally. The Petrelli Movement also cooperates with Planned Parenthood to offer evos discreet genetic tests to see if their abilities have been passed on to their children.

At some time prior to May 2, 2012, a member of the Petrelli Movement, Abhaya Bhatnagar, witnesses Danish paramedics refuse to provide medical care to an evo on the grounds that he is a "mutant". She describes this incident in an email to Claire sent using the Hero_truther network.

On June 5, 2012, the Highland Dream docks in Tarragona, Spain. Peter, Claude, and possibly Sylar rescue a group of eight evos from being lynched in Monaco and take them to the Highland Dream. Claude and Sylar soon disappear, but Peter stays on the barge to help Mohinder take care of the rescued evos. By July 4, one of the evos, who Claire nicknames "Hammer", recovers from his injuries. Claire and Hammer kiss under the fireworks and become involved. Afterwards, Hammer became insistent that the Petrelli Movement needed to be more proactive in their goals, and argued with Claire, Mohinder, Peter, Micah, and Claude. One day, Hammer simply disappeared.

At some time prior to November 7, 2012, Abhaya Bhatnagar was captured by Interpol and forced to reveal the location of the Petrelli Movement's headquarters. However, the Petrelli Movement discovered her capture, and decided to move out of the Highland Dream as a result. Claude obtained explosives and planted them in the barge for Interpol to find when they inevitably raided the ship. The raid took place on November 7, 2012, and the mercenaries found an empty ship, which soon became a pile of wet scrap. Afterwards, the Petrelli Movement split up. Some went back to their homes, others went to safehouses, others accepted sanctuary offered by Angela on the part of nuns of Abbazia di San Giovanni, Italy. Claire moved to the abbey along with several other evos.

It is currently unknown if the Petrelli Movement still exists in some form under the leadership of Peter.

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