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Revelation of evolved humans

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Revelation of evolved humans
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Claire jumps off the Sullivan Bros. Carnival Ferris wheel, revealing her abilities to the world.

First mentioned: Brave New World
Date of event: December 7, 2010
Location: Sullivan Bros. Carnival

On December 7, 2010, Claire Bennet jumped off a Ferris wheel at Sullivan Bros. Carnival in front of live media, revealing her ability and the existence of evolved humans to the world.

Notable Participants


Brave New World

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Under the Mask

While Luke and Joanne are driving, a radio announcer states how he wishes that when Claire jumped off of the Ferris wheel, that she would have just died instead of had an ability.

The Needs of the Many

Dr. Lopez tells Tommy Clark that since the revelation of evolved humans, blood transfusions aren't what they used to be.

Game Over

Emily tells Tommy that the world once couldn't get enough of superhero stories, but when a cheerleader in New York jumped off a Ferris wheel and regenerated, everything changed.

June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Noah Bennet meets with Erica Kravid in his office at Primatech to discuss her changing the security of the Odessa Unity Summit. Noah notices that Erica has a deep interest in Claire causing Erica to claim that Claire had started it all by jumping off the Ferris wheel in New York and that humanity has taken a backseat to evos ever since. Noah reminds Erica that the summit is to remind people that evos are human too and is angered by Erica's bigotry when she tells him that evolution is only good when its controlled.

Project Reborn

In the Eternal Fortress, Tommy Clark sees himself as a child watching a news report on Claire revealing evolved humans with his mother telling him that the world is about to change. When Tommy asks who Claire is after seeing her regenerate, Anne tells him that Claire is his mother and promises to explain everything to him.

Memorable Quotes

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