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Luke's gun

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Luke's gun

First mentioned: Brave New World
Owned by: Luke Collins
Current status: Unknown

In his quest to kill all evos, Luke carries a gun to kill his victims.


Brave New World

At an evo support group, Luke pulls his gun and uses it to kill several evos as his wife kills several others.

Luke and Joanne later capture Tommy Clark and threaten him at gunpoint, but he teleports them away when they threaten Emily Duval.


In Tommy's old Level 5 cell, Luke notices how there is no light switch and realizes that if they turn out the lights, they may see something they're not supposed to. Luke shoots out the lights, revealing that part of the wall is actually a window. Luke and Joanne break out through the window and force Agent Stevens to show them the way out. After seeing a room full of people, Joanne starts firing and Luke reluctantly follows, killing everyone in the room.

Under the Mask

After Joanne kills Alexander French, Luke enters with his gun drawn.

The Needs of the Many

Joanne reminds Luke of the time he murdered Mr. Shelby with a shot to the neck.

The Lion's Den

Entering his old home, Luke cautiously looks around with his gun before laying it on the counter.

Send in the Clones

At a store in Missouri, Luke buys some ammunition for his gun, explaining to Malina that his power only works during the day time so he needs something that he will allow him to fight at night. While Luke offers to buy Malina a gun too, she just tells him her power works all day to Luke's amusement.

Outside of a cornfield, Luke and Malina are confronted by two Harris clones and Quentin and Phoebe Frady. When Phoebe blocks their powers, Luke draws his gun to face the group, telling Malina that Phoebe can't block a Glock with her abilities. Searching through the cornfield, Luke finds Phoebe, Quentin and a Harris clone about to kill Malina. To protect her, Luke pistol-whips Phoebe, knocking her out and restoring his powers. Luke fries the Harris clone and holds his gun on Quentin while threatening to do the same to Phoebe if Quentin doesn't surrender. Quentin eventually surrenders to Luke.

In a barn, Luke threatens Quentin and Phoebe with his gun for information. After Quentin tells them that they need to go to Gateway in Odessa, Texas, Luke prepares to shoot Phoebe, recognizing her being partially responsible for his son's death. However, Quentin and Malina talk him down and Luke takes them captive instead.

Company Woman

After finding Gateway guarded by the National Guard, Luke takes Quentin and Phoebe into the woods near the ruins of Primatech with the apparent intention to shoot them. However, Phoebe escapes and Luke loses his gun in the struggle. Quentin picks it up and gets the drop on Luke, but instead hands the gun back to him, choosing to side with Luke and Malina over Renautas.

At Union Wells High School, Luke spots Joanne and draws his gun. After Joanne tries to shoot Malina, Luke shoots her gun out of her hands but drops his in favor of his powers when the sun appears through the window moments later. Luke is eventually forced to incinerate Joanne when she refuses to stop.

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