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Quentin's gun

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Quentin's gun

First mentioned: Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Owned by: Quentin Frady
Current status: Presumably discarded

Quentin's gun was a gun carried by Quentin Frady while in service of Renautas.


Sundae, Bloody Sundae

After meeting Tommy Clark, Quentin draws his gun and enters the bathroom to kidnap Tommy. However, Tommy has teleported away after learning that Joanne Collins kidnapped his girlfriend.

After Tommy returns to the hospital, Phoebe arrives to help kidnap Tommy for Erica Kravid. As Noah aims his gun at Phoebe, Quentin comes up from behind Tommy and holds him at gunpoint, revealing his allegiance to Renautas. Though Noah threatens to shoot Phoebe, Quentin threatens to kill Tommy, knowing that Tommy is in fact Noah's grandson. Noah reluctantly lets Phoebe and Quentin to escape with Tommy.

11:53 to Odessa

During Tommy's travels with Erica, Quentin keeps his gun out or close at hand to protect Erica.

Send in the Clones

After finding Luke and Malina near a cornfield, Quentin draws his gun and carries it as he and Phoebe try to locate and kill Malina. After Phoebe captures and restrains Malina, Quentin holds her at gunpoint. A Harris clone orders Quentin to kill Malina but they are interrupted when Luke pistol-whips Phoebe and incinerates the Harris clone. Luke threatens Quentin with his own gun while Quentin keeps his gun aimed at Malina. Luke demands Quentin drop his gun and surrender or Luke will kill him, but Quentin is reluctant to comply. After Luke asks if Quentin is ready to die for his side, Quentin contemplates shooting Malina but ultimately tosses down his gun and surrenders.

Project Reborn

In the Odessa Clock Tower, Phoebe attacks Malina with tendrils of darkness and draws her into the air. Quentin attempts to save Malina, but only succeeds in ripping off her bag. From within Malina's bag, Quentin draws his gun and makes his way to the top of the clock tower where he confronts Phoebe and demands she release Malina at gunpoint. Phoebe refuses despite Quentin's attempts to reach her, having grown fanatically loyal to Erica Kravid and Renautas in her deranged state. After Phoebe starts to crush Malina with her tendrils of darkness, Quentin shoots her three times with his gun, sending Phoebe falling out of the clock tower window to her death. Holding his empty gun, Quentin stares down sadly at his sister's body.

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