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Miko's staff

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Miko's staff

First mentioned: 11:53 to Odessa
Owned by: Miko Otomo
Current status: Destroyed with Evernow

Miko's staff is a makeshift weapon created by Miko Otomo while in the Gateway of the future.


11:53 to Odessa

While making her way into Gateway in 9972, Miko spots two handymen with a variety of tools including a blade and a thin wooden pole. Miko enters the elevator with the men, knocks them out and fashions the pole and blade into a weapon by attaching the blade to the top of the pole to form a staff weapon.

After spotting Tommy Clark and realizing that he's the Master of Time and Space, Miko attacks the nearby guards with her staff before teleporting away with Tommy.

Send in the Clones

Still armed with her staff, Miko has Tommy send her back to the Sunstone Manor of the present where 9th Wonders! depicts her confronting Harris. Spotting Harris' army of clones outside of Sunstone Manor, Miko uses her staff to hold them off until Harris Prime orders his clones to back off so that he can kill Miko personally. With Harris Prime armed with an axe and Miko with her staff, the two fight it out with Miko managing to slice him across the side. However, Harris overpowers Miko and goes to kill her. As he does so, Miko notices her disappearing midsection and stabs the blade part of her staff through it and Harris, mortally wounding him. After taunting Harris, Miko cuts his head off with her staff, killing Harris Prime and all of his clones. Miko then disappears and so does her staff.

Project Reborn

When Ren is sent into Evernow by Hachiro Otomo, he encounters Miko who is still armed with the staff weapon she created in Gateway. Miko helps Ren fight his way to the entrance of the Eternal Fortress to free Tommy Clark, killing several enemy warriors with her staff. Moments before Tommy returns to the real world, Miko raises her staff to him in a salute.

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