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Future Claire's guns

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Future Claire's guns
Powers Peter stop Claire's bullet.jpg
Claire shoots Peter.

First mentioned: Powerless
Owned by: Claire Bennet
Current status: In Claire's possession,
One in Future Peter's possession

In the future, Claire uses guns in her work for Pinehearst.



An unknown assassin shoots Nathan Petrelli twice during his press conference.

The Second Coming

Four years into the future, Claire aims her gun at Peter. Peter asks her to put the gun down, bu she says she can't because "he's here." After Claire and Peter talk, Claire fires the gun at Peter. Peter stops time before the bullet hits him. Peter grabs the gun and takes it to Nathan's press conference in the past. He shoots Nathan twice to prevent him from revealing evolved humans. Peter stashes the gun in a closet as he is chased by himself and Matt.

Later, Future Peter looks for the gun in the closet, but Matt has already found the gun. Matt asks Peter if he was looking for the gun, and Peter notes that there aren't many places the shooter could have stashed it. Matt asks why he thinks it was "stashed". Peter explains that he shot Nathan, retrieves the gun from Matt and makes him disappear.

In a chapel, Peter watches Nathan talk with a reporter. He cocks the gun when Nathan is asked about his message. He changes his mind when Nathan doesn't mention abilities.

I Am Become Death

In the future, Claire shoots Peter as he talks with his past self. She then aims at the younger Peter, who runs away.

At Gabriel Gray's home, Claire aims her gun at Peter again. After some conversation, she aims at Noah Gray, and later at Gabriel, when Peter knocks Claire out. Claire wakes up and aims at Gabriel as he starts to explode, but Gabriel proceeds to destroy Costa Verde.

Graphic Novel:Resistance

Three years into the future, Claire bursts into a terrorist cell firing two guns. A terrorist magnetically forces the guns out of her hands.

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