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Joanne's gun

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Joanne's gun

First mentioned: Brave New World
Owned by: Joanne Collins
Current status: Destroyed

Joanne's gun was a gun used by Joanne Collins in her quest to kill all evos in revenge for her son's death.


Brave New World

After Luke infiltrates an evo support group, Joanne follows the hhgregg employee inside and shoots him in the back, killing him. Joanne and Luke then open fire, killing the entire support group minus Tommy Clark who left before Joanne's arrival. During the slaughter, Joanne is able to kill the hhgregg employee, the Angry Old Man, Hipster Dude, Sue Grandry and the Dress Lady despite their various powers.

Following a card Tommy left behind, Joanne and Luke track him to Moe's Ice Cream Parlor where they lead him outside at gunpoint to kill him. When Emily Duval interrupts them, Joanne aims her gun at the girl, causing Tommy to teleport the gun away from Joanne. Tommy then teleports Luke and Joanne away to save himself and Emily.


Trapped in Tommy's old Level 5 cell, Joanne shoots the wall in her desperation to get out. Eventually, Luke figures a way out, but they find around a dozen employees manning a control room near the elevator. Joanne opens fire and Luke reluctantly joins her, killing everyone in the room. The two later carjack Quentin Frady at gunpoint who is shot in the arm by Luke as they go.

The Needs of the Many

After using Noah Bennet's files to locate him, Joanne murders Alexander French with a shot to the head.

Disturbed by what they are doing, Luke uses his newly-discovered power to burn their list of evos. Shocked that her husband is an evo, Joanne draws her gun and holds it to his head. However, she eventually just leaves Luke rather than murder him.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

In her continuing quest to kill all evos, Joanne returns to Moe's Ice Cream Parlor and kidnaps Emily Duval at gunpoint to draw out Tommy Clark. Caspar Abraham tries to discreetly intervene by erasing Joanne's memory, but fails and is held hostage as well. Caspar tries to convince Joanne to let him use his powers to ease her suffering about Dennis' death, but they are interrupted when Tommy teleports in. As Joanne threatens Tommy, Caspar flings his briefcase of pennies at her to forcibly erase her memories, but Joanne shoots the briefcase and then shoots Caspar in the head, killing him. Before the situation can degenerate any further, Luke arrives and intervenes, trying to talk Joanne down from her homicidal rampage. Joanne refuses to listen to reason and decides to murder Emily as she dies. As Luke shoots a stream of fire at Joanne, Joanne aims her gun at Emily's head and fires. However, before Joanne or Emily can be killed, Tommy manages to freeze time. Tommy then redirects Luke's fire and Joanne's bullet before teleporting away with Emily. When time resumes, Joanne's shot harmlessly destroys an ice cream glass and she runs away rather than continue the fight with Luke.

Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 2

Under orders from Renautas, Joanne chases down evo Damen Peak to kill him. At one point, Joanne shoots at Damen as he drives towards her, but he is able to evade her gunfire and escape. As Damen tries to escape with his wife, Joanne corners them with her gun and prepares to fire as Damen tries to get her to put down her gun.

Webisode:Damen Peak, Part 3

Joanne continues to threaten Damen Peak at gunpoint, but he is able to use his power of persuasion to get her to lower the gun and leave without harming him or his wife.

Company Woman

On orders from Erica Kravid and Renautas, Joanne travels to Union Wells High School to kill Malina. Spotting her in the gym, Joanne fires at Malina, but Quentin Frady tackles her to safety. Before Joanne can fire again, Luke uses his own gun to shoot Joanne's out of her hand. However, Joanne is able to use the distraction of Luke switching to his powers when the sun rises to quickly reclaim her gun. Luke attempts to talk Joanne down, telling her that what she's doing won't avenge their son. Joanne states that her revenge is all she has left and fires at Malina, apparently hitting her. In response, Luke blasts a stream of fire at Joanne, incinerating her and her gun. Checking on Malina, Quentin discovers that Farah Nazan had shielded Malina while invisible and was shot in the stomach as a result. As Luke, Quentin and Malina continue on to Gateway, Carlos, Jose and Micah take Farah to a hospital for treatment.

Project Reborn

Carlos, Jose and Micah take Farah to St. Jude's Hospital for treatment for her bullet wound. Finding the hospital abandoned, Jose uses his phasing power to remove the bullet and save Farah.

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