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Martin Gray with shotgun.jpg
Martin Gray aims at Sylar.

First mentioned: Stolen Time
Owned by: Angry trucker,
Lloyd Collins,
Martin Gray,
Jeremy Greer,
McSorley's son,
Adam Monroe,
Maury Parkman,
Primatech Research,
Victoria Pratt,
Ricky and his crew,
Dave Woolsly,
Shotgun cop
Current status: In owners' possession

Several people possess and use shotguns.


Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

D.L.'s crew enters Linderman's sports book in Primm, Nevada. Itchy, a member of the crew, points a shotgun at the customers of the sports book, keeping the crowd under control while Taylor and Jessica Sanders break the safe. Later, when the crew turns on Jessica, Itchy points his shotgun at Jessica.


McSorley's son enters the Wandering Rocks, accompanied by another thug and armed with a shotgun. He threatens Caitlin, and Peter shows his face and uses telekinesis to knock the shotgun out of the man's hands. The man stares at Peter in disbelief, and charges at him, but is telekinetically stopped by Peter.


Ricky and Will point shotguns at the guards of Pinky's Sportsbook while robbing it.

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

Howard Lemay pauses his trip towards a quarantine, and stops at a gas station. Dylan confronts him, pointing a shotgun at Howard, asking if Howard is "clean".

Fight or Flight

Nathan and Matt break into Maury's apartment looking for Maury Parkman, but are greeted unceremoniously by Maury himself, who is armed with a shotgun. Matt quickly disarms his father, and when Nathan asks why he was armed, Maury motions to a death threat sitting on the table.

Truth & Consequences

When Peter comes to Victoria Pratt's home, Victoria Pratt aims a shotgun at Peter, questioning him as to why he came to visit her. Victoria later follows him outside, where she sees Peter working with Adam. Enraged, she shoots Adam with the shotgun, followed by Peter, and to make sure Adam dies, she attempts to shoot him again, in the head. Peter regenerates from the wound and hits the shotgun out of her hands.

Later, as Peter and Adam are about to leave, Victoria picks up the rifle, and aims it at Peter's head. From behind, Adam shoots Victoria with his own gun and she falls to the ground, dead.


Noah retrieves shotguns from the Primatech Research arms storage room. When he splits up with Claire, he hands Claire the shotgun for her to use it to defend Angela and herself. In the Company chairperson's office, when Sylar calls over the telephone, Claire shoots the phone with the shotgun to tell Sylar what she thinks of her.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye

Filled with an uncontrollable rage, Lloyd Collins pulls out his shotgun and shoots his fellow Kill Squad member, Tom Drake, in the back.

A Clear and Present Danger

Sylar enters the Harbor Watch Shop, but is greeted by Martin Gray, who cocks his shotgun and aims it at Sylar, thinking him a thief. When Sylar says that he's there for information on his parents, Martin lowers the shotgun.

Tabula Rasa

Jeremy Greer threatens Noah and Peter with a shotgun and ends up shooting Peter by accident.

Graphic Novel:Bloodlines, Part 1

In 1961, Adam Monroe uses a shotgun to knock out a visiting Arnold.

11:53 to Odessa

An angry trucker cocks his shotgun as he threatens Malina, telling her that evos like her need to be stopped.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

A cop aims his shotgun at El Vengador, but is knocked off balance when the costumed superhero slams into his car.


  • Shotguns are in particular useful against dangerous foes like Sylar, because it knocks the victim backwards and it is capable of killing somebody with rapid cell regeneration.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Dave Woolsly uses a 12-gauge shotgun to stop Rachel Mills from phoning Danko and interrogate her about what is happening with his son.


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