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Matt's side arm

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Matt's side arm
Matts sidearm.jpg

First mentioned: One Giant Leap
Owned by: Matt
Current status: held by Matt

Matt uses a side arm.


One Giant Leap

After Sylar tries to kidnap Molly Walker from FBI Headquarters in Los Angeles, Matt and Audrey chase him to a basement. Matt uses his gun to shoot Sylar and knocks him down.

Nothing to Hide

Matt and Audrey go to a hospital to talk to Theodore Sprague. He gets mad, and grabs a nurse. Matt draws his weapon, but ultimately defuses the situation in another way.

The Fix

During a hearing, Matt's LAPD captain suspends Matt and requests his gun.


Matt bolsters his gun as he gets ready for his new bodyguard job. His wife expresses her concern that he is bringing the gun. Later, at Ridgway Jewelry, Matt and Jessica fight each other with their respective weapons. Matt proves the victor--he holds Jessica at gunpoint and forces her to drop her weapon.


Matt, meets Ted in a graveyard, but is alarmed when Hana arrives. He points his gun at her, but quickly lowers it when he realizes that she is there to help. Later, at the Bennets' home, Matt uses the gun to hold Mr. Bennet and his family hostage.

Company Man

Matt uses his gun extensively in holding the Bennet family hostage. While pointing the gun at Claire, he hears both her and her father's thoughts to shoot Claire because she can't be hurt. He shoots Claire in the chest.

Fight or Flight

Outside Maury's apartment, Nathan orders Matt to get his gun out. Matt then charges in, pointing the gun at Maury.

One of Us, One of Them

In Botswana, several of Usutu's paintings depict Matt's gun, including when he shot Sylar at FBI Headquarters and when he shot Claire at the Bennets' home.

Turn and Face the Strange

Matt is cleaning his gun in his old apartment as Mohinder makes plans to take a ship to India.

Matt later takes his gun out of the glove compartment of his car. He sneaks into Alena's house and aims his gun at the owner. He is unable to pull the trigger and lowers the weapon.

In Danko's apartment, Matt first brandishes his gun against Danko and uses telepathy to force a confession about Daphne's death. He then trains the gun on Alena again, stating that it's the only way to make Danko feel the way he made Matt feel. Once again, Matt can't shoot her. He drops his weapon to the floor.


  • During a hearing, the LAPD captain requests Matt's gun as part of his six-month suspension (The Fix). It is unknown if this is the same gun Matt uses at other times, if Matt owns more than one gun, or if it is simply a continuity error.


  • Matt holds a carry permit for the gun. As a private security guard for Malsky, he makes $500 a day--he would only make $350 a day if he did not have a carry permit. (Run!)


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