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The Bennets' gun

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The Bennets' gun
The Bennets' gun.jpg
The gun slides across the Bennets' floor.

First mentioned: Company Man
Owned by: The Bennets
Current status: In the Bennets' possession

The Bennets keeps an extra gun in their possession.


Company Man

Noah creates a diversion and grabs his gun from under the fireplace mantle of his home. Matt punches Noah, takes the gun from him, and slides it across the floor to Ted. Later, Ted uses it to hold Noah's family hostage.

Cautionary Tales

Noah takes the gun out of a drawer in his house and insists that Sandra take it, in case anything happens. Sandra refuses.

Truth & Consequences

Sandra holds the gun on Bob as Claire and Lyle stand behind her. She doesn't lower the gun until Bob leaves the house.



  • The Bennets' gun should not be confused with the Company gun Noah often uses.

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