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Spirit walk

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Spirit walk
Powers Matt Precog Mode.jpg
Matt is taken on a spirit walk

First mentioned: One of Us, One of Them
Date of event: Recurring
Location: Usutu's hut

With his paste, Usutu can send someone on what he calls a "spirit walk."


One of Us, One of Them

Matt eats the paste, listens to something on Usutu's Walkman, and enters a trance-like state.

I Am Become Death

During his spirit walk, Matt sees his future and finds that his future self is married to a woman named Daphne Millbrook. He sees that he has also adopted Molly Walker and has a baby girl named Daniella Parkman. He sees Daphne die in his arms, her back burned from the the explosion of Costa Verde. Matt wakes after seeing this.

Eris Quod Sum

Usutu recommends that Hiro go on a spirit walk to find information that he needs, since Hiro refuses to go to the past to find it. Later, Hiro is given the paste and falls unconscious shortly after he consumes it.


While in his spirit walk, Hiro sees events of the past that pertain the Petrelli family, Sylar, Noah, and the Gordon siblings.

Pertaining to the Petrelli family, Hiro sees Nathan's pursuit of prosecuting Linderman, and the pursuit of Arthur, Peter and Nathan's father and Linderman's defense attorney, to kill him for it. He sees Arthur's disdain for Peter's chosen profession. He sees Arthur's first attempt on Nathan's life (a car crash) and its aftermath. He sees Arthur planing a second attempt and convincing his wife Angela that it must be done, which breaks Hiro's trance.

After Usutu uses some incense to place him back into the trance Hiro sees Linderman healing Angela of the brain damage that Arthur had caused. Later, he sees Angela's attempt to kill Arthur by poisoning his lentil soup. He sees that Arthur survived and was only paralyzed, but made the world think that he had died. Hiro sees Nathan, Peter and Angela talking about Arthur at his funeral.

Pertaining to Sylar, Hiro sees Elle rescue Sylar from suicide and form a relationship with him in order to help the Company study him. He sees that Elle wanted to turn Sylar in, but her partner, Noah, instead followed company orders to only observe and document how Sylar takes the abilities of others. Hiro sees Noah document the death of Trevor Zeitlan, much to Elle's dismay.

Pertaining to the Gordon siblings, Meredith and Flint, Hiro sees them getting caught by Thompson robing a convenience store. Later he sees Thompson's coercion of Meredith to work as a Company agent and subsequent capture of Danny Pine, and the imprisonment of Flint, who was under the false assumption that he too would become an agent. He sees Meredith helping Flint escape and their subsequent ride on a train. He sees Thompson confront them on the train, and how the conflict caused the train wreck. Hiro sees Meredith captured by Thompson and telling him how company killed her daughter, Claire. Thompson release her because of this, as Claire runs into the train wreck out of their view.


A "spirit walk" is similar to an extended form of precognition, but the subject of the trance does not paint or draw during the trance and remembers what he or she saw normally. Individuals undergoing a spirit walk may see past events as well as future events. Following his spirit walk, Matt Parkman has been able to independently manifest the precognition ability. Given the information from a Behind the Eclipse interview, Matt's growing powers and the spirit walk helped Matt access the plane of consciousness that Isaac and Usutu accessed to paint the future.


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