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Nathan's funeral

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Nathan's funeral
Nathan's Funeral.jpg
People pay their respects at Nathan's funeral.

Date of event: 2009
Location: New York

A funeral is held for Nathan Petrelli after he was killed by Sylar and had his body planted in a fake airplane crash by Noah Bennet.

Notable Attendees


Upon This Rock

Peter is at the graveyard with Angela as Nathan is buried. Noah is also there in the crowd. Claire arrives by taxi and Noah says he's glad she safe. She wonders what he thinks she's safe from, and tells him she won't give the compass back. She then goes to the grave to stand near Angela as Peter gives the eulogy. He talks of how Nathan was harder on him than his father would have been, because Nathan wanted him ready for anything. Peter assures his brother that he is ready, and Nathan is buried and the American flag presented to Angela. As the soldiers fire a salute, a fighter squadron passes overhead in Nathan's honor and Peter smiles.

Let It Bleed

Nathan's wake is held at the Petrelli manor. Claire and Peter make amends over Nathan's death and the lie that covered it up.

Close to You

The New York Telegraph puts the story of Nathan's funeral on its front page.


Memorable Quotes

"My brother Nathan taught me a lot. He taught me... how to ride a skateboard when I was a kid, how to hook a marlin, he taught me how to catch a baseball. Those are all things usually a father'll teach his son. But Dad wasn't around. So it was Nathan. And I wish to hell it would've been my father, because Nathan didn't take it easy. He would throw it high, or he'd throw it wide, and I would yell at him. I'd tell him to throw it right at me, but he'd say to me, 'That's not how it's gonna come at you at a game, Pete.' I used to think he was just being a big brother and he was picking on me. But now I understand. He just wanted me to be ready... for anything. I'm ready, brother. For whatever comes."

- Peter's eulogy for Nathan

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