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Tom Drake

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Tom Drake
Portrayed by Carl Ciarfalio
First appearance Don't Look Back
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Thomas Drake
Date of death 2007
Home Cody, WY
Occupations Kill Squad member, former Company Support team member

Tom Drake was a member of a Company support team who was recruited into the Kill Squad.

Character History

Don't Look Back

Mohinder Suresh returns to his father's apartment in Brooklyn to find a man posing as an exterminator in a jumpsuit, attempting to plant an eavesdropping device. After a brief struggle, the man pulls a gun on Mohinder, but collides with Eden. The phony exterminator loses his gun to Eden in the hallway while attempting to flee. Eden quickly realizes the man is not who he claims to be (since he is wearing a gun holster), but the man escapes.


Mohinder accuses Mr. Bennet of using the phony exterminator to bug his phone.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

While providing backup for Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap, Tom recalls that he ran backup for Agent Spektor.

In a flashback at Lake Ramsey, Ontario, Sean and Tom, under Company orders, dump Eden McCain's body. Tom questions the mission as he mourns Eden. He states that, after the Suresh wiretap job, he was to be promoted with Eden as his partner.

Back in the present, Tom follows Sean and the rest of the team to investigate an explosion. They find Thompson Jr. and Donna on the ground unconscious, and their target, Lewis, raging.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

Sean Fallon orders the team to open fire. Lewis sends his thick roots into the ground, and the team's attack is unsuccessful. Tom tells Sean to cover him while he tries to take down Lewis but is knocked unconscious by the roots. Sean takes his gun and charges Lewis. After Sean kills Lewis, Tom wakes up and tells Sean that all of the other members of their team are dead.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean Fallon finds Tom drinking beer at an bar in Cody, WY. Tom comments that he was offered to become a Company agent, and that he would really have to be drunk for Sean to convince him to turn down that offer. Nevertheless, Sean is able to convince Tom to join the Kill Squad in time for their first mission.

The team takes a freighter ride through the Gulf of Mexico, which anchors off the coast of Guyana. They then fly by helicopter to a site where a local inhabitant's manifestation had left only a large crater in its wake. Tom and the rest of the team stand by as Paulette Hawkins assists Lewis in covering the crater with trees and becoming one of them himself. Tom also watches while Sean has Paulette shot dead, and agrees to Sean's orders that what transpired should remain a secret.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Tom and the rest of the Kill Squad have surrounded Connie and the previously disguised Penny, who has a gun aimed at Thompson Jr. One member of the squad shoots at Penny and blows her head off, beginning a gun battle in which Connie and many Julien clones end up dead. Later, Tom participates in conducting an agent casualty tally.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 1

Tom lies dead in the woods, with Ricardo Silva and Anna standing over his body as well as the bodies of his dead Kill Squad comrades. Anna recounts their death - Ricardo had induced an uncontrollable rage in all the Kill Squad members, and then Tom had started violently fighting with Sean, Joseph Gallagher, and Lloyd. Lloyd pulls out his gun and shoots Tom dead.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Tom rides in the back of the van with five other Kill Squad members as they head to Maya's apartment in New York City. After waiting a couple hours in the van outside her apartment building, Sean Fallon joins the squad in the back of the van to order the next step: setting up bombs to go off in Maya's apartment. Tom Drake volunteers to do so and grabs his back, but Sean stops him from going. Later, Tom accompanies Sean and Lloyd Collins to Maya's apartment when the player is delayed in returning. The three of them find that the new hire has taken down Red Eye, and then the three take Red Eye out the front entrance. Upon joining the rest of the squad, the squad gets fired upon by Primatech agents so they all head into a storefront and escape out the back.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 6 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech and Pinehearst contractors spot Kill Squad members in wetsuits placing explosive packs on the water intake of the Rowland dam. Later, Red Eye spots and points out to the two contractors that the Kill Squad leaders, Lloyd, Sean, Thomas, and Joseph, are getting out of wetsuits and into the truck at the far end. After making it to the river bank, one of the Kill Squad leaders spots Red Eye so they crouch around a sniper rifle and take shots at Red Eye. One of them shoots Red Eye dead through the heart, then they take off again in their truck.


  • The above iStory character history depicts the most optimal events from the perspective of the iStory player. As per graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2, Red Eye doesn't die and instead gets captured by the Kill Squad along with Anna. For the cases where that occurs and the other possibilities/outcomes for the final chapter, see Operation Splinter/chapter 106 alternatives.
  • Though commonly known as "The Exterminator", the character was originally listed in the credits as "Jumpsuit". The Kill Squad, Part 1 revealed that this character's name is actually Tom Drake. At, Harrison Wilcox confirmed that Tom Drake was in fact Jumpsuit.


  • The exterminator's jumpsuit has a patch that bears the name of a company called "Chory". Jim Chory produced Don't Look Back.
  • The nametag on the exterminator's jumpsuit says "Ricky".

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