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Theory:Molly Walker

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The following fan theories are about Molly Walker.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sylar will kill Molly and take her power. None + Molly's ability to "find people" (The Hard Part) would be incredibly useful to Sylar's storyline, allowing him to instantly find his evolved human victims.
- He appears to favor more "legal" methods since acquiring shape shifting. (Turn and Face the Strange)

+ In the dark future, Molly was turned over to Mr. Bennet. D.L. and Candice were also, and they were killed by Sylar, and Bennet may have thought Molly was dangerous because she knew where Claire was and presumed she would be killed if handed over to Matt. When Sylar killed Candice and D.L. Molly might have been with them and he would have taken her power.

- If Bennet thought Matt would use Molly to find Claire, he would hide her, not hand her over to Matt.
- Had future Sylar managed to gain Molly's powers he would not have needed Matt or anyone else to find Claire and would have acquired her abilities shortly after taking Molly's.

- Sylar has shown himself to have some heart and may not be able to go through with killing a child.

+ Sylar was going to kill Claire in Homecoming, and she was only 17 years old. This may also explain why he didn't kill her when he had her at FBI Headquarters, instead of trying to escape with her.
- Killing a teenager on the brink of legal adulthood is different from killing a small child... additionally, it could be reasonably inferred that Sylar places a higher value on Claire's power than Molly's.
- Sylar knew Claire wouldn't die; which is why he wanted that ability in the first place. Going after her wouldn't really harm her, truth be told. Afterwards, Sylar himself told Claire so, that she would never die. Neither would he. Molly, Micah, other children would die from his attacks but Sylar has more respect for children than he does for adults. It is more likely that he planned to kidnap Molly to do the work for him.
- Sylar shifted into Micah in order to save him because he was "just a kid". (I Am Sylar)

- Sylar could have killed Molly at her house when he killed her father.

+ Perhaps Sylar did not know that Molly was there, or even that she had a power.
- Molly's name was in parentheses next to James Walker's on Sylar's list.

- Sylar is now good.

Molly will have a relationship with Micah. Molly looks at Micah with some obvious admiration in How to Stop an Exploding Man. + Both share the burden of being superpowered children.

- They are in different cities.

+ Molly can find Micah anywhere he goes.
+ In the Heroes Universe, everyone is connected somehow. We always see them travel from place to place.

+ Molly was hurt by Micah's sole interest in saving his cousin, implying she has feelings for him.

- Molly could simply be angry because she thought Micah was being too selfish, taking her away from where she was confortable to do something for him.
The Company attempted to use Molly to find Matt's father. Molly knows about the man who can see her when she uses her powers to find him (How to Stop an Exploding Man) + Molly would not know about Mr. Parkman's ability to see her unless she had a reason to look for him in the first place.

- Mr. Parkman could have entered Molly's nightmares himself.

+ Assuming that Mr. Parkman left the Company a long time ago, he would not know of Molly's existence unless she came looking for him first.
Molly's ability can only be used to find people. Maury Parkman is able to use her ability to enter her mind (The Kindness of Strangers). + If Maury can enter Molly's mind through her ability, then her power probably works by finding human brains.

+ Molly's ability is to find people.
+ If Molly could find non-people, she should have been able to find Alejandro's body.

- She was searching for the living being, not a corpse.

- Adair Tishler has said that her ability can be used to find anyone or anything.

The Company gave Molly the Shanti virus. The company has been working with the virus for decades. + At the time of her infection, there was only one other known victim, and the Company had been working with the virus for decades.

It could have been a accident.
+ The company had been experimenting with the virus and intended to infect Monica Dawson to study its effects (The Line). It could have been a similar experiment with Molly.
- According to Noah Bennet, the Company was using Molly as a tracking system to locate "persons of interest" until she came down with the Shanti virus. It would make no sense to potentially damage a valuable piece of equipment when there are other evolved humans with much more financially worthless abilities to experiment on.
- Linderman and Thompson were quick to get Mohinder to try and find and cure for Molly. It seems unlikely he would want to cure somebody he intentionally infected. (The Hard Part)

Molly will be able to use her ability to mentally send Matt Parkman a call for help. None + Molly was able to establish a two-way telepathic connection with Maury Parkman when she tried to locate him with her ability. As Matt appears to be developing the same enhanced powers as Maury, it is possible she may be able to communicate with him over long distances using the same method.

- Maury Parkman used telepathy to control her mind (The Kindness of Strangers). Molly has not spoken to any non-telepaths she's tracked (How To Stop An Exploding Man).

Molly is part of Rebel. Rebel recruited Molly to find Monica, Lee, and Claude. (Rebellion, Part 6) + Rebel is a group of evolved humans.

- Molly left with Claude.

Canon or not, Arthur Petrelli used clairvoyance for the show and its canon to be correct. There is no way that is shown in the show that explains how Arthur Petrelli could locate Hiro and Claire in the past, without Molly's ability. While Arthur knew how to find Hiro and Ando in Africa because he was the one who, through Daphne, assigned them to find Usutu, only Molly's power could locate Hiro and Claire in the past. + Arthur has the power of telepathy, but we never see him use the power on anyone to find Hiro or Claire in the past or to even know that they went there.
+ Arthur Petrelli has used telepathy to control Angela Petrelli. Why couldn't he do this to a younger and presumably less experienced mind like Molly's? Plenty of things happen off-screen.
- Peter was exposed to Molly's power in How to Stop an Exploding Man, this could be where Arthur got clairvoyance from.
+ Arthur never knew he had Molly's power from Peter, otherwise why send Sylar and Elle after Claire with the broad instructions, "Find her, bring her to me"?
- Arthur didn't know Peter had precognition and space-time manipulation, but he still used them.

- Arthur could've used 9th Wonders! comics, where the whole story of Volume Three is depicted, including Hiro in Africa and in the past.

+ We see how the missing 9th Wonders! comic was found, in New York by Matt, Daphne, and Ando; there is no evidence that Arthur had also found it. And they did not know Hiro was in the past until they found that comic.
- The comic which shows Hiro and Claire in the past was found by Sam at Sam's Comics (The Eclipse, Part 2), and it preceeds the missing comic.

- Molly uses her power in Rebellion story arc.

+ BTE has confirmed that Arthur Petrelli does not need to remove powers but can copy them and leave the original owner with them. Why couldn't he do this?
Only after acquiring Peter's original ability.

- Arthur could have used precognitive painting and/or precognitive dreaming.

Both abilities have been used to see into the past (e.g., Isaac's comic books and Peter's dream in How to Stop an Exploding Man).
Molly was taken by Claude back to Mohinder's mother, where she and Mohinder were waiting for her. None + Mohinder has not been seen since the funeral of Sylar.
- Mohinder was living with Mira after the funeral, and Molly implies in Second Chances that she has not seen Mohinder in a long time.

- Claude has enough family to take care of.

+ All the more reason, Claude would want to be rid of Molly.
+ Abigail and Lee have yet to be confirmed as his relatives, even if not actually blood related, such as adopted children.
+ Claude likes to be left alone. How could having a girl who can find anyone help with that? Since Abigail's power allows her to protect Claude and others.
Abby might not stay with Claude, she might move out with Lee.
In the future Molly will have a child with Micah, who will have a informational ability. Molly looks at Micah with some obvious admiration in How to Stop an Exploding Man. + Molly and Micah both have informational abilities.
Molly has been time traveling in between Heroes and Heroes Reborn. + In Heroes Reborn, she is a few years older than she should be.

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