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Escape from Past
Season: One
Episode number: 9
First aired: November 30, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Did You Know
Next episode: Finally Found



Max look in death Josh body that shooter start look in Max and say that now time . Max ask why did he kill Josh and who he is . Shooter say that his name with Robert Malvin and that now he say Max life . Max ask why did Robert kill Josh . Robert smile and say that Josh was dangerious man who send Max in alternate world . That Max ask did he are in alternate world and Robert say yes . That Max say that he are in trouble.

Alexandra wake up in strange field that she saw Julia who are still compused and that Alexandra start waking Julia . Julia wake up and aks where she is that Alexandra look and saw strange city and say that she don't know . Julia and Alexandra stand up and start walk in city.

Marc show along with Theresa in Robert hospital room . That Bea,David and Sarah look suprise . Sarah look in Marc and ask what he doing here . Marc smile and say that Theresa are now member of KVAT and that Bea,David and Sarah look suprised . David ask did Marc don't lying and Theresa say that Marc say true . That Sarah say that Theresa did bad job . But that Theresa say that he doing this all for Oscar.

Oscar was locked in dark room but that show Sam and say that Oscar can go . Oscar ask why and that Sam say that it's secret but sombody want speak with him and that Sam give Oscar phone . Oscar say hello and that Theresa voice came . Oscar say that he are where happy to hear Theresa voice . But that Theresa say that he have some news for him . Oscar ask what it is and Theresa answer that she join in KVAT . Oscar ask if this are joke but Theresa say no and that Oscar face turn surprised.

Alexandra and Julia go in the city that they saw young girl playing with her mom . That Julia saw man who look same like Max but where younger . That Julia say that he know where they are . Alexandra ask where they are and that Julia say that they are in past . Alexandra ask why Julia think that . That Julia answet that young girl are Lisa Anderson Max sister who now are 14 years old.

Oscar was in Marc office along with Theresa and Marc . Oscar ask why Theresa join to KVAT . Theresa answer that she was just tryying help and that Oscar say that Theresa do crazy thing because she join in KVAT and that Marc look in Oscar and say that he need go from here.

Alexandra and Julia walk in shop . Man look that them . Shop worker look in Alexandra and smiled . Julia look in Alexandra and say that them need escape from past . But that women walk in shop and ask did Alexandra can watch her baby . Alexandra ask what are baby name and woman answer Noah Anderson and that Alexandra say that she was Noah . That Ms.Anderson walk away from shop and that Julia look in Alexandra.

Paulo walk away from hospital . Nurse look in him and ask did he find Theresa . Paulo answer that he find Theresa but Theresa don't walk talk with him . That Paulo start go in street but that flashlight appearance from nowhere and Paulo disappear in light .

Old house woman work there but that sombody knock in door . Woman opening door and Rachel show there and say that them need speak.

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  • This episode actually was called Escape from Kvat but later was change Escape from Past.
  • All main characters appear in this episode.

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