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New world
Season: One
Episode number: 1
First aired: June 17, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Next episode: Plan


These people are different.


Thresa Thompson was in her house with her husband Oscar and son Max Thompson. Theresa ask Oscar how his new job. Oscar said that good and that they have a new construction plan.But suddenly Theresa told that she must go to in the hospital.

Policeman Rachel Harrington was in her car with her boyfriend, Ted Noax.But suddenly her phone started to ring and she replied,,Hello,,.But suddenly her face became scared .And she turned off the phone.Ted ask what happened and Rachel said that her mother in hospital.

Theresa was in her office.Suddenly she looked into a cup who was on the table and he moved.

Sarah Malvin was in her house with her husband Robert Malvin. They talked about their vacation to another country . Robert said that the best vacation in Canada . Sarah asked why.And Robert said, that there is a friend who can give them a house . And then Sarah said, "well go to Canada.

Scientist Paulo Smith was in his lab with his colleague Melissa Page. Melissa asked how things are going to looking for people with the ability. Paulo said that it is very bad.Then Melissa asked how Paulo wife's ability .Paulo said that his wife just can sense people pain.

Max Anderson was in his room with his roommate Eric.They watching a movie. But suddenly Max stood up from his seat and began to go to the bathroom. He shut the bathroom doors .And started its allow of water from the tap.Then he put his hand to tap water and water started turn in ice.And he said I have done.

Rachel has been hospital with Ted. They were waiting Dr.Thompson. Rachel was very excited. But suddenly Theresa came .Rachel ran to her and ask what happen to her mother.Theresa said that her mother is a cancer.And she began to cry.Rachel looked at Ted and said that he must call,,Mel,,

Paulo walked across the street.But suddenly a man ran up to him. And reported back that the man's name Marc Velson and that he is a looking for Paulo.

Memorable Quotes

"Your mother's cancer."

- Theresa (to Rachel)

"My name is Marc Velson and I'm looking for your."

- Marc (to Paulo)

Character Appearances


Episodes edit
Season One

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