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Room 45
Season: One
Episode number: 7
First aired: October 23, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: The Long Answer
Next episode: Did You Know



Rachel and Chris went through the KVAT hall.Then Rachel said, when Chris shows what is room 45.Chris said that he show what is room 45.but need wait.Rachel aks why have to wait. Chris then said that she just has to help him and then he will show what is room 45. Rachel asked him how she help him.And then Chris told Rachel that she have other mission.

Theresa was a hospital corridor with Marc.She asked Marc what he was doing here.And Marc replied that they KVAT need help. Theresa asked if KVAT kidnapped her husband. And Marc said, probably yes. Theresa looked on. Theresa then said that it will help but they must realesed Oscar.And Marc agreed. And then Theresa and Marc started to go through the corridor.

Max and Julia was in Alexandra home with Alexandra and her friend Natali. Natali looked at them and said that it will go better. And Alexandra agreed.Natali Alexandra came out of the house. Alexandra then looked at Max and Julia and asked about what they want to talk.Julia looked at Alexandra and say that about her ability. Alexandra ask,how theyaware of her ability.Julia and responsibility that they know all about who has ability.

Chris was with Jill and then he said that they must soon find the Ruby Sprat. Jill said that she and Caitlin find Ruby Sprat.Chris said well then he said that he must go into the room 45 and Julia nodded.

A dark room where Oscar and that Melissa appears. Melissa looks at Oscar and tells him that she soon help him But then comes Jill she looks to Melissa and asked Caitlin what are you doing here. Melissa says that she just saw the door open and everything. Then Jill looked strange and told they have a job.

Max and Julia Alexandra was at home and they spoke with Alexandra. Alexandra ask, it really KVAT can help her husband. Julia said that KVAT can help not only her veil, and when. But after a few seconds, Alexandra house started shaking. And then house exploded.

Paulo appeared in the hospital. He came to one of the nurses and asked where Dr. Thompson. A nurse said that her office and tell you where to go. Paulo thanked the nurse and start go where Theresa's office is.

Chris appeared room 45.He then looked at one computer who was there. computer screen showed a woman's in dark. Chris looked at the screen and said that she is here. But then suddenly women disappeared . Chris became the face become angry.And then Chris took a file that was on the ground. There was written a second plan for project V2.

David,Bea and Sarah were the Robert ward, they looked at Robert who was sleeping. Sarah said, to get to Theresa. Bea said that she does not know. But after a few seconds, Theresa appearance with Marc. Sarah looked at Marc and began to scream. And Marc said,,Hi Sarah,,.

Chris was still room 45.He looked at a lot of files which have been there. And the strange device that was there. Chris looked at him and said that this room will soon be gate in the other dimensional.

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  • This was first episode where all main characters appearance.

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