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Did You Know ?
Season: One
Episode number: 8
First aired: November 18, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Room 45
Next episode: Escape from Past


  • Max wake up in alternate world.
  • Rachel have mission meet with mystery women.
  • Chris find that Rachel and Melissa lie about themself.


Max opened his eyes. He was in his college room.H e looked everywhere and then came his roommate Eric.Max asked him how he came here . But that Eric ask who Max is and Max say stop joking but that came other man and Max ask who he is . Eric answer that his roommate Derek . But that Max say that he are Eric roommate . Eric and Derek look in Max and say that Max are crazy.

Rachel was in Chris office and that came Sam Norton and say that Chris have her one mission . Rachel ask where Chris . Sam replied that Chris have some jobs to do . That Rachel ask what is her mission . Sam say that is one women who need visit and the women can help with room 45.

Chris was in Room 45 he look in some files and that was write:Ted Noax,Theresa Thompson,Max Anderson,Marc Velson and Bea Austen and that Chris how many people is it . But that his phone ring . Chris answer and that Marc voice came . Chris ask did Arthur help him escape and Marc say yes and also say that he have new members for KVAT . Chris ask who is it and Marc answer Theresa and that Chris smiled.

Max still was in his room with Eric and Derek . Derek ask who Max are and Max answer that he are real Eric roommate . But Eric say that Max are crazy and that came one women and say that party coming soon . Max look in woman and ask if her name is Carole . She say yes and ask who Marc is and how he know her name . That Max say that Carole are death and that he are Eric roommate . Eric,Derek and Carole say that Max are crazy . But that Max show his hends who start turn in the water and that Eric say wow.

Still in alternate reality Theresa walk in coffe where man meet with her . Man ask if Max are in this world and Theresa say yes . Man say good and say that now they need that Max alternate version change his orginal version in real world . Theresa ask where Max are now and Man answer that Max work with woman who has connection with all people in real world.

In real world .Rachel have in bar and ask where she have to meet with Emma Olsen . Bartender say that miss Olsen live in Manhatten and Rachel say thanks for help .

Alternate reality Max was with Eric,Derek and Carole . That Carole ask if Max was really Eric roommate . That Max say yes that he was Eric roommate but not this Eric . Eric say that he are only Eric in this world . That Max say that he thing that this world are alternate version of Max real world . That Derek ask how Max get here and Max say that after explosion and that Max say that he need find Alexandra and Julia . Carole ask who are they . Max answer that woman who was with him after explosion.

Still in alternate reality Theresa knock in door that man open . Theresa look in man and say Vilson . Max here but Alexandra and Julia are between real and alternate world and that Vilson say that they have mission find Alexandra and Julia and that Vilson all body start turn in sand.

In real world Chris was in his office but that Tracy came and say that Anna and Caitlin lying who they are and Chris ask who they are and Tracy answer that they name are Rachel Harrington and Melissa Kate Page . That Chris look in the Tracy and that he start run fast of his office.

Alternate reality Max walk over the street but that Man run to Max and say that Max are in danger . Max ask who man are and man answer that his name are . Man answer Josh but that sombody shot Josh and that Max seen man who show hun in Max get and Man say that now Max turn.

Memorable Quotes

"Max are in this world but Alexandra and Julia between orginal and alternate world.."

- Theresa (to Vilson)

"Anna and Caitlin lying who they are."

"Who they are."

"'They name are Rachel Harrington and Melissa Kate Page"

- Tracy, Chris

Character Appearances


  • This was first episode where only four main character appearance .
  • Sarah, Alexandra , Paulo , David and Oscar does not appear in this episode.
  • Marc voice was hear but he does not appear in this episode.

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