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Season: One
Episode number: 3
First aired: June 27, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Plan
Next episode: Playing with fire


  • Rachel learns about a company called KVAT.
  • Rachel and Melissa become new members to KVAT.
  • Oscar is kidnapped.
  • Max also joined to KVAT


Oscar was in his house with his son, Max Thompson.They were watching TV.Then Max asked where mom . Oscar said that she is in work.

Marc has been tied to a chair . Before it was Rachel.Then he asked where her friends.Rachel did not respond.And asked what it is.He just said, KVAT,,.Then Rachel asked, what this means.But he remained silent.But Rachel pulled out a weapon and showed him in the head.He began to shout and said that he is the member of KVAT,,.And then Rachel left Marc tied to a chair.Then she went to Theresa's office.Where was everyone else.She looked at Melissa and said that they will have to go to a place named,, KVAT,,

Guy Chris Douglas ran very fast.Then he run into in buildings where was written, KVAT,,.Then he encountered a girl Tracy Download and said that they have trouble.Tracy asked what problem.And he said that Marc is kidnapped.

Paulo was in Max room. Paulo asked what Max ability.Max said that he could frozen things and create fire out of hand. Paulo looked at it very surprised.

Melissa and Rachel was Rachel car.Rachel was driving .But Rachel suddenly stoped.Melissa looked at her and asked what had happened.Rachel said that they found KVAT building.Then they got out of the car and started to go into KVAT building.They came to the building.But suddenly to their came women Jill Malvin.She asked Wwho is Rachel and Melissa.Melissa said that they are new members

Max was in his room.But suddenly something again rang to doors. Max opened it and saw the women Julia.

Jill, Arthur Download and Chris was in the room where was Rachel and Melissa. Chris then asked how they know about the building.R achel said that they just heard from a friend. Arthur looked at them and said that they may be new members.

Oscar was in his room. Suddenly he heard a noise. He climb down the stairs . But there was nothing . But suddenly it began to illuminated in bright light and his eyes became dark.And then off the light appeared Bianca Linus.

Max and Julia talked. Then Julia said that Max is a place known as the KVAT,,. Max asked what this place.And Julia stretched out his hand. And the crow began to run water. She looked at Max and said that this is a very special place. Max looked at the photo which was on the table and said that he will become a member KVAT.

Chris was in his office. Suddenly his phone rings. He responded and said, you already have it. Well you have to kill Oscar.

Memorable Quotes

"We are new members."

- Melissa (to Jill)

"Well you have to kill Oscar."

- User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Chris Douglas (to when he talked by telephone)

Character Appearances


  • Sarah and Robert first time does not appear in episode.
  • Alexandra still does not appear in this episode.

Episodes edit
Season One

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