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Total Power

Total Power is a series about a group of superpowered youths. The series had two seasons and five Volumes. The then-series finale, War, was released on December 26, 2008. Total Power currently has 54 episodes.

The show originally had only two seasons. However, on January 4, 2009, the show was renewed for a third season.

An upcoming spin-off, Ventura, will be released soon.

Season 1

In Season 1, the boys attempt to take down the Company (Volume 1) and then feud as they join rival companies (Volume 2).

Volume One: Superboys

The storyline of Volume 1 involves Bruno and his friends as they attempt to take down the Company. Volume 1 consists of 10 episodes, and the main villain is Shaun Summers. Volume 1 takes place briefly before Volume One: Genesis, and the rest is set during Volume Three: Villains.

Chapter One - Boyhood

Bruno has a fight with Darren Batty. About two minutes into the fight, Bruno accidentally uses one of his abilities to burn a hole through Daren's chest. Bruno decides to tell only his friends Damien and William.

A few weeks later, during an argument with William, Bruno used telekinesis to break William's neck. Feeling guilty, he went to a church to ask God for answers.

Four months later, on his 10th birthday, when he was in the park by himself, he was captured and sent to Level 5.

Chapter Two - Imprisoned

Bruno lies on his bed in the only cell in Level 5. Bob Bishop walks in and says that he must be wondering why he is here. Bruno asks when he will get out, and Bob says that he'll be out before he knows it. Bob then gives Bruno a copy of Double or Die to read in order to pass the time. Bob then exits the cell.

Six months later, Bob goes back into the cell to visit Bruno. Bruno, angered that he hasn't been released yet, pins him against the wall and threatens to use his own power against him. Bob says that Bruno will be released as long as he lets him go. Bruno releases Bob, but Bob tasers Bruno, knocking him unconscious. Bruno remains imprisoned.

One year later, Elle accidentally shuts down the security system in Level 5, allowing Bruno to escape.

Chapter Three - Back Home

Bruno flies all the way from America to his hometown of Sandhaven in Scotland. He returns to his home, only to find it completely empty. He reaches the conclusion that his parents moved away without him. Extremely upset, he accidentally destroys Sandhaven.

Having survived the explosion, he travels to the top of a building in Aberdeen. He deactivates his abilities and jumps. Just as he is about to hit the ground, his friend Damien flies up to him and saves him. They discuss where Bruno has been for the past two years. Bruno explains that he has been locked in a prison in a place called Primatech. Damien tells Bruno that his other friend Craig is also locked up there - but he's in Level 3. The boys then leave to begin their plan to break out Craig.

Chapter Four - Infiltration

Bruno and Damien enter Primatech unnoticed and sneak down into Level 3. There they find Craig sleeping in his cell. Bruno enters the cell easily, wakes up Craig and gets him out. Craig tells Bruno and Damien that their friend Calum is in Level 2. On the way, Bruno asks Craig why he was sent to Level 3. Craig explains that he accidentally killed someone with his ability. Upon their arrival at Level 2, Noah Bennet shows up and tries to subdue the boys. Damien grabs Bennet by the neck and nearly kills him. He lets go of Bennet just before he dies. Bennet gets up and shoots Damien, but he misses and the bullet hits Craig. Craig is about to die, but Bruno heals him. By the time Bennet gets back up, the four boys have left.

Bruno, Damien, Craig and Calum arrive in Fraserburgh. Bruno asks Calum what his ability is, and Calum says he can fill people with an uncontrollable rage. Suddenly one of Bruno and Damien's friends - Shaun Summers - arrives and begins to slice Calum's head open.

Chapter Five - Death and Resurrection

Just as Shaun is killing Calum, Bruno screams at Shaun, which sends him flying back. Bruno heals Calum and then goes to kill Shaun. Shaun lifts Bruno up and breaks his spine. Thinking that Bruno is dead, Shaun walks up to Damien and the two have a fight. Shaun use telekinesis to block Damien's punches while also making Damien punch himself. Bruno, who had regenerated, shoots Shaun in the back of the head. Shaun dies, but Bruno decides to heal him. Shaun gets up and is instantly knocked out by one of Bruno's abilities. Bruno notices a bit of paper in Shaun's pocket. He takes it out and sees it's a letter from Primatech Paper.

Chapter Six - A Little Help

The boys read the letter and learn that Shaun is to meet with them in Aberdeen on March 26, 2007 (which is in two days). Calum insists that they may need some help. Bruno goes to his nephew, Sergio, who has the ability to emit ice from his hands, and he agrees to go with them. They also agree to take their friend David, who can control plants. Two days later, Bruno flies Calum and Sergio to Aberdeen while Damien flies Craig and David.

They arrive at the meeting point and are met by Bennet and the Haitian. Bennet and the boys have a lengthy fight, in which Sergio is gravely injured. Bruno tries to heal him but is unable to. Noah leaves in a car and asks the Haitian if he is coming, and the Haitian says he is going to visit his brother in Haiti. Negating the boys' powers, the Haitian leaves for the airport. He leaves Bruno and the boys to mourn Sergio's untimely death.

Chapter Seven - The Last Founder

After Sergio is cremated by Bruno, Damien says that he knows who they should go to. He says he read the Haitian's mind before he blocked his powers. He says that the founder of the Company is someone called Angela Petrelli and that she is in Primatech.

The boys travel to her office, where she had been expecting them to arrive. She tells them that if she if there to kill her then they should kill her. Craig says they don't want to kill her, they just want to take the Company down. She tells that although it doesn't seem like it, the Company's intentions are good. When the boys refuse to believe her, she tells them to go back to when the Company was founded and see for themselves. The boys then decide to go back to 1977.

Chapter Eight - Race Against Time, Part 1

The boys show up in 1977, where Maury Parkman and Victoria Pratt are arguing about the Shanti virus. Maury says it could be a danger to the world, but Victoria insists that it is under control. Maury says he joined the Company because he thought they were going to help the world, not destroy it. Victoria then uses her ability to make Maury agree with her.

When Victoria talks to Angela, she says she is leaving the Company. Angela tells her not to, but Victoria hypnotizes Angela and tells her to let her leave and to block her location out of her memories. Angela agrees, and Victoria leaves. David suggests that the Company may have been corrupted by Victoria, but Craig says that they still haven't found enough information to prove that. Suddenly, Bob grabs David's head and starts turning it into to gold.

Chapter Nine - Race Against Time, Part 2

Bob turns David's body into gold as Carlos Mendez holds the boys off with his ability. After Bob is done, Charles Deveaux walks up to David and melts him. Carlos, Bob and Carlos walk away. Bruno is about to kill the three men, but Damien warns him not to as it will probably cause a time paradox. The boys resolve that the Company must have been corrupted by all of the founders.

Before they go, they decide to spy on Angela. They go to see her, and they see her and her husband Arthur discussing the Company's corruption, and that they must put a stop to it. Arthur says that the Company has lost its way, and that there is no hope left for it. Arthur walks out of the office, and the boys quickly teleport back to the present.

Chapter Ten - Negotiations

Back in Angela's office, Calum tells her that they'll stop trying to take the Company down as long as Angela agrees to leave the boys. Angela agrees and the boys teleport away. Just before they leave, Bruno asks Angela why he was sent to Level 5. She says that Bob thought he was dangerous because of his 20+ abilities (70% of them dangerous). Also, he accidentally killed two people with his powers, thus Bob labeled him a "biohazard".

As soon as they return to Fraserburgh, they are attacked by Shaun again, who shoots Calum and Craig and breaks Damien's neck. Bruno and Shaun have a fight, in which Bruno makes the grass attack Shaun and Shaun tries to remove Bruno's brain, but cannot due to Bruno's impenetrable skin. Bruno makes the grass grow and wrap itself round Shaun's arms. Bruno electrocutes Shaun to death, and revives his friends. Suddenly, Shaun regenerates and attacks the boys again. Calum uses his power to make Shaun uncontrollably angry in order to make him lose control of his abilities. Bruno stops time and uses one of his core powers to remove Shaun's abilities. He restores time, where is going insane with rage. Craig then kills Shaun by shattering his chest.

Later, when the boys are at Craig's house watching some movies, there is a knock at the door. Craig opens the door to see Arthur Petrelli

Volume Two: Rivalry

In Volume 2, the boys are divided as Damien and Craig join the Company and Bruno and Calum join Pinehearst. Season 2 has have 13 episodes. The main villain is GJ Petrelli. Volume 2 is set during Volume Three: Villains.

Chapter One - Deal or No Deal

Arthur walks into Craig's house and says he has a proposition for them. He asks them if they would be interested in joining his team. Bruno and Calum agree, but Damien and Craig refuse. Damien threatens Bruno and Calum so that they won't leave, but this only manages to anger Bruno, who punches Damien with an iron hand and knocks him unconscious. Craig tries to shatter Bruno's head open but Bruno simply screams at him and sends him flying back. Bruno and Calum leave with Arthur.

Chapter Two - Never-ending Research

Bruno, Calum and Arthur arrive at Pinehearst headquarters and Arthur introduces Bruno and Calum to some other kids who have joined his team. They instantly recognize two of the boys as boys from their class - Scott Anderson and Sean Cowie. Scott has the power to make blue flames come out of his hands, and Sean has the power to manipulate metallic substances. Arthur gives the four boys an assignment - capture a girl named Carla Mackay and bring her in.

Bruno and Calum couldn't be happier to capture her, Scott doesn't mind but Sean refuses to do it. Arthur then uses telekinesis to break Sean's neck and kills him. Scott is about to try and burn Arthur, but he warns him not to. With no other options, the three boys go to capture Carla.

Chapter Three - Cry for Help

Craig and Damien are searching the internet hoping to find the location of the Pinehearst building. They discover the building is in Fort Lee and set off to find Calum and Bruno. Along the way, they are brought to the ground by Carla Mackay, who tells them she needs their help. When they ask why, she says that she is being tracked down by Pinehearst and that she needs to take them down.

Damien stills doubts that they should help her, and she ends up revealing that he is her brother. She says they both have the same five powers: Telekinesis, Flight, Gravitational manipulation, Enhanced strength and Telepathy. The two boys agree to help Carla.

Chapter Four - Hunting the Prey

Carla is by herself at the Rosehearty School Playground. Bruno stops her from being able to walk and then and throws her against the climbing frame. Calum comes out from his hiding place and yells at Bruno because they were meant to keep her alive. Bruno then reverses time by three minutes. He uses telekinesis to grab Carla and then freezes her. Scott appears and tells Bruno that she'll quickly get to Pinehearst - there, Scott can melt the ice.

The boys arrive at Pinehearst. They take Carla to Arthur's office and Scott melts the ice surrounding her. Arthur grabs Carla and absorbs her ability. When Scott asks Arthur what her ability was, Arthur says he'll show him. Arthur walks up to Scott, punches him and sends him flying. All of a sudden, Future Hiro appears in Arthur's office.

Chapter Five - Back to the Future

After Future Hiro appears, he grabs Bruno's arm and teleports away.

Hiro and Bruno arrive in New York City in 2011, where Hiro tells Bruno that he has to show him something. He takes Bruno to an apartment, where he meets Future Peter and Future Niki. He explains to Bruno that Peter and Niki are his real parents, and that his actual name is Bruno Petrelli - and that he was named after Peter's great-great-great-grandfather, who came to America from Italy. Peter tells him that he was born in September 2011, but then there was an nuclear explosion that destroyed 83% of New York. Bruno asks who caused the explosion, and Niki says it was his brother - TJ Petrelli.

Hiro says that along with Bruno, TJ was sent to the past (1994) during the explosion in order to keep them safe. However, as TJ grew up, he became more and more enraged with the world. In 2011, he let himself explode to "teach the world a lesson". Bruno then learns that he has a duty - to stop TJ and save New York. Bruno then teleports back to 2007.

Chapter Six - When Friends Fight...

Bruno arrives back at Pinehearst, only to see that Arthur's not there, neither are Scott or Calum. He uses his clairvoyance to find heir location. He then teleports there.

Calum and Scott are fighting Damien and Craig. Scott sends a large ball of fire at Craig. Craig tries to shatter Scott and nearly kills him, but Bruno stops the invisible bullets and sends the back at Craig. Craig dies, a victim of his own ability. Angered, Damien tries to kill Scott, but Calum uses his power to make Damien insane with rage. Damien loses control of his abilities and accidentally sucks himself into a black hole. Then, the boys leave.

Chapter Seven - Incurable

At a Primatech facility, Craig's body is on a hospital bed. Angela Petrelli and Noah Bennet walk in and Angela says that they'll find a way to cure him. Noah says that Craig's body should be in a Level 3 cell, where it belongs. Angela says that although he belongs in a cell, they need for what lies ahead. Angela then remembers that the Company still have some of Claire's blood. She tells Noah to get it, and he reluctantly agrees.

Noah comes back, and Angela gets a syringe from a cupboard and and fills it with Claire's blood. She injects Craig with it, and within minutes he is healed.

Chapter Eight - Nemesis

Bruno leaves Pinehearst with Calum to hunt down TJ. Bruno tracks him down to New York. They track him down to his apartment, where he is practicing one of his abilities. Upon seeing Bruno, TJ recognizes him from when he he was a baby. Calum tries to tries to use his power on GJ, but he simply electrocutes Calum. Bruno and TJ throw objects at each other until Bruno is stabbed in the eye by a kitchen knife. GJ steals Bruno's abilities, takes out the knife, jumps out the window and flies away.

Bruno regenerates and tries to teleport himself and Calum and away, only to find that his powers are gone.

Chapter Nine - Company Boy

Craig is in Angela's office discussing taking down Pinehearst. Angela says that although Shattering is an amazing ability, he'll need more than that to even stand a chance against Pinehearst. Craig says that he doesn't have any of the four power-absorbing abilities (which are Aura absorption, Empathic mimicry, Intuitive aptitude and Power absorption). Angela says she's talking about something else.

Calum wakes up in Pinehearst, with Scott standing beside him. Scott says that he has a plan; a rebellion against Arthur.

Chapter Ten - Needles

Angela injects Craig with the Formula. Craig asks what his new ability will be, and Angela says that only time will tell. That night, Angela has a dream - She sees Craig killing Bennet and the Haitian with his newly-acquired second ability. He then somehow sees Angela and prepares to kill her, just as she wakes up.

Angela watches Craig the next morning as he tries to discover what his new abilities are. Craig tries to see if he can heal by trying to cut himself, only to see that the blade can't cut his skin. He tells Angela he ow know what his new power is: Impenetrable skin. There and then, Calum and Scott walk into the room and say they need Craig's help.

Chapter Eleven - Pinehearst vs Primatech

Craig, Scott and Calum invade Pinehearst, where they are quickly met by several villains: Flint, Knox and Sylar.

Sylar attacks Calum and beats him severely. Scott tries to help him, but is burned by Flint, while Craig is thrown about by Knox. Calum uses his ability to fill Sylar with rage, but as soon as the effects wear off, Sylar telekinetically shuts Calum's eyes and cuts his head open.

Knox tries to kill Craig but cannot due to Craig's impenetrable skin. Craig shatters Knox's chest, fatally injuring him.

Flint and Scott have a firefight, and burn several of the rooms in the facility. Scott burns Flint's face, giving him enough time to escape.

Scott and Craig run up to the top floor, then walk into Arthur's office.

Chapter Twelve - An Old Foe

Arthur says that he is very disappointed at Scott's betrayal, and that now he has to die. Just then, Bruno runs in holding an AK-47. He tells Bruno to shoot him, and he does. The bullets bounce off of him. Scott says that he read Arthur's file, he doesn't have impenetrable skin.

Arthur suddenly turns into GJ, revealing Arthur to be an illusion. GJ breaks Bruno's gun in half and tosses Craig and Scott to the side. He tells Bruno that it's time to finish what they started.

Chapter Thirteen - Chaos

GJ teleports himself, Bruno, Craig and Scott to 2011. He says that the world has been too corrupted and it's time for it to suffer. He activates his most dangerous ability and is about to explode, but Craig shatters his brain. GJ dies, but starts to regenerate. Scott tells Bruno to remove GJ's abilities, but Bruno says his abilities are gone.

Just then Future Peter teleports in front of GJ and takes his abilities. Peter turns to the boys and says the job is done and the world is saved. However, Bruno's abilities are still gone and the boys are now stuck in 2011.

Season 2

In Season 2, the boys become trapped in the future (Volume 3), have to stop a deadly virus (Volume 4) and lose their powers (Volume 5). Season 2 is the longest season and has the most Volumes.

Volume Three: Dark Future

The plot of Volume 3 involves the boys (Craig, Bruno and Scott) as they become trapped in the future. Volume 3 will have 11 episodes. The main villains are Future Sylar, Alistair Burnett, Steven Burnett, Rob Sim and Lee Watt and, as a twist at the end of the end of the Volume, Future Sergio Arsenio. Volume 3 takes place during the explosion future.

Chapter One - Four Years Gone

The boys are now trapped in the future. Scott suggests that they go to Peter's house, but Bruno says that he doesn't know where Peter lives. The boys see a man and ask him if he knows where Peter lives. The man, who is in fact Future Ando, says he'll take the boys to Peter. All of a sudden, Knox comes out of the shadows and attacks the boys and Ando.

Chapter Two - Super Gangs

Ando tells the boys to run as he tries to hold off Knox with his ability of red energy emission. Scott and Craig also fight Knox, and Craig shatters his head open and kills him. Ando says that New York is now 85% gangsters, and asks the boys if they would like to join a group.

The boys arrive at Peter and Niki's home, where Peter explains to the boys that he and some other people put together a group: the Freedom Squad. He says the group currently consists of him, Hiro, Claire, Noah, Niki and Ando. The boys say they're interested in joining.

Chapter Three - Visions

All the members of the Freedom Squad stand in a room, where Future Hiro says that even though the bomb has been stopped, the world isn't safe yet. Just then, Bruno suddenly faints.

He wakes on top of the Deveaux building, gazing out at New York as the citizens run around screaming as buildings fall part and people burst into flames. Suddenly there is a bloodcurdling scream and everyone starts bleeding to death. Bruno then wakes up and says he just had the most disturbing dream of his life. After he describes what he dreamt, Peter says he had the same dream, meaning Bruno dreamt the future. This also means he has somehow gotten his abilites back.

Craig and Scott say that now they can go back to the present, but Bruno says they still have a job to do.

Chapter Four - Escape

Alistair Burnett, Steven Burnett, Rob Sim and Lee Watt are all sitting in a prison cell. Lee asks when they're going to get out. Just then, a security guard walks by and opens the cell. He tells the men they are free to go. The men leave they're cell, and are met by Nathan Petrelli, who quickly drops the illusion. Sylar tells the boys he has a plan.

As they leave the prison, they are met by the Freedom Squad.

Chapter Five - Prison Fights

Lee screams at Scott and Craig, which sends them back. Alistair shoots lasers at the boys, and burns a hole through Bruno's chest. Alistair then turns himself into sand and briefly blinds the heroes. Peter and Steven have a firefight, in which Peter is fatally wounded. Rob ends the fight by causing an little earthquake in the area. The five villains flee, while Hiro, Peter and Bruno (both of whom had regenerated) manage to teleport the others away just in time.

Chapter Six - Like Father, Like Son

Bruno and Peter decide to go after the five villains. They find Sylar in the Oval Office, and Sylar throws Bruno and Peter against the walls. Peter and Bruno try to use their abilities, but are unable to, because the Haitian has just walked in. With Peter's abilities gone, Sylar shoots Peter in the forehead and kills him. Bruno, who is now immune to the Haitian's ability due to the fact that he had absorbed it, shatters the Haitian's skull apart before teleporting away.

Chapter Seven - Death Is A Part of Life

Bruno and Scott track Sylar down to Haiti, where he (disguised as Nathan), makes a speech about the tragic loss of the Haitian Prime Minister (the Haitian). He announces that the Haitian's half-brother, Baron Samedi, will take his place as Prime Minister. As he is giving his speech, Bruno telekinetically break's "Nathan's" back. They think that Sylar is dead, but he regenerates. Sylar drops his disguise and attacks the boys. Bruno grabs Sylar by the neck and slices his skull open. With Sylar permanently dead, the boys teleport away.

Chapter Eight - Hot & Cold

Lee, having heard about Sylar's death, hunts the boys down. After finding out about Bruno's many powers, he decides to go after Scott first.

He finds Scott roaming around Times Square at night. Lee activates his freezing powers and attacks Scott. The boys have a lengthy fire against ice battle, which leaves Scott's left arm frozen and Lee's chest severely burned. In the end, Scott and Lee end up killing each other.

Chapter Nine - Black Holes

Bruno and Craig show up at Times Square just in time to heal Scott. Scott says that now that Sylar and Lee are dead, there are only three villains left. Just then, a giant vortex appears. Damien steps outside of it, quickly followed by Stephen Canfield. Damien says that he was stuck in the fourth dimension because of Calum, and asks where Calum is. Bruno sadly explains that Calum was killed by Sylar.

As the boys (and Stephen) head back to the Freedom Squad's headquarters, they are ambushed by Alistair and Rob. Rob infects Damien with a deadly disease, but Bruno turns invisible, turns his hand into metal and punches a hole through Rob, killing him. Damien suddenly dies of cancer because of Rob. Alistair turns into sand and attacks Scott, but Scott throws flames at him, causing Alistair to turn into glass. Craig then shatters the glass into pieces.

Chapter Ten - Fights at School

At the Freedom Squad's headquarters, Noah announces that he has discovered Steven Burnett's location. He says that Steven is somewhere in Scotland. Hiro sends Bruno, Noah and Craig to Scotland to fight Steven.

They arrive at Bruno and Craig's old school in Scotland, Fraserburgh Academy. They search the first three floors, but can't find the last villain. They walk up to the Geography department at the very last floor. Steven, who has turned invisible, continuously taunts them. Bruno decides to turn invisible too so that he can see him.

He sees Steven and throws him against the wall with telekinesis. He telekinetically grabs Steven by the throat. Steven says that he surrenders, but Bruno doesn't believe him. Just then Noah walks in and shots him in the chest, leaving him fatally wounded. Bruno throws his body against the wall, causing him to go flying and fall four floors, killing him. Bruno says that now all the villains are defeat. A gunshot is heard and Bruno and Craig turn around to see Noah has shot himself. Bruno's nephew, Sergio, shows up behind Noah and says that not all the villains have been defeated yet.

Chapter Eleven - In The End

Sergio explains to Bruno and Craig that after Bruno burned him, he was healed by Arthur Petrelli and recruited into Pinehearst. There, Sergio was given seven new abilities aside from cryokinesis: Puppet master, Sound manipulation, Induced radioactivity, Super speed, Metal mimicry, Body insertion and Aerokinesis. He sends a blast of air at Bruno and Craig, causing the boys to fall down to the bottom. Mid-fall, Bruno grabs Craig and the two fly back up to where Sergio is.

Back up at the last floor, Sergio grabs Bruno's throat and starts burning it, but Craig shatters Sergio's leg apart. Sergio lies crippled o the floor, and Craig says that he should have gotten regeneration as one of his abilities. Bruno throws Sergio over the ledge and he falls to his death.

Bruno and Craig arrive at the Freedom Squad's headquarters. The three boys say goodbye to all the future people. Bruno then teleports himself, Craig and Scott back to the present.

Volume Four: Outbreak

In Volume 4, the Shanti virus is accidentally released, putting mankind in peril. Volume 4 will have 9 episodes. This Volume marks the deaths of the two longest surviving protagonists, Bruno Alves and Craig Thom. Volume 4 takes place inbetween Volume Three: Villains and Volume Four: Fugitives.

Chapter One - Present Life

Bruno, Scott and Craig arrive back in 2007. Bruno tells Scott and Craig that he is going to Pinehearst to see if Sergio is in fact alive. He arrives Pinehearst headquarters and sees Peter having an argument with Nathan. He turns invisible and sneaks past them he uses his clairvoyance and discovers Sergio is in the basement. He phases all the way to basement and severely injures himself upon hitting the ground, but he quickly regenerates. He sees Sergio, unconscious but alive. He walks over to him just as his eyes open.

Chapter Two - The Beginning of the End, Part 1

Sergio and Bruno are about to leave the facility when they are ambushed by Niki Sanders, who is reveled to be alive and working for Pinehearst (although she has been hypnotized by Arthur). Sergio is about to freeze Niki, but Bruno tells him that Niki is his mother. Niki tries to attack the boys but Bruno manages to subdue her and render her unconscious. Bruno reads Niki's mind and learns that she wants to stop Strain 139 from being released, but Arthur is stopping her. Bruno learns that Strain 141 is a few floors away.

Chapter Three - The Beginning of the End, Part 2

Bruno and Sergio arrive at the room that contains Strain 141. Sergio grabs the vial and prepares to freeze it, when a Pinehearst agent walks in and telekinetically throws the vial against the wall. The virus is released. Bruno, enraged at the agent, breaks his neck. Bruno teleports himself and Sergio out of the Pinehearst facility.

Chapter Four - Cause of Death

Bruno teleports to Craig's house with Sergio, where Scott and Craig are waiting for them. Bruno explains what happened, and Craig starts to panic. Scott tells him to calm down, and says that they're going to find a way to reverse this. Suddenly Craig starts to stutter and becomes unable to speak. He begins to sweat and falls to the ground.

Scott, Bruno and Sergio take Craig to the hospital, where the doctors desperately try to revive him, but he ends up flat-lining. The doctors sadly say to the boys that Craig has died. The three boys realize that Strain 141 has already spread from America to Scotland. Bruno says that the only to find out how to stop Strain 141 is to race its origins. Bruno grabs Scott and Sergio and teleports away.

Chapter Five - Trip to the Past

Bruno, Scott and Sergio arrive back in 1977, when the virus was created. Bruno turns the boys invisible as walk into a room where they overhear a conversation between Victoria and Arthur. Victoria tells Arthur that Strain 138 is no longer he most dangerous variant of the virus. She says she has accidentally created an new uncontrollable is released, and if even a single drop is released more than 95% of the human population will be killed in a few weeks.

She says that this new strain can spread across three continents in a few hours. Victoria says that the only way to stop the virus is for someone who has poison absorption or manipulation to absorb it.

Feeling they have enough information, the boys go back to 2007 to find someone who can absorb poison.

Chapter Six - Shocking Discovery

Bruno, Scott and Sergio go to Pinehearst. They find Angela and are about to tell her about the virus, but she says she has already dreamt it. Scott asks Angela if she knows anyone with the ability to absorb poison, and she says she knows someone: a boy called Bruce Patterson. Bruno and Scott say they know Bruce, and are about to leave Pinehearst when Angela suddenly morphs into TJ, who reveals that he managed to regenerate. TJ electrocutes Scott and Sergio to death and electrocutes Bruno, but Bruno merely falls down and then heals Scott and Sergio just in time. Bruno breaks TJ's neck and kills him. Before he can regenerate, Bruno removes TJ's abilities, saying he's just returning the favor.

Chapter Seven - 17%

The boys arrive at Scott's house and decide to watch the news to look out for any other people who have been infected. To their dismay, the reporter announces that 17% of the human populace has been killed due to a rapidly spreading new disease. Scott says that they have to find Bruce before anyone else dies.

The boys arrive at Bruce's house, and see Bruce trying desperately to do something. Sergio asks him what he is doing, and he says he is trying to absorb the virus.

Chapter Eight - Last Chance

Bruce says that he has been trying to absorb the virus ever since one of his friends, Danny Cowe, was killed. Bruno says that absorbing a virus as dangerous as the one that is spreading would kill him. Bruce says he doesn't care as he tries absorbing the virus one more time. Scott, not wanting Bruce to die too, punches him and knocks him out. Bruno, having already mimicked Bruce's powers, says he has a sure-fire way of ending this crisis. Sergio asks Bruno if he'll die, and Bruno says probably not since he can regenerate. Bruno then flies off into the sky.

Chapter Nine - Absorption

Bruno flies up so high that he is just below the clouds. He says that it's time to end this and starts to absorb the virus. He begins to feel nauseous, and realizes that it's working. He just manages not to pass out. Just before he absorbs the virus completely, he telepathically tells Scott, Bruce and Sergio that he is in fact going to die. As soon as the virus is completely absorbed, he falls over 20,000 feet to the ground. He lays dead, but at least it was for a good cause.

Volume Five: Powerless

In Volume 5, the boys (Bruce, Scott, Sergio and Daniel) lose their powers permanently. Volume 5 will be the shortest volume, with only 7 episodes. The main villain is Annette Farquhar. Volume 5 takes place briefly inbetween Volume Three: Villains and Volume Four: Fugitives and the rest is set after Volume Four: Fugitives

Chapter One - Burial Ground

As Bruno lays dead on the ground, black tears seep from his eyes, though they quickly fade away. Scott, Bruce and Sergio walk up to him. Scott says that although his death was tragic, it was better one person died than one billion. Sergio and Bruce agree, but say he at least deserves a proper burial.

At a cemetery, Scott burns a massive hole in the ground, and Bruno's body is carefully lowered into it. Sergio then makes a huge block of ice that fills the hole grave. Bruce then gets a shovel and throws dirt onto the top of the grave, completing the burial.

Chapter Two - Normal, Part 1

This episode begins three days after the events of Volume Four: Fugitives. Sergio returns to his elementary school while Scott and Bruce return to their junior high school for their fourth semester.

Bruce and Scott discuss the effects of the virus with one of their evolved human friends who survived the outbreak: Daniel Watt, who can teleport himself from one place to another. Daniel says that the three of them are the only surviving boys in their class, and the only surviving girl is Annette Farquhar. Daniel says that Annette is so upset at the loss of her friends that she hasn't spoken in days. Scott decides to try to talk to her, put she punches him and sends him through the wall. Daniel teleports himself beside Scott before Annette kills Scott, but Annette absorbs Daniel's powers as soon as he appears in front of her.

Chapter Three - Normal, Part 2

Daniel, who is now powerless, is punched and knocked out by Annette. Annette then absorbs Scott's powers and Bruce's, before teleporting away. Daniel says that with their powers gone, they couldn't possibly stop Annette. Bruce then says that she can still be stopped.

Bruce, Scott and Daniel arrive at Sergio's school and ask Sergio if he still has his powers. Sergio says that just a few minutes ago a girl came along and stole them. Daniel says that they don't stand a chance against Annette now, Sergio says he knows someone who can stop her.

Chapter Four - Normal, Part 3

The boys arrive in Haiti and ask some locals if they have seen the Haitian. One local says that she heard that the Haitian was heading to New Jersey, but she says it's been over two months since she heard that information. As they continue walking through Haiti, they run into Baron Samedi. Before they can escape from him, some of his soldiers grab the boys and take them away.

Chapter Five - Hostages

Bruce, Scott, Sergio and Daniel are held hostage in a cell. Samedi walks in and says that he been given a task: kill the four boys in exchange for $200,000. Daniel asks Samedi who gave him that task, and Samedi says it was girl named Annette Farquhar. Samedi walks away, leaving the boys by themselves. Daniel suddenly vanishes and appears in front of the boys, having somehow gotten his abilities back. Bruce asks Daniel how he did that, and he says he doesn't know. He grabs a key that is on the floor ad releases the boys. All of a sudden, Samedi walks back in and shoots Scott in the head, killing him. Daniel teleports himself, Bruce and Sergio out of Haiti. Samedi says that now at least he'll get a fourth of his pay.

Chapter Six - Hunted

Daniel, Bruce and Sergio arrive back in Scotland, where they are immediately met by Sylar, who says the boys have very interesting powers. He tells them he wants their powers, and the boys run away. They run into an alley, thinking they're safe, only for Sylar to show up right beside them. Bruce realizes that now-one could catch up to them like that. Bruce tries to punch Sylar, only for his hand to phase right through him. The boys realize that Sylar is just an illusion. Suddenly, Maury Parkman steps out of the shadows. Maury takes out a gun and prepares to shoot the boys, only for Bruce to fill him with poison and kill him.

As the boys are walking away, Annette shows up in front of them.

Chapter Seven - War

Annette attacks Bruce and knocks him unconscious before he can poison her. She says that her power absorption only removes peoples abilities for five days, much like her brother GJ's power absorption worked.. Sergio then realizes that if GJ is Annette brother, and GJ was also Bruno's brother, then Annette is Bruno's sister. Thus, Annette is Sergio's aunt.

Annette reabsorbs Bruce and Daniel's powers. Daniel tells Sergio to kill Annette, but Sergio can't kill his own aunt. Sergio suddenly remembers something Bruno told him: Killing a family member is nearly impossible to do, but if they're ready to kill you then you must be ready to kill them.

Remembering this, Sergio reactivates his freezing powers and freezes Annette, and she quickly shatters into a million pieces. The boys walk away, ending Season 2.

Season 3

Known spoilers:

  • This will definitely be the last season.
    • There will only be one Volume this season.
  • Alvinho Ventura, the protagonist of the upcoming Total Power spin-off, will make an appearance this Volume that is vital to the plot.

Volume Six: Heroes & Villains

In Volume 6, several villains from previous Seasons: Shaun Summers, TJ Petrelli and Annette Farquhar are revived by the new main villain. Volume 6 is planned to have 21 episodes, but that may change.

Chapter One - An Unexpected Visit

Bruce, Daniel and Sergio go to Daniel's house. As soon as they enter, there is a knock at the door. Daniel answers it, but he doesn't see anyone. He closes the door, and the three boys walk into the living room, and see someone who introduces himself as Jack Dalton. He says that he knows several of their friends have died: Bruno, Calum, Craig, Scott, Damien and David. He says he could help bring them back.

Chapter Two - The Proposition

Jack says that he has the ability of Resurrection. He says that he'll revive Bruno, Craig, Calum, Scott, Damien and David for a price: £100 for each person.

The boys agree, but they don't have the money. Jack says he'll revive them for free just now, but they have to pay him back by July 2007 (in three months). The boys agree, and Daniel teleports his friends, Jack and himself to revive their first deceased friend.

Chapter Three - Haitian Vacation, Part 1

Daniel, Bruce, Sergio and Jack arrive in Haiti. The three boys take Jack back to the place where they were held hostage. The find Scott's still-fresh body. Jack walks up to Scott and and places his hand on Scott's chest. Scott's gunshot wound heals and Scott takes a deep breath.

Chapter Four - Haitian Vacation, Part 2

Coming soon.