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The group of twelve
File:The Twelve.jpg
Purpose: A Mysterious group of 12 elder characters
First mentioned: 'Four Months Later'
Known leader: Mr. Linderman
Known members: Daniel Linderman,
Mr. Petrelli,
Angela Petrelli,
Kaito Nakamura,
Charles Deveaux,
6 unknown members.

The Group of Twelve is a group of elder characters with links to Daniel Linderman. Much of their purpose, origin, and history remains to be revealed.


Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1


Mr. Petrelli worked as an attorney in Daniel Linderman's firm.


Angela makes a possible reference to her earlier involvement with this group, when giving advice to her granddaughter Claire.

The Hard Part

Kaito makes a reference to Hiro about how years ago, he had allies...others with power who with him fought to save the world, possibly alluding to the Twelve.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

In what appears to be a dream or a vision, Peter sees a past conversation involving three members of the Group at the Deveaux building between Angela and Charles talking about Linderman's involvement in Nathan's election.

Four Months Later

Kaito Nakamura, speaking to Angela Petrelli, acknowledges Charles Deveaux, Mr. Linderman, and Mr. Petrelli as fellow members of a Group of Twelve -- of whom nine remain -- who once tried to find evolved humans. Kaito and Angela have received pictures of themselves marked with a red symbol. Kaito tells Angela they are in danger. Later that night, Kaito is killed by someone he recognizes.


Angela's fingerprint is found on the picture of Kaito, and she is questioned by the police. She makes no specific mention to them of the Group of Twelve, but she does tell of her past history with Kaito and the symbol on the photo being that of her husband's law firm.


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