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Episode:Four Months Later...

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Four Months Later...
Season: Two
Episode number: 201
First aired: September 24, 2007
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: How to Stop an Exploding Man
Next episode: Lizards
The sun rises on a new dawn. Yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this. To those who dwell among us, anonymous, seemingly ordinary. Whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. And they're still out there among us. In the shadows. In the light. We pass them on the street without a glance. Never suspecting, never knowing. Do they even know yet? That they are bound together by a common purpose? A glaring reality to be extraordinary. And when destiny does annoint them, how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate, or their own flawed humanity draws them out in to the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?


Story Development

Cairo · Bob · Alchemy · Otsu, Japan · Takezo Kensei · Yaeko · Death threats · Costa Verde, CA · Copy Kingdom · Copy Kingdom manager · Costa Verde HS · Debbie Marshall · Martha · West · The Bennets' home · Honduras · Alejandro · Maya · Ireland · Ricky · Detective Fuller · Molly's drawings · Adam's victims · Maya's victims



Mohinder has been traveling around giving speeches about a plague involving evolved humans. He is approached by a strange man after a lecture in Cairo, who says that his father and Shanti would be proud. Mohinder confronts the man, asking if the Company has sent him to bag and tag him. When Mohinder tells the man he won't run this time, the man then offers him a job. Mohinder refuses but acts interested when the man says that no one believes in his father's theories.

On the run, Maya and Alejandro move through the streets of San Cristóbal, Honduras to evade the police. Alejandro urges Maya to keep running, but Maya argues that they've been running for eight hundred miles already. Maya tells him that if they get caught, then people will die, but Alejandro retorts that people will die if they don't run. He comments that by Tuesday, they will be in America, where they can find answers.

Claire and Noah arrive at Claire's new school. She comments that being the new student, she will be "in the shark infested waters of eleventh grade" and having no friends makes her "shark bait". Her father reminds her that she's Claire Butler, but more importantly, she cannot seem special in any way to draw attention, noting that the Company is still out there, and is still looking for them. She asks her father when she can get her own car, and her father tells her that it was supposed to be a surprise for her upcoming birthday, but that she's getting the Nissan Rogue. On her way to class Claire nearly gets run over by a boy, who stares at her while she hesitates.

Hiro lands in a grassy meadow. As he looks around , he spots a group of Japanese archers raising their bows toward him — he turns to run, but realizes that it is Takezo Kensei, poised behind Hiro, that they are about to attack. After an eclipse occurs overhead, Hiro sees the arrows fired and stops time before they hit him. After moving out of the way, he sees his hero almost hit by arrows as well. He puts his hand on the horse of the rider and teleports them both to safety.

Matt Parkman is armed and asking to enter a door. After hearing the thoughts of those inside, he comments that he knows it sucks with NYPD showing up at the door, but that is what happens when you take someone hostage. After hearing a scuffle, he breaks the door down. He open fires on two people, coming to a room with a woman and a man. Both yell that they're the hostage and that he should shoot the other. Matt hears the man's thoughts and shoots the woman. Bright lights come up, and Matt's simulation for a hostage situation ends. Detective Fuller comes out and asks how Matt knew which was the hostage. Matt claims that he observed the hostage looking him in the eye while the kidnapper eyed the exit. Surprised, the detective tells him that usually people notice the gun under the kidnapper's shirt. Detective Fuller comments on Parkman's determination after being shot four times, then gives Parkman his new badge as an officer.

Hiro avoids a sharp ending to his journey.

Claire is sitting in science class moving her hand over a Bunsen burner when she is confronted by the boy who almost ran her over in the morning. He introduces himself as West, and asks if she is a robot or an alien explaining that robots do as their told and aliens do not. The teacher asks who said, "In the struggle for survival, it is the fittest who win out at the expense of their rivals." Asked who gave the quote, Claire writes down Charles Darwin while the teacher gives hints about evolution. Claire does not answer aloud, remaining "average".

Alejandro and Maya slip through the night and come upon a truck. The driver and another man come out to talk to the siblings. Alejandro asks the driver how much, and is told that for ten thousand lempiras he can take the two to Sonora, 600 miles from the American border. The driver lewdly suggests that Maya sit up front with him, but Alejandro insists that she sit in the back with him.

Matt arrives at Molly's school and Molly Walker tells Matt that he is late picking her up. As the two walk away Ms. Gerber pulls Matt to the side and asks him questions about Molly. She notes that Molly is sleeping in class and that she is having nightmares. Matt explains that he's doing his best, but the teacher questions whether considering his injuries and divorce that he's a suitable guardian. She then shows Matt some of Molly's disturbing drawings of eyes with the symbol.

Kaito is sitting alone on a bench outside the Kirby Plaza building while Ando is walking back to him. Ando briefly bumps into Nathan Petrelli but does not seem to recognize him. Kaito and Ando seem to be waiting for Hiro to return. Ando notes that maybe Hiro isn't coming back, but Kaito tells Ando that for almost thirty years, he has watched his son in disappointment, but with his quest, he saw strength, courage, and wisdom, and Kaito must hand down his legacy to Hiro. He opens his paper, and a picture of Kaito falls out with the symbol drawn across his face in red ink. Kaito asks Ando where he got the paper, and Ando tells him it was from Kaito's office. Kaito says he will be dead in twenty-four hours.

Angela is in Peter's apartment by Nathan, who now has a beard. Angela remarks that Peter is dead and they must move on, but Nathan believes that Peter is alive. He asks her to leave Peter's belongings alone, and the two struggle with a photo of the two brothers. When it falls to the ground and shatters, Angela notes that Nathan is drunk. She tells him that he killed his brother and drove his wife and kids away, and if he had followed the plan, Peter would be alive. Nathan wonders aloud that he almost did what she asked him to do, and calls her evil. He tells her to leave, and on her way out, she finds a photo similar to the one Kaito found with the symbol drawn on her face.

Hiro and Kensei teleport to a field, where the horse bucks and throws Kensei to the ground. After exclaiming, Hiro finds a sword drawn on him. Kensei asks how it happened, and remarks that fifty ryo is not worth dying for. As he runs away, he tells Hiro that he can tell Takezo Kensei that he can keep is money, dropping his sword. As Hiro wonders who the real Kensei is since the fake Kensei is running away, a man in armor with a crossbow comes around Hiro's back and asks how he made the Japanese soldiers scatter. He remarks that if he put an arrow through the leader's heart, he would have been very rich. The armored man asks Hiro if he is a monk since he is dressed strange and wears glasses like a doctor. Hiro takes his glasses off, and proclaims that he is Kensei's biggest fan and how he stole his sword. When Kensei takes his mask off to reveal he is Caucasian, Hiro puts his glasses back on and asks if he is really the hero Kensei. Kensei replies that he is known in Japan as Kensei, but no one has ever called him a hero before.

At Copy Kingdom, Noah is being chastised by his boss about being late and not completing work from the previous night. He asks if Noah wants to be excellent, to which Noah simply replies, "Yes, sir."

In Cairo, Mohinder shares drinks with the Company representative he met earlier at a restaurant. He tells Mohinder of the Company's formation thirty years ago by a group of evolved humans who wanted to help their own, find them and protect them, even if it meant "eliminating" the dangerous ones. Mohinder questions their right to judge who lives and dies. The representative reminds Mohinder of his encounter with Sylar, but Mohinder claims he was justified because Sylar was a monster who "doesn't matter anymore because he's dead." The representative then shifts the conversation to Molly, and how she is being protected by Mohinder and Matt Parkman. He remarks that the Company is not looking to change that arrangement, but rather that they want to help fund Mohinder's research in fighting the virus that Mohinder considers a plague. The representative asks Mohinder to imagine if the virus mutated and affected the general population, but Mohinder reminds the man that that kind of research is extremely expensive. The representative demonstrates that the Company has nearly unlimited funds, as he turns a spoon into gold, claiming the Company has their own Fort Knox.

Bob displays his finer talents.

Matt arrives at Mohinder's apartment to bring Molly some pizza. Molly complains that she likes Mohinder's cooking, but Matt tells her that he ordered pizza so they can talk. Molly asks if they wanted to talk about his new badge, and Matt remarks that he passed his detective's exam with flying colors. Molly asks if he cheated, but Matt explains that his ability is similar to an athlete's skill, giving them a natural advantage. He then asks Molly about her drawings, saying her teacher is worried about Molly. Molly tells Matt that she doesn't want to talk about them, but when Matt persists, she screams that she doesn't want to talk about it, then leaves the room.

Maya and Alejandro continue on the road in the back of the truck. Maya, while reading Activating Evolution, comments that the author knew what was going on. Alejandro tells her that if he knows the cause, then there must be a cure. Maya replies that God wouldn't have given her a curse if there wasn't a chance for salvation. Maya continues to be fearful, but Alejandro tries to reassure her that nothing will happen as long as he is with her. The truck stops and the driver tells the siblings to get out. He pulls Alejandro aside and tries to get double the money. When Alejandro reminds him of the deal, the driver says that Maya must sit in the front with him, while Alejandro sits in the back, and that he must take or leave the deal. Alejandro shoves the driver, and the driver pulls a gun on him, knocks him down and kicks him. As the larger man takes Maya away, she yells that they're making a big mistake by leaving him. The truck leaves without Alejandro, and he chases after them.

At gym class, Claire plays badminton while the cheerleaders practice. After hitting the shuttlecock off the court, Claire goes to retrieve it after Martha falls to the ground. West is holding the shuttlecock and accuses Claire of being a "robot." When she tells him that he doesn't know her, he reminds her that she had the answer in class, but purposely didn't answer because she didn't want people to know she is smart. She goes back to Martha, where the cheerleaders are trying to get her to do a backflip off "the tower". Claire tells Debbie to leave her alone, but Debbie reminds Claire that as the head of the cheer squad, she can recruit anyone. Debbie says that if Claire can do a backtuck off the tower, she'll leave Martha alone. Claire climbs the tower, then remembers not to stand out and tells everyone that she can't do it.

Molly is having loud nightmares, and Matt hears her thoughts during her dream. He hears her screaming and a deep voice telling her that he can see her. Molly awakens and holds Matt. Matt asks if she saw him, and where he is, but she tells him that she can't tell him where he is, or "he'll kill you too."

After everyone has gone, Claire sits on the tower, where the padding underneath has been removed. She attempts the backtuck, but injures her leg when landing on the bare floor. West walks in immediately after her wounds have healed.

Matt listens in on Molly's dreams.

Noah is sitting in the breakroom when his boss comes in. The manager tells him that his break is over and there's a line of people waiting. When Noah looks out the door to see no customers waiting, he continues to drink his coffee. The manager gets in his face and points a finger at Noah, but Noah grabs and twists his finger while pinning him against the table. He tells the manager that he will take breaks whenever he wants and that the manager will not not bother Noah anymore.

Hiro walks with Kensei and wonders aloud that the stories his father told him were about a gaijin (a modern Japanese term for non-Asian foreigner). As Kensei urinates, he mentions how the name "Kensei" means "Sword Saint", and that it intimidates others. Kensei came up with the name on his way from England. When Hiro asks (in English) if Kensei is English, Kensei begins to talk in English to Hiro about how he was allowed into the country, and stayed to look for his fortunes. Hiro argues that Kensei does not fight for money, but for honor, to which Kensei adds so long as it is honor he can spend. Kensei explains that he hires men to dress as him, ride a horse into a town and to shout about he's "fearsome ol' Kensei" while he picks off the black guards from a tree branch. Hiro finds these tactics dirty, while Kensei finds them to be smart. Hiro explains that he is from the future, and he read The Trials of Takezo Kensei, wherein Kensei loved the swordsmith's daughter and saved Otsu from Whitebeard. Hiro smells smoke and finds that the village of Otsu is burning.

Ando and Kaito are on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building. Kaito tells Ando that he will die, but Ando will not leave him. Kaito asks him to bring a sword so he can fight, and Ando leaves to get one. As he leaves, Angela arrives. Kaito reveals that along with Charles Deveaux, Linderman, and Mr. Petrelli, he and Angela were part of a group of twelve people that tried to find evolved humans, and he thinks it was one of the remaining nine who gave him and Angela the pictures. He reckons that they are threatening them for all the people they killed. Kaito tried to redeem himself by helping Hiro save the world. He asks Angela what she did to help her son, but she slaps him. As she leaves, Kaito tells her that he's leaving for Japan that night, and she should disappear too.

Hiro wanders through the refugees of Otsu and realizes that the future may not be the same as he knew it, wondering, "no cars, no Ando, no me. Great Scott." Kensei tells him not to worry, that there is always sake. Hiro tells Kensei that he's supposed to be a hero, but Kensei retorts that being a hero never "filled anyone's sack with salt and saffron." Hiro tells him that for his heroism, Kensei was rewarded with more riches than the emperor, and married the most beautiful girl in Japan, the swordsmith's daughter. A young woman smacks Kensei in the face, telling him that they gave him everything to protect Otsu, and the bandits that burned the town took her father hostage. Kensei tells Yaeko that he tried to fight, but Hiro got in the way. Yaeko takes the sword (as both Kensei and Hiro exclaim "my sword!"), explaining that her father gave it to him as payment for their protection, and leaves. Hiro chases after her, but she leaves, saying someone has to save her father. Hiro tells Kensei that he must save the swordsmith and make Yaeko fall in love with him, but is punched by Kensei, who tries to find a drink.

The "Butler" family sits down and eats. Noah comments on 86 straight days of sunshine and Sandra asks her children how their days were, only to find they were rather ordinary, as planned. She asks Noah how his day was, to which he replies that he made a calendar for some grandparents. She vents on how Mr. Muggles can't get the recognition he earned back in Texas. Noah receives a phone call from Mohinder, revealing that Mohinder's speeches were a ruse to gain the attention of the Company, and that the two are working together to bring it down.

Alejandro finds the truck with his sister sitting idly on the dirt road. All of its occupants are dead with a black liquid coming from their eyes and mouths. He finds Maya crying, asking herself what she did, but Alejandro assures her it wasn't her fault, and urges her to keep moving. They steal the truck, and Alejandro promises to bury the dead.

Kaito has a visitor.

Claire calls Nathan while lying on her bed. Nathan, who is at a bar, tells her that he can't talk to her, but she insists since he is the only person she can talk to. She's not sure if she can pretend not to be "special". After he hangs up on her, Nathan looks in the mirror, seeing a disfigured reflection of himself with massive burn marks on his face. After looking again in the mirror, his normal reflection returns. Claire lies down in disappointment, while West looks on from outside of her window--where he is hovering in mid-air. He flies away over the trees and houses.

On the rooftop, Kaito waits for Ando, but finds a hooded individual approaching him. Kaito voices his opinion that of the remaining nine, he least expected this individual. As Ando appears with his sword, the hooded individual runs towards Kaito, where the two fall off the side of the building. Ando sees what appears to be Kaito lying in a puddle of blood, with the other individual gone.

In Cork, Ireland, three thieves are looking for a cargo carrier in an Irish shipping yard, knocking out a guard. When they break into a container, they find a shirtless Peter Petrelli, chained to one of the sides, and wearing a necklace with the symbol on it. Expecting to find iPods, they angrily threaten him. He defends himself, knocking one of them backwards with a special ability. When Ricky asks who he is, Peter replies that he doesn't know.

Memorable Quotes

"I broke history."

- Hiro

"Let's just say we have our own private Fort Knox."

- Bob (to Mohinder)

"You're evil, Ma... Get out!"

- Nathan (to Angela)

"You look at me when I talk to you! Do you hear me?"

"I hear you alright, now you hear me! I am done eating your crap. From now on I will work how and when I feel like it. I will take breaks when I want to, and you will not say a damn word to me ever again! Do you understand?"

- Copy Kingdom manager, Mr. Bennet

Character Appearances


  • Hiro's story is the only one that doesn't take place four months after where we left him in the season one finale.
  • The "Heroes Interactive" 2-screen experience did not run for this episode. All new episodes of Season One had been accompanied by this feature since Jan. 22, 2007.
  • The episode runs 10 minutes longer than regular Heroes episodes: 53 minutes, as opposed to the usual 43 minutes.
  • Director Greg Beeman said he felt inspired by the film A Mighty Heart and its "captured-in-the-moment documentary style".
  • Spanish becomes the second language given English subtitles in the show (appearing in yellow). French was not given subtitles during Parasite. Japanese continues to have subtitles in white text. In the episode commentary, Tim Kring comments that the Japanese subtitles were arranged on the screen to mimic comic book word balloons. The Spanish subtitles are instead placed at the bottom of the screen like normal film subtitles. Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite said, "We wanted a different look for the different stories. Hiro and Ando had white captions that jumped around like comic captions. We wanted the look and feel of Maya and Alejandro to be similar to that of a Spanish film."
  • The beard Nathan is seen with in this episode took Adrian Pasdar three months to grow.
  • Maya and Alejandro begin their story in San Cristóbal, Honduras. The graphic novel Maya y Alejandro tells the story of how they came to the city.
  • Noah carries a box of toner from Haberkern Print Supply into Copy Kingdom. Christina Haberkern creates props for Heroes.

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