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Love Story Part 3
Episode number: 503
First aired: 7/11/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Love Story Part 2
Next episode: Love Story Part 4


This page is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.



Rictor awakens in some woods and looks around. He sees helicopters and planes flying overhead and runs for cover. As he hides, he sees something in the trees. Curious as to what it is, he investigates. Upon learning that it is actually the dead body of Martha Landett, Rictor falls to the floor, grief stricken.

Elsewhere, Cathy Noble stands outside a motel room door and takes a deep breath. She knocks once and a voice asks her who she is. Cathy explains that she was sent by REBEL and the door opens. Tina Bui invites her in and tells her that her partner will be back shortly. Cathy sees Tina’s injuries and asks if she is ok. Tina smiles and asks Cathy what she needs help with. Unsure of what to say, Cathy tells Tina that she has gotten into some trouble with a man named Rictor Trundall. Tina remembers the name from one of Primatech’s target lists and asks Cathy if he has hurt her. Cathy wonders what she means and Tina explains that Rictor is a ruthless murderer.Kevin watches as Rictor walks by all of his comrades. Behind him, several other people carry a large coffin decorated in lovely flowers. Edward Motley salutes Martha’s body as it passes and Kevin nods sadly. Rictor walks up to Kevin and demands that he find the woman who killed Martha so that he can kill her. Kevin doesn’t say anything and Rictor continues walking.

Cathy is shocked that Rictor is wanted for the deaths of over twelve people and Tina says that while most people with abilities kill accidentally, Rictor did it for fun. Cathy tells Tina that she came to recruit her into Rictor’s team and Tina tells her that she must get out of the team while she still can. A vortex opens up outside and Kevin enters the room, saying that they need to leave. Tina tells Cathy that she will think about joining and then winks quickly. Cathy nods and leaves with Kevin. As they enter the portal, they push past Drake, who is startled when they leave the room.

Back in the woods, Harry Chow is running from some agents. He shoots some electricity at the agents but he misses and hits a tree instead. As the agents surround him, he sees water begin to leak from their mouths. The agents all overhydrate and die. Elisa then walks up to Harry and pats him on the back, saying that she has finally found him.

In Washington, Cathy looks for someone named Byron. She enters a room and sees Rictor holding Byron by the throat. Byron disintegrates before Cathy’s very eyes and she holds back a choked scream. Rictor tells her that Byron was in contact with a government agent and says that he had to pay. He walks by Cathy, who is still staring at the pile of ash in horror.

Elisa and Harry go back to the train site, where there are numerous agents searching for any prisoners. Harry wonders why she brought him here and Elisa explains that there was a package on board the train that may have been lost during the crash. Harry asks her why she needs it and she says that it is personal. She then asks for his help and he asks her what she needs him to do. She tells him about her ability to create water and then says that if they combine their powers, they should be able to get all of the agents. Harry is horrified that she would want him to murder so many people but Elisa becomes angry, saying that they are at war. Harry corrects her, saying that the government is at war and that they are just trying to be normal. He gets up and walks away, much to Elisa's frustration.

Kevin looks on sadly as Rictor formulates a plan with Edward. Kevin shakes his head and looks at a photograph of himself, Martha, Edward and Rictor smiling. He walks over to the shrine for Martha and places the photo there. He walks by Cathy, who is still shocked and rattled about witnessing Byron's murder. He asks her if she is alright and she looks towards Rictor, who is staring at her. She nods and says that she is fine, just feeling a little lost. Kevin asks if she would like to visit her family again but Cathy quickly says no.

Elsewhere, an agent leaves a train cart. A small puddle of water then stretches across the floor and materialises into Elisa. She sees a small box and grabs it, liquefying it. With the box now in her possession, Elisa dematerialises and leaves.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"The way he tells it. We're all just lost and confused. Without a world where we can be left alone, everything will perish. At least that's what he says."

- Cathy

"Peace now, dear Martha. Your struggle is over."

- Kevin

"Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah! Just got something in my eye is all."

- Kevin, Cathy

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