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Train 192
Episode number: 207
First aired: 30/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Targets
Next episode: LAWR Part 1
Previously on Chronicles...
Joshua, having been captured by the mysterious Building 26, led a massive prison break that saw many, many prisoners being freed. Among them, Jordan Matthews, who subjected Danko to a unique interrogation. While leading the prison break, Joshua also discovered something else, Emily Rose. Meanwhile, Tina and Drake, two people thrown together by REBEL, were captured after trying to save Ryan Nowak from oncoming agents. Amber Matthews discovered the existance of a long lost brother and a world of abilities, including her own. Elsewhere, while REBEL was busy saving people, Rictor Trundall was busy collecting people with abilities for a very special mission...


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Tina leads a prison break onboard the speeding Train 192.
  • Rictor’s plans fall apart at their seams.


Danko barks orders into his speaker, demanding that the train be kept on schedule. Someone speaks back, saying that the train has nearly been overrun and that they won’t be able to hold them back much longer. Danko orders the agents in the room with him to bring every scrap of information they have on the Rebellion. Suddenly, every computer screen in the room receives the same message. Danko is furious as he reads: THEY ARE NOT WITH US. STOP THEM, EMILE DANKO.

Elsewhere in Washington, Joshua sits down on the broken couch, breathing heavily. Emily Rose approaches him, asking if he is alright. Joshua tells her to stay the hell away from him and Emily demands to know what his problem is. Joshua, still shocked, looks directly at Emily and asks her if she knows who he is. Emily shakes her head, saying that she doesn’t even know her own name. Joshua asks her what she does know and Emily says that she knows the president and the date and all of the general knowledge that most people have. Joshua asks her if she has noticed anything else and Emily laughs and looks around the room at the numerous dead bodies. She then says that she can kill people.

Danko continues barking orders into his speaker. This time, another agent receives the messages. Tyson stands at the door of a plane and looks at the scene below. A speeding train is racing along the countryside and several people are climbing along the sides of it. Olivia walks up to Tyson and asks if he is ready. Tyson nods and the two of them skydive onto the roof of the plane.

At the front of the train, in the control room, Rictor wipes the ash from his hand. He turns to Martha, who is busily pulling levers and redirecting the train. Rictor asks how long she needs and Martha tells him that it should take her about twenty minutes to reroute the train. Rictor then sees a button and says that it is time to free their friends.

In the cell room, Tina’s drug shunt stops working. She slowly awakens and realizes where she is. Startled, Tina tries to escape from her restraints but is unable to. She screams and struggles but no matter how hard she tries, she is unable to escape. Suddenly, the straps blow up and Tina leaps from her seat. She screams and panics and runs into Drake’s arms. He is shocked at this and then hugs her tightly as the other prisoners begin to awaken.

Joshua sits with Emily, who wonders if she used to date him. Joshua laughs and says that they were in fact the opposite. Emily wonders what he means and Joshua explains that, like her, he has a special ability. He says that he used to work for a Company that found people like them. He tells her that several years ago, her ability consumed her and she was placed on Level 5 for containment. He goes on to say that the Company sent him to recapture her after she escaped bit he chose not to. Emily asks why and Joshua explains that the two of them connected for some reason. He says that he tried to stop the other agents from “killing” her and in the end, she disappeared. He tells her that he thought she was dead and Emily nods, taking all of the information in. She then asks what his power is and Joshua says that he has a lot. Emily tells him that the people who contacted her would want to help him too. Joshua asks who she is talking about and she tells him that a group called LAWR came to her.

Amber Matthews strolls through a park and Jenni catches up to her, saying that she can’t run from who she is. Amber is outraged and says that she has no idea about how she is feeling. Jenni tells her that before the government started rounding people with abilities up, she was completely unaware that she could accurately predict the weather. Amber tells her that she feels terrible and tells Jenni that she should leave. Jenni grabs Amber’s shoulder and Amber turns and slaps Jenni hard. Jordan runs up and grabs Amber, telling her that she needs to calm down. Amber begins to cry and tells him that the fear and the anger is rushing into her. Jordan tells her to fight it and Amber cries even more.

Christina Summars releases Norman Ventris from his restraints and asks if he is ok. Norman smiles cheekily and Christina tells him that he is such a freak. Drake walks over to them and tells them that everyone is getting ready to leave. The three of them head over to the large group of prisoners, who are all listening to Tina, who has regained her confidence. Tina asks anyone if they have an ability that can stop the guards and Andrew steps forward, saying that he can. Tina asks anyone else if they would be willing to help and Harry Chow steps forward. Tina smiles and instructs the rest of the people to stay safe.

Samantha, Rachel and Ryan run through a subway. Ryan is very worried and gunshots are heard. Samantha stops running and Rachel demands to know what she is doing. Ryan begins to cry but Samantha hugs him, telling him not to be scared. She then stands, and, as agents rush towards them, raises her hands. Black gas clouds erupt from their mouths and the men all fall to the floor. Samantha collapses and Ryan rushes to her. Rachel smiles and Samantha hugs Ryan tight. She suddenly hears a gunshot and shields Ryan. She then turns to Rachel and screams. Rachel looks confused and then looks down at the blood that is leaking from her bullet wound. She looks back up at Samantha, still confused, and then collapses.

Martha informs Rictor that everything is complete and Rictor tells her that she is wonderful. Martha hugs him and says that maybe after everything is complete they can have their wedding in Venice. Rictor smiles and the two of them kiss. There is another gunshot and Martha squeals in pain. She steps back from Rictor and numerous objects around the small control space begin to heat up. Rictor screams no and Martha falls backwards, off the train. Olivia swings into the space from behind Rictor, in an effort to kick him off. She slams right into him but he does not move. Olivia lands hard on the ground and Rictor turns to her. He places two hands on her head and she screams in pain. Tyson jumps in and attempts to pull Rictor off of Olivia. He is unable to and in a last ditch effort, he tackles the two of them off of the train, causing all three of them to go flying over the edge.

Tina, Andrew and Harry climb over to the control space. Another one of Rictor’s men is attempting to enter the space but Tina throws him away. She inspects the control panel but the levers are too far melted to move. She yells that she can’t stop the train and Harry tells her to move aside. He puts a hand on the controls and tells Tina and Andrew to hold on to something. He sends an electrical current through the system and the train comes to an abrupt stop.

Jordan and Jenni sit with Amber and Jordan tells her about a time when he could not control his ability. He tells Amber that she can feel and control every emotion imaginable and tells her to just look around. She does so and sees a happy family enjoying a day at the park. She then sees two teenagers holding hands and smiling. Amber slowly begins to smile as she sees more and more happy people. Jenni also smiles, happy that Jordan’s idea is working. Amber stands and says that it is incredible. She looks at Jenni and Jordan, still smiling happily. She tells them that she can feel everything and suddenly Jordan’s face becomes serious. Amber also stops smiling and clutches her head. She repeats that she can feel everything and then begins to scream in pain. Jenni grabs her arm but then falls backwards, shaking and yelling at things that aren’t there. Jordan yells for Amber to stop and sees that everyone at the park is in a state of terror. Jordan looks at Amber and apologizes before knocking her unconscious.

Joshua tells Emily that he doesn’t know what to do now that he knows she is alive. Emily suggests that she goes with him as she does not know where she belongs. Joshua laughs and tells her that the world is not a good place for people who have abilities. Emily asks him why he thinks that and Joshua smiles, saying that Emily once said that their abilities are like a curse. Emily flashes back to the previous eclipse, where she spoke with Joshua. Suddenly, all of her memories come rushing back and she falls backwards. Joshua asks her if she remembers and Emily nods silently. Joshua asks if she is ok and Emily looks up, her eyes now completely white.

Drake climbs into the control room and hugs Tina. She is thrilled that they stopped the train and asks if everyone got out ok. Drake tells her that he sent everybody into the woods and Andrew says that they should catch up. Tina tells everyone that it is time to fight back and they are going to stop Building 26. A voice says that he doubts it and everyone turns to see Danko. He raises his gun and fires.

In the subway, Samantha stands in front of Ryan, shielding him from the three agents that are advancing. Suddenly, the men are knocked unconscious. A young blonde woman walks up and asks if she is Samantha Nowak. Samantha nods and the woman introduces herself as Anna Korolenko.

In a rundown motel, a bloody Drake holds a bleeding Tina. He takes her into a room and helps her bandage her gunshot wound. Tina tells him that she doesn’t feel strong and Drake tells her that she is. He says that the wound isn’t fatal and Tina smiles. She leans in and kisses him. Drake, initially shocked, returns the kiss.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Have you noticed anything strange?"

"You mean like the fact that I can kill people with my mind?"

- Joshua, Emily

"I think it's time for our friends to wake up."

- Rictor

"I know all the stuff a normal person knows. I know what year it is, who the president is and surprisingly, I know a lot of long division. Weird huh?"

- Emily to Joshua

"Amber, wait!"

"Back off Weather Girl!"

- Jenni, Amber

"I don't even know my name"

"It's Emily"

"Really? Huh...I though I was a Joan"

- Emily, Joshua.

"Maybe when this is all over we can have a destination wedding? Maybe Venice?"

"Are you sure you aren't a mind reader?"

- Martha, Rictor

"Samantha Nowak?"

(Samantha nods)

"Hi, I'm Anna Korolenko. Ellen needs you."

- Anna

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