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January 25, 2011: Claire meets with The President to discuss his speech about evolved humans. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

February 2, 1964: Claude Rains is born. (

February 28, 1992: Claude and Mr. Bennet rescue a young Claire from a burning building. (Hell's Angel)

March 11, 2007: Kaito Nakamura is killed by Adam Monroe. (Cautionary Tales)

March 18, 2007: Hiro and Kimiko attend Kaito Nakamura's funeral. (Cautionary Tales)

March 19, 2007: Sylar kills Alejandro. Adam Monroe kills Victoria Pratt. (Truth and Consequences)

March 20, 2007: In a press conference, Nathan is shot just before revealing the existence of evolved humans. (The Second Coming)

March 26, 2007: Arthur Petrelli kills Maury Parkman. (Eris Quod Sum)

April 8, 1974: Mohinder Suresh is born. (See his dental records)

April 20, 1937: Kaito Nakamura is born. (It's Coming)

April 24, 2006: Hiro Nakamura arrives from the future at a birthday party for Charlie Andrews. (Six Months Ago)

May 3, 2015: Quentin Frady breaks into the servers at Renautas Headquarters and copies files. (Dark Matters, Part 5)

May 22, 2015: Quentin Frady goes to Hero Truther's hideout. Renautas ambushes and takes many evos hostage. (Dark Matters, Part 6)

June 10, 1968: Matt Parkman is born. (See Matt's birth certificate)

June 13, 2014: Mohinder's arctic research team is murdered and buried in the snow. The Odessa Peace Summit is bombed by Harris; thousands are killed. Claire Bennet dies in childbirth, giving birth to the twins Nathan and Malina. (June 13th, Part One)

June 13, 2015: Luke and Joanne Collins shoot up an "Evos Anonymous" support group. (Brave New World)

June 28, 2006: Hiro Nakamura has his first kiss with Charlie Andrews. (Saving Charlie, Chapter 20)

July 16, 1992: Lyle Bennet is born. (Exposed)

August 6, 1962: Noah Bennet is born. (Distractions)

August 24, 1974: Niki Sanders, Tracy Strauss, and Barbara are born in Beverly Hills, California. (See their birth certificates)

September 28, 2006: Sylar murders Chandra Suresh. (Don't Look Back)

September 30, 2011: Angela sells The Company to Renautas. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

October 1, 2006: All the characters on Heroes watch the eclipse. (Genesis)

October 2, 2006: Hiro Nakamura makes time go backwards for the first time in his life. Then he teleports to Times Square. (Genesis)

October 5, 2006: "Future Hiro" time travels to visit Peter Petrelli on a subway. (Hiros)

October 10, 2006: Homecoming at Heroes. Sylar chases Claire, but she is saved by Peter Petrelli. (Episode: Homecoming)

October 11, 2006: Eden completes suicide to escape Sylar. (Fallout)

October 17, 2011: Claire appears on a talk show where she debates the revised Evo Registration Act. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

October 25, 2011: Peter Petrelli holds a brief press conference in which he declares war on the revised Evo Registration Act. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

November 4, 2011: The Petrelli Movement is formed by those who side with Peter against the revised Evo Registration Act. Paris riots in protest. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

November 6, 2006: Hiro and Ando return from the future to begin their mission to stop Sylar. (Collision")

November 8, 2006: Peter Petrelli explodes above New York City. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

December 7, 2010: Claire Bennet jumps off a Ferris wheel and reveals herself to the world as an evolved human. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

December 4, 2011: Claire is abducted by Richard Schwenkman. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

December 23, 1979: Peter Petrelli is born. (Fight or Flight) IMAGE