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Alexander French

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Alexander French
Alexander French.jpg
Portrayed by David Gingrich
First appearance The Needs of the Many
In-story stats
Known ability Telescopic vision
Nickname Alex
Date of death 2015
Home St. Louis, MO
Residence The Frenches' home
Significant other Eleanor French
Child Unnamed son
Ward Scooter

Alexander French was an evo whom Luke and Joanne hunted down.

Character History


Alexander French's name appears on a list of individuals absent from the Odessa Summit, with a location of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, a last seen date of 12/23/2012, and RO of Yes.

Under the Mask

While driving on the road, Luke and Joanne Collins are discussing whom their next evo target will be to kill. Joanne goes through Noah Bennet's Primatech files and asks Luke if he wants to go after Oscar Gutierrez in Los Angeles or Alexander French in St. Louis.

Later, Luke tells Joanne that he thinks that St. Louis would be fun.

The Needs of the Many

Luke and Joanne Collins arrive at the Frenches' house and Joanne knocks. Alexander opens the door and Joanne shoots him in the forehead. Luke and Joanne raid his house and Luke ponders why Alexander was dangerous while looking at his family photographs. Luke claims that they knew nothing about him and he could be a really good guy. Alexander's pet dog comes down the stairs and cuddles with the deceased Alexander.

Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Evolved Human Abilities

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  • The list Joanne uses to find Alexander mistakenly notes that Alexander has the ability of super speed.

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