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Brave New World (eBook)

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Brave New World (eBook)
BNW ebook.jpg
Date released: September 25, 2015
Author: David Bishop
Publisher: Bastei LLC
Number of pages: 85
Next part: A Matter of Trust

Brave New World is a book that takes place one year after the fateful events of the Odessa Summit. The world is a very different place: it's no longer friendly for evos as they are held responsible for what happened on June 13, 2014. The book follows the same events as the episode Brave New World. The book is written by David Bishop, edited by Allan Guthrie, with cover art by Rubine.


This is the original cover art for Brave New World, designed by Rubine.

Published by Bastei Entertainment, Brave New World is the first of six eBooks that were released to accompany the Heroes Reborn. Brave New World is based on Tim Kring's original drafts of the script for the first episode of Heroes Reborn (which also shares the name Brave New World). It is 85 pages long, and was released on September 25, 2015 (the day after the premiere of Heroes Reborn), with a price of $2.99 on Amazon.

The book very closely follows the the Heroes Reborn episode Brave New World, from the order of the events to the dialog the characters speak. In fact, author David Bishop said that every scene in the book, including those that he added, were originally scripted by Tim Kring. Bishop added details and described things in much more depth, but the main action was originally written by Kring. Some of the additional scenes and details in the book that aren't shown in the episode include a few new characters, a lot of the thoughts and motivations of existing characters, and various details that simply get cut in the limited time allotted to a filmed television show.

Each chapter begins with an excerpt from a different source, including extracts from Escalating Evolution, an article called The Odessa Files, and online messages about the game Evernow. Each scene is told from a different character's perspective. Sometimes the same scene might be told in sections, each from various perspectives. For instance, the scene in which Tommy meets Luke at Moe's is told alternately from the point of view of Emily, Tommy, Joanne, and Luke.


The book can be neatly summarized the same as the episode Brave New World. For additional scenes and information, see below.


The following characters are featured exclusively in the novel Brave New World.

Differences from the Episode

The book very closely follows the events as they occur in the Heroes Reborn episode Brave New World. Events happen in the same order, characters have the exact same lines, scenes are described as they appear onscreen. As with the format of most books, there are certain details that can be expounded on more in a book than in a filmed episode. For instance, the book has the following scenes, details, and information not found in the episode.


  • The chapter starts with an excerpt from the unpublished Escalating Evolution by Mohinder Suresh.
  • René visits Noah outside the Odessa Summit and they discuss the unhealthy rift between Noah and Claire. René tells Noah, "She wanted me to talk to you first. To prepare you."
  • Noah notes that the darkness at the summit is "no naturally occurring phenomenon", but is the work of another entity. He also says that the explosions that followed were totally silent.
  • Special Agent Cole Cutler considers pursuing Tommy Clark at the border, but then lets him go, vowing to "catch you later".

Chapter One

Chapter Two

  • The chapter begins with text from the Pinehearst High School homepage.
  • The book has an added scene between Tommy and his mother, when Tommy returns late from the evo support group in Chicago. She calls him "Kevin" and they talk about working out a normal life for themselves. Tommy brings up the text that his mother sent that pulled him away from the support group, but his mother doesn't know anything about it.
  • There is a large section in the book about Detective Griffin puzzling out the crime scene at the evo support group massacre, wondering what all the victims had in common, and what the motive would be for the killer or killers.
  • The scene in which Julia comes to Zundermann Motors is expanded with Noah doing paperwork, and good-naturedly being chided by his co-worker Errol Rivera. The scene also includes a section from the perspective of Quentin Frady as he watches Noah Bennet.

Chapter Three

  • The chapter begins with an online message from @gamergirl1999x about the game Evernow.
  • Ren Shimosawa has a scene in which we see him beat a level of Evernow and getting a strange message on his screen, just before the game shuts down completely with no way for Ren to turn it back on.
  • The scene in which Oscar and Carlos Gutierrez begin to argue is expanded with the arrival of Pelon who disrespects Oscar.
  • An added perspective from Quentin Frady right before he confronts Noah Bennet gives more details on Quentin's thought process.

Chapter Four

  • The chapter begins with a quote from Highway Patrolman Vincent Mortimer, as found in the Marion County Sentinel.
  • There is an entirely new scene in which Patrolman Vincent Mortimer pulls over Joanne and Luke Collins on I-57 as they travel to Moe's Ice Cream Parlor. The scene, one of the longer ones in the book, ends with Joanne shooting Patrolman Mortimer several times until he dies. The entire scene is told from Mortimer's perspective.
  • A new scene shows Ren destroying his apartment looking for the video game manual for Evernow.

Chapter Five

  • The chapter begins with another extract from "The Odessa Files".
  • An unaired scene shows Noah Bennet driving on Interstate 35, headed to Lumiere Ophthalmology, driving on very little sleep, but "eager for answers".
  • The scene following Oscar's funeral is somewhat expanded. In one of the few omissions, the scene in which Jose Gutierrez uses his ability of phasing is entirely absent from the book. There is no indication that Jose is an evo. The tone of the book's scene on the rooftop also differs from the tone of the episode's rooftop scene. Where the episode showed Carlos being tender and sympathetic with the grieving Jose, the book shows Jose full of anger, bile, and vengeance. The book's scene also shows a lot more of Carlos's reluctance to put on the El Vengador suit.

Chapter Six

  • The chapter begins with text from the Lumiere Ophthalmology homepage.
  • The scene when Noah goes to Lumiere Ophthalmology has an added coda that makes it very clear that the eye doctor's office is not a medical center at all, but is a control room of some kind with "half a dozen people on computers", and that René is working for somebody new now.
  • A possibly important line from René is added to the book that is not in the episode. Right before René dies, Noah asks him, "What did I need to forget?" In the episode, René answers, "It's coming. It's coming." However, in the book, René answers, "Not what. Who. It's coming. It's coming."


  • The chapter starts with another except from Escalating Evolution.
  • The epilog is just one scene, the same as the episode: Malina uses her ability to create an aurora with a hole in the middle that resembles an eclipse. The book gives a few extra details, including the fact that the monarch butterfly that flies by is able to survive the Arctic because the air is "incongruously warm". The butterfly is then "borne on a glorious thermal".

Other Differences

Most of the other differences between the book and the episode are very minor. Some of the differences include:

  • In the episode, the text Tommy reads from his mother while at the evo support group reads "Just got home. Where r u?" In the book, the text reads "Rent check on the counter. Let landlord in." (Chapter One)
  • In the episode, the Moe's Ice Cream card that Tommy drops has a red smiley face above the hole punches. In the book, the red smiley face is in the final space. (Chapter One)
  • Oscar's killer shoots El Vengador only two times in the episode, but three times in the book. (Chapter Four)


  • In a podcast interview, author David Bishop said he wrote the first draft of the script in four weeks.
  • In a podcast interview, David Bishop said that he originally wrote Miko's video game sequences in Evernow to be very lyrical, fantasy-tinged, and lush. When NBC sent him copies of the filmed scenes from the episode, David realized he had to rewrite the entire scene from top to bottom so it would match the grittier, "slash and dash" tone of the scenes that were filmed.

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