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Anne Clark

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Anne Clark
Anne Clark.jpg
Portrayed by Krista Bridges
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Alias Anne Clark
Home Carbondale, IL,
formerly Denver, CO
Residences The Clarks' home,
formerly a home in Odessa
Occupation Neonatal nurse
Significant other Hiro Nakamura
Child Tommy Clark (adopted)

"Anne Clark" is the adoptive mother of "Tommy Clark", the time-displaced son of Claire Bennet.

Character History

Brave New World

In April 2015, Anne Clark and her son arrive at the Canadian border by car. When Tommy tells his mother that border patrol staff shoot evos in the streets in other countries, she replies that they are in Canada, not North Korea, and that he will be safe. Anne tells him that Canadians are nice, but Tommy is doubtful, reminding her that she said the same about people in Denver. When they see the border patrol making people take swabs, and an evo woman be tasered for running, Anne violently turns the car around and drives away.

Under the Mask

Anne goes up to Tommy's bedroom and finds him doing pushups. She jokingly asks what the the girl he's doing pushups for is like, but Tommy changes the subject. When Tommy says he's going to Brad's house to play videogames, Anne shakes her head and tells him that he's staying in because he's lying to her. Tommy angrily tells Anne about the mysterious texts he has been receiving that warn him of things so that she knows that she's not the only one trying to protect him, but this only serves to make Anne more paranoid. Anne refuses to let Tommy leave, so he teleports out instead.

Determined to find Tommy's other protector, Anne follows Tommy to Brad's house. She finds Caspar Abraham watching the teens from his car, so she holds a gun against his neck and asks him if he is the protector. Caspar confirms her suspicions, telling Anne that he made a promise to watch over Tommy and that the world will need Tommy soon. When Tommy and Emily see Anne and Caspar, Anne tells Caspar to stay away from Tommy, and tells Tommy to get in her car. Anne drives Tommy away, insisting that they have to leave Carbondale, but is immediately hit by another car.

The Needs of the Many

When Tommy sees that Anne was injured in the car crash, he teleports her to a nearby hospital. Dr. Lopez finds Anne on the floor of the hospital and checks her pulse. When Tommy arrives at the hospital, Dr. Lopez tells him that Anne has suffered a blunt splenic trauma and an internal hemorrhage, and that she needs a blood transfusion. The hospital has a lack of O-negative type blood, so Tommy offers to have his own blood tested to see if his is a match. Unfortunately, it is not, so Tommy has to teleport to Indiana to get blood for Anne. When he gives the blood to Dr. Lopez, the doctor tells Tommy that he has to run because the government now knows he is an evo, but that she will take care of Anne in his absence. Tommy finds that the exit is blocked by Agent Cole Cutler, who tells Tommy that if he teleports out, Anne will not receive the transfusion she needs.

The Lion's Den

While interrogating Tommy, Cutler accidentally reveals that Anne is not his birth mother, causing him to teleport to Emily for comfort. Later, Tommy teleports to Anne's bedside and finds that she is conscious. Tommy angrily tells Anne that she lied to him his entire life, but Anne affirms that no matter what name they are using, Tommy has always been her son. Anne promises to tell Tommy everything, but Caspar arrives and questions whether she is actually ready to reveal the whole truth. Anne sits by and listens as Caspar reveals to Tommy that they are protecting him because he is destined to save the world.

Game Over

Tommy tells Emily that when he went to see Anne for answers, Caspar was there, who revealed that it is Tommy's destiny to save the world.

June 13th, Part One

Angela Petrelli receives a call from Anne that Claire has been rushed to the hospital. There, Angela and a future Noah Bennet meet with Anne who tells them that Claire died in childbirth, surprising Noah as he had no idea she had children.

As Noah, Angela and Hiro Nakamura discuss the fate of Claire's children, Anne arrives to feed them and shows Hiro how to feed Claire's son, Nathan. After she leaves to get more, Hiro and Angela take the children back to 1999 so they can grow up and save the world.

Anne arrives home during a break to take a shower and celebrate Tommy's birthday with him. Anne comments about how "its starting" and Tommy tells her he knows and he's ready as his father taught him everything he knows. Anne embraces Tommy, calling him Nathan and revealing that for some reason, Hiro ultimately left Claire's son with Anne to raise.

June 13th, Part Two

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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11:53 to Odessa

Erica reminds Tommy that Anne lied to him about his adoptive status. Later, Erica agrees to have Tommy's family and friends sent into the future.

Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

After Tommy escapes, Erica orders her men to take Anne into custody, believing that Tommy will go looking for her. As she is led away, Tommy teleports in, grabs his mother's attention and then freezes time. Tommy unfreezes just Anne who tells him she wondered when he'd rediscover that power and he takes her to the future to show Anne the aftermath of the H.E.L.E. Tommy tells Anne that since the H.E.L.E. future still exists, he must fail in saving the world but Anne tells him that his father stated that there are many possible futures which means Tommy can still save the world. Anne tells Tommy that when the time comes, he will know what to do and that Hiro was amazed by his power, stating that Tommy could do "so much more" than Hiro himself could. However, Anne doesn't know what Hiro meant by that.

His faith restored by Anne, Tommy teleports her back to the present and leaves her in the Odessa Clock Tower for safety while he searches for his sister. Tommy is unable to find her and returns to Anne, panicking until Anne notices a looped transmission on her phone from Malina asking Tommy to meet her at Union Wells High School. Tommy teleports away, leaving Anne behind.

Project Reborn

Anne remains in the Clock Tower, worried about her son's safety. Eventually, Anne notices her transport watch activating and is teleported into the future along with all of the other residents of Gateway.

In the Eternal Fortress, Tommy witnesses Anne showing him the news report on Claire Bennet revealing evos to the world. In the memory, Anne tells Tommy that Claire is his mother and states its time she told him the truth.

After escaping the Eternal Fortress, Tommy finds Anne held captive alongside Emily. Erica tells him that if he changes the future, he will erase Gateway and all of its inhabitants from existence, including his mother and girlfriend. However, Tommy is able to figure out how to split himself in two and freezes time to do so. After one Tommy teleports back to the present to stop the H.E.L.E., the other moves around the control room, teleporting all but Erica back to the present. Amongst those sent is Anne before Tommy reverses the space-time bridge and sends all the residents of Gateway except Erica back to the present.


  • Anne's blood type is O-negative.
  • Anne means "mother" in Turkish.

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