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Isaac's paintings

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Isaac's paintings
Isaacs paintings items.jpg
Several of Isaac's paintings reside in his loft.

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: Some are in Isaac's loft,
some are in Linderman's archives,
some are in the Company's possession,
some have been destroyed,
some are in comic book collections and on various news stands.

Isaac Mendez's precognitive abilities take the form of paintings, some completed while high on heroin. His paintings are considered prophecies, and many have been fulfilled. Along with the 9th Wonders! graphic novels, Isaac has produced the following paintings.

Major Works

For more of Isaac's work, see 9th Wonders! or Isaac's sketchbooks.

For a comparison of Isaac's work with the realization of his prophecies, see Prophecy.

For detailed articles of particular paintings, see:


Season One

Season Two

Heroes Evolutions

In addition to the paintings seen in the graphic novels and the episodes, a few paintings have appeared as part of the Heroes Evolutions ARG:

Other paintings first appeared in the online archives, but subsequently appeared in an episode. These include the painting of Claire's autopsy, the painting of Nathan as president, the painting of Niki and Jessica's reflection, and the painting of Mr. Bennet.



  • Isaac's paintings as seen on screen are produced for the show by comic book artist Tim Sale. Because he is colorblind, Tim illustrates his images with black ink, sometimes diluted for greytones. The drawings are then digitally scanned at 11" x 17", colorized by Dave Stewart, and then manipulated to make them appear as if they were painted. The finished product is then blown up and printed on canvas.
    • The exception to this process is the painting of the explosion on the studio's floor. In an interview, Tim said "it's one of the few that there’s no wash, it's just strictly black-and-white. The original is about 10"-by-15", and I created three or four different versions of it. For the pilot, they blew it up in black-and-white first. Before the pilot aired, they went in and colored it digitally on the film." He also elaborated that it's not a painting on the floor. Instead, "What they did was reproduce it on a sort of large rubberized mat that they placed down on the floor. They’ve replaced it at least once. It’s a different image based on mine, and it was actually colored in originally. I guess that’s because they didn’t want to go back in and color it (in post-production) every time."
  • Most of Isaac's paintings are in reality colored by the comic book colorist Dave Stewart. A few paintings (the Eclipse painting, the Bus Explosion painting, and the Hand Holding Water Glass painting) were colored by propsmaster Burk Sauls.
  • In a forum post, Tim Sale said that oftentimes, a lot of his art "sits around for weeks waiting to be used." At other times, the whole process — from assignment to execution to color to scanning to printing and stretching the canvas to filming — is less than a week (though the production staff tries to avoid a rushed pace).
  • In an interview, Santiago Cabrera said that he suggested Francisco Goya's period of "dark paintings" as an influence on Isaac's paintings. Tim Sale said that Goya's influence can most prominently be seen in the painting of Mohinder.
  • Because the details of the scene (including the director, the wardrobe, the actor) had not yet been definitely determined when the painting of Mohinder in the river was created, Tim Sale said that he decided to focus more on the mood of the painting than on the details.
  • In a forum post, Tim Sale said he gave the production staff his personal sketchbook, and thought they would return it to him as soon as they gleaned what they needed. He was surprised when they made larger copies of the sketches and pasted them into a new sketchbook to be used as a prop.
  • Tim Sale said that the sketch of Peter and Simone kissing was made using charcoal pencil, some wash, and colored ink. In an interview, Tim Sale said that he is not great at likenesses, so when it came time to create the sketch, he told producer Jeph Loeb, "Maybe I'll Eisner it." It was determined that rather than perfect likenesses, the important thing to get across was the mood, the red umbrella, and to see that it is two people being intimate with each other. Incidentally, Jeph's daughter, Audrey, asked to get the sketch, so Tim gave it to her as a gift.
  • In an interview, Tim Sale noted that the image of Claire being chased is "very existential/German-expressionistic and it looks like Nosferatu coming to get her." He likens the building used as a basis for Union Wells as being straight out of the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.
  • Tim Sale said he created the sketch of Charles Deveaux in graphite. Likewise, the sketches of Hiro, Ando, and Charlie at the Burnt Toast Diner are done in pencil.
  • Tim Sale has said that he is particularly proud of the painting of the train wreck and the painting of Claire being chased by a shadow. His least favorite is the painting of Peter flying, because he thinks "it’s kind of a sissy drawing" and "it looks silly." He also said "it has this pansy quality to it that bugs me". In fact, the only part of the painting Tim liked was the coat.
  • Linderman's archives contain a painting of Peter hovering. This art is actually cropped from a much larger promotional piece Tim Sale created to match a cast photo for Entertainment Weekly.
  • Matt Parkman and D.L. Hawkins are the only two main characters not depicted in any of Isaac's paintings.
  • Originally, the painting of the explosion that is painted on the floor of Isaac's loft was in black and white. In the commentary for the unaired pilot, Tim Kring said that it was colored by the promotional department to promote the show. The crew liked the look of the colored floor mural so much that they continued to colorize it in post production so it would match the promotional department's work. After a few episodes, the process became so tedious that that they decided to just color the actual floor.
  • The original pieces of artwork, by Tim Sale, were on display at the NBC Experience Store during the Heroes World Tour in New York. Pictures are available of this gallery, courtesy of
  • Each novel in the graphic novel collection is prefaced by a 9th Wonders! cover, based on Isaac's paintings. An unaired painting was also revealed which shows D.L. phasing his hand through Jessica's abdomen. This was prophecy was realized in Better Halves.
  • The 5/8 paiting has come true only on a possible future.
  • According to an NBC auction of Claire on the Autopsy Table, the piece measures 44 3/4" × 27 1/2" × 1 1/2".
  • According to an NBC auction, the unfinished painting of Peter standing in Isaac's loft measures 47 3/4" × 35 3/4" × 1 1/2".
  • According to an NBC auction, the painting of Mr. Bennet watching Niki and Nathan (also simply called HRG) measures 34" × 21 1/4" × 1 1/2".
  • Isaac's painting of the eclipse was reused for both Usutu's and Arthur's precognitive artwork.

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