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Kaiju Bandit

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Kaiju Bandit
Kaiju Bandit.jpg
Portrayed by Eijiro Ozaki
First appearance Game Over
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2015
Home Evernow
Occupation Fortress guard

The Kaiju Bandit was the 20-foot tall guardian of the Eternal Fortress in Evernow.

Character History

Game Over

After Miko teleports into Evernow outside of the Eternal Fortress, she finds the giant Kaiju Bandit guarding it. The Bandit tells her she will never rescue the Master of Time and Space and Miko returns to the real world where she informs Ren of her new opponent. Ren recognizes the Kaiju Bandit and informs Miko that no one has ever been able to beat him. Miko tells Ren she can't beat him alone, so Ren logs onto Evernow through his laptop to help her.

Miko returns to Evernow, joined by Ren's avatar and they face off with the Kaiju Bandit. As Miko sommersaults through the air, distracting him, Ren comes up behind him and slashes the backs of his ankles. Miko then lands on his back, making the Bandit fall to the ground, disabled and Ren orders Miko to stab him in the back of the neck where he has no armor. Miko stabs the Kaiju Bandit through the neck with her sword, killing him, but Ren disappears moments later as his laptop battery dies.


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