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The Nakamuras' apartment

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The Nakamuras' apartment
Ishi gives Hiro the Catalyst.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

The Nakamura family lived in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan in 1991.

Notable Residents

Notable Employees

  • A chef

Notable Visitors


Our Father

In 1991, Kaito Nakamura uses the rooftop for business. A future Hiro and Claire watch him hand baby Claire to Noah Bennet and then follow him and young Hiro into the apartment. Ishi Nakamura is resting on a lounge chair beside a bird cage. She tells Kaito she's dying and wants to give the light to someone in the family. Kaito disagrees, and leaves. Young Hiro takes a dying dove from the birdcage and Ishi heals it with a kiss. Future Hiro makes plans to have his erased memory healed; future Claire heads off to keep her baby self from receiving the catalyst. Kaito finds Hiro lurking outside Ishi's room and mistakes him for the new chef. Hiro heads to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Future Hiro is trying to cook but isn't very good. He overhears Kaito and Ishi talking and goes over to the doorway to listen in. Kaito and Ishi argue about whether Hiro or Claire should receive the catalyst, ending it with Kaito admitting he has little faith in his son. In the adjacent dining room, Young Hiro stops playing his video games long enough to tell his future self that he agrees with his father, as Kaito is always right.

After failing breakfast, Hiro serves Ishi waffles. Although she is amused they're her son's favorite dish, she's not hungry. Hiro tells her that he's her son from the future and tells her about his power. Ishi is overjoyed, as she thought she'd never see him grow up. She pries for his future adventures, but Hiro admits he cannot remember. He asks her to heal him and she kisses his forehead. Hiro's memories return and he tells Ishi about his life, including his feelings regarding her and Kaito. Ishi is overjoyed and, upon Hiro's insistence, gives him the catalyst. However, once the transferal is complete, Ishi dies. Hiro says goodbye and that she taught him how to be a hero.


In 1991, Hiro Nakamura from present day enters the apartment and finds young Hiro mourning the death of his mother. Future Hiro admits he failed a mission his father gave him, but realizes that his past self can help him. He tells young Hiro to find a piece of paper Kaito keeps secret. Young Hiro hesitates at first, then agrees to help.

The following morning, Hiro and his younger self break into Kaito's safe and take the paper with the formula. Kaito walks in on them. Hiro tries to lie, but Kaito sends the young Hiro out of the room and unsheathes his sword. He gives future Hiro one chance to explain. Hiro says the formula must be destroyed, but Kaito refuses to believe him. Hiro rips the formula in two. Kaito swings his sword at Hiro, but Daphne suddenly appears and whisks Hiro away with her super speed. Kaito considers the two separate halves of the formula and holds them up to each other.


  • According to a blog post by Greg Beeman, scenes that took place in the Nakamuras' apartment took place in a mansion in Pasadena, California. "In real life, there were huge windows in the mansion that looked out onto big gardens. But we were supposed to be in New York! So, we set up a forty foot tall and sixty foot wide blue screens outside--so that out the windows the audience would see NYC. It's the same view we see from our rooftop--since, theoretically, it is just one floor below."

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