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Emma Coolidge's apartment

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Emma Coolidge's apartment
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

Emma lives in her apartment in New York City.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Emma wakes up in the morning thanks to her vibrational alarm clock and prepares for work. She puts a hearing aid in, takes care of her cat, and prepares to leave. However, she hears water dripping on a spoon across the room and goes over and smiles. She turns off the water.

Hysterical Blindness

Emma comes home and finds a cello next to a large blue container with the Sullivan Bros. Carnival logo on it. She begins playing it so intensely that she cracks the wall where her A.U. degree hangs.

Tabula Rasa

Emma sits on her apartment floor and looks at the large crack in her wall with fright.


Emma goes into her closet, and pulls out a doctor's jacket, which has the words "Dr. Emma Coolidge" stenciled on it. She looks at it with satisfaction.

Upon This Rock

Emma is contemplating her cello when Samuel comes to her door. He speaks to her in sign language and explains that he also has an ability and that he's the one who sent her the cello. She reluctantly invites him in and Samuel explains that the cello was originally meant for someone special in his life, but that it's now found its proper home. Emma explains that the wall cracked the last time she played it, and Samuel explains that it was her fear that caused the damage, not the cello. He then asks for her help in finding a man named Ian Michaels.

Close to You

Emma practices playing the cello, while thinking about Peter. Her ability causes Peter to be drawn towards the sound, and Peter arrives at the apartment. They marvel over the compass symbol on Emma's cello, which matches the mysterious tattoo that Peter received. Later, after having a prophetic dream, Peter comes back to Emma's apartment and smashes her cello against the floor. Although he tries to explain his actions, Emma is upset and tells him to leave, which he does.


  • Emma's apartment is number 8.

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