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Emile Danko's apartment

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Emile Danko's apartment
Danko's sparsely furnished apartment
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: Residence

Emile Danko lives in his apartment in Washington, DC.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Cold Wars

Danko returns to his apartment, but is confronted by Peter who is armed with a gun. Danko tells Peter that his team will see what is happening on the cameras, and will be there soon. Nathan arrives and tries to talk Peter into putting the gun down, and Danko questions how Nathan got there so quickly. Peter shoots Danko in the arm, and then escapes by flying off the balcony.

In a flashback, Noah visits Danko's apartment, and the two share a drink and agree to work together despite their differences.

Shades of Gray

Danko opens his door to find a stuffed rabbit sitting on the table. On the other side of the wall, Sylar is waiting for him.

Cold Snap

Danko is shaving in his bathroom when he is interrupted by an alarm telling him that the front door has been opened. He searches his apartment and finds Eric Doyle wrapped up, with a bow tie and card strapped to him like a present, from Sylar.

Into Asylum

After commenting to Danko that you can tell a lot about people from their belongings, Sylar notes that Danko's apartment contains "no books, no art, no keepsakes, no correspondence" -- nothing to define him.

Turn and Face the Strange

Danko opens his door to find Alena. He wonders how she found him, while she asks why he's living in DC, when he told her that he lived in Chicago with his family. Matt steps up behind her with his gun drawn, revealing that he brought her there. He orders them into the apartment and uses his ability to force Danko to tell Alena the truth about who he is and what he did to Daphne. Alena asks Danko why he lied and Danko tells her he knew she could never love someone who does what he does. When Matt realizes that Danko cares for Alena, he aims his gun at her, but Danko tells Matt to go ahead and shoot, because nothing could ever matter to him more than killing Matt and his friends. Matt apologizes to Alena and says that Danko must pay for what he's done, but he can't go through with it and drops the gun, crying. Danko pulls a gun on Matt, and Alena begs him not to shoot, but he does. Hiro stops time before the bullet hits Matt and pushes him out of the room on a desk chair. When time begins again, the bullet strikes the wall harmlessly. Alena calls Danko a monster and storms out. Danko calls her from his apartment later, intending to apologize, but she ignores his message.


Danko walks into his apartment but is soon stopped by Tracy Strauss at the door. He asks who she is and she is shocked that he can't remember. She walks away as he closes the door, but someone else is in the apartment. Tracy walks in to see Edgar slicing Danko open, who falls to the ground. Edgar notices Tracy and tries to slice her open, but her ability keeps her in one piece. Then, Tracy freezes one of Edgar's knives, shocking him. Edgar runs away.

Jump, Push, Fall

Noah arrives at the apartment and finds a distraught Tracy, who retells the story of how Danko died. Noah says that whoever it was, wanted something. They look in Danko's stomach and find a key. They ponder what someone would want with this key and what it went to. Noah leaves for Peter Petrelli and Tracy also leaves.


  • Danko's apartment building says "Manchester" above the front entrance. (Jump, Push, Fall)

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