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Tracy Strauss's apartment

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Tracy Strauss's apartment
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Tracy is captured in her apartment
Location: Washington, D.C.
Purpose: Residence

Tracy Strauss lives in an apartment in Washington, D.C.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


One of Us, One of Them

Tracy sits alone in her apartment and freezes a rose while thinking about her new-found ability. Nathan shows up wondering why she missed his swearing-in ceremony as the junior senator from New York. She asks him about Niki and the sex video she obtained, but Nathan claims that she should already know about that since she is Niki. Tracy tells Nathan again that she isn't Niki, but needs to find her. Tracy continues that she has an address for Niki in New Orleans, and is going there.

I Am Become Death

Tracy sits in her apartment reading a newspaper about a missing reporter. She calls the police to speak to the individual investigating the missing reporter, and tries to confess to killing him, but the phone freezes.

After rescuing Tracy, Nathan and Tracy return to Tracy's apartment and gets drinks. Nathan asks if she's okay, and she tells him no. She wonders about his ability to fly, and she shows Nathan her own ability by freezing his glass. Nathan holds her hands and notes that they aren't even cold, then the two kiss.

Angels and Monsters

Nathan and Tracy are in Tracy's bed and Nathan wonders about all the changes in his life. He's happy that God has given him a second chance. He then gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen, where he finds Linderman waiting for him. Nathan believes Linderman is a hallucination but Linderman vaguely assures him that he's not. Linderman claims to have been sent from a higher power to warn Nathan that Tracy was in danger, but Nathan doesn't believe it. Tracy comes out and asks who Nathan is talking to. He claims he is just clearing his head.

A Clear and Present Danger

Tracy speaks on the phone with the governor. He tells her to switch on the TV, which is featuring an interview with Nathan Petrelli, the now chairman of Homeland Security. Tracy assures the governor she doesn't know anything about what he's doing, and she hasn't spoken to Nathan in two months. On TV, Nathan talks about protecting the American people from a serious threat. As Tracy dresses, she notices the bathroom window is open. After closing and locking it, she turns to see a man in a commando outfit. She grabs his arm and tries to freeze him but can't since he is insulated. She tries to run into the living room where she finds other armed men. She refuses to beg and demands to know what they want, one of them shoots her with a taser dart, and has the other men cover her hands. The leader calls to tell Petrelli they have the first one.


Tracy finishes taking a bath in her liquid form. She then decides what to wear and after choosing a blue dress, she goes to see Governor Robert Malden.


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