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The Bennets' apartment

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The Bennets' apartment
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

The Bennet family lived in an apartment in Manhattan in 1991.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Our Father

Sixteen years ago, after leaving Hiro, Claire follows the past version of her mother, carrying baby Claire, to their apartment. As Sandra struggles with some bags, Claire offers to help and they go into the apartment together. Claire introduces herself as Bonnie, the niece of the Monacos who live next door. Claire offers to help show her how to take care of the baby and Sandra admits she's unprepared to take care of a baby. Claire asks about Noah, and Sandra says that he isn't home very often and just got a promotion. Sandra says she’s already in love with baby Claire and Claire says she should keep an eye on her.

Later, Claire is talking to young Claire about her future when Noah comes in and asks who she is. She again introduces herself as Bonnie and Sandra comes in. Noah wonders why she left Claire with a stranger and draws her away for a moment. He returns and asks Claire who she really is, since he knows the Monacos don't have a niece. Claire says she's there to protect baby Claire and tells Sandra to go to the bedroom. Claire says she knows he's scared and echoes his own thoughts about being warned not to get to close. He wonders if she's a mind-reader and she admits it's something like that. She says that he'll have the baby for at least sixteen years and he has to protect her from so many terrible things, but they'll love each other. He wonders how she knows all this, and the phone rings. Claire says not to answer it, that it's the Company and they'll take Claire away for a minute, but he can't let that happen to "Claire-Bear". He considers what she's said and smiles at the thought of the name "Claire-Bear", then puts the phone down without answering it.

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