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The Long Answer
Season: One
Episode number: 6
First aired: August 13, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Heart
Next episode: Room 45



Chris looked at Oscar and said that Rachel has to see where he hidden by a building project. And she put her hands on Oscar's head.Oscar asked what she doing.Rachel said, trying to see his past.

Before two months:Oscar was in his house along with Theresa.Theresa asked Oscar how to look for work.Oscar said, okay.And suddenly the phone started to ring.And suddenly the phone started to ring.He responded.And suddenly there came a the voice of a woman who asked the or he needs job.Oscar said yes.And the voice said that they must meet in Central Park.

Oscar was in Central Park.But suddenly it came to Chris with Jill.Oscar asked what they were.And Jill said that those who can give him a job.Oscar asked how this will work. Chris said a special job. And they said that they must meet place called KVAT. Oscar said, okay.

Later Oscar was in his house with David and Theresa.David ask Oscar what he work. Oscar said that he does not know yet. But tomorrow will learn.

Now:David was in Theresa's office.But suddenly Bea appearance.Bea ask, where Theresa.David answer that she talking to dr. Peterson.Then Bea told David that she must show him something.David said, what is it.And Bea said that this is a very strange thing.But suddenly appeared in Sarah.She was bloody.Bea asked what she is doing.And Sarah said that she could help them answer their questions.And then she breathed fire.Bea asked what she knows.And Sarah said that she knows everything about KVAT.

Two months ago: Marc and Chris was in Marc's office. They talked.Suddenly Julia appeared and said that Oscar came. Marc said that he will meet with him.Chris said fine. AndMarc said that he talk to Oscar. Oscar was the corridor.But suddenly Ana Harrington came to him. And have him some papers. Oscar ask, what is it, But Anna said that he must hide and she ran. Sarah and Robert watched everything.Suddenly Marc come to him.Oscar and hid the paper his pocket. Marc asked him whether he wants to walk Oscar said yes.

Marc and Oscar walked near KVAT building. Marc ask about Oscar's ability.And Oscar said that he could generate Forcefields. Marc said that this is a very good and said that tomorrow Oscar should appear. Oscar said that he will appear. When Oscar returned home he looked at the paper.

Next day: Oscar was in his work. But suddenly at his came Sarah and Robert. And he said that he has hidden in the paper. Oscar ask, what is it. And Sarah said, Room 45 construction plans. Then Sarah and Robert went away.

Now:Bea and David was Theresa's office with Sarah who telling me about KVAT. But then Bea ask what is Ana Harrington. Sarah said one of the KVAT leader. David asked what else. Sarah answer Chris Douglas and Marc Velson. Then David ask, what is KVAT. Sarah aswer a dangerous organization.

Two months ago: Oscar was in his home . He looked at the paper . Then Oscar took the cal phone and started calling someone . When someone answered and Oscar said. Ruby we would have meeting ..Oscar was in the park suddenly appeared in Ruby. She asked what happened and Oscar have her paper. Ruby ask what here. But that Oscar ran.

Now:Rachel released her hand from Oscar. Chris asked where the building project. Then Rachel anwer that his friends Ruby Sprat have building project. Chris said that they have go to Ruby. But then Rachel asked what is Room 45 Chris said that he will show her what it is.

Memorable Quotes

"What is Room 45?"

"I show what it is."

- Chris, Rachel

"KVAT is dangerous organization."

- Sarah, (to David and Bea)

Character Appearances


  • Paulo first time does not appear in this episode.
  • Max and Alexandra does not appear in this episode.
  • This was first episode who was focus on character past.

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