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Playing with fire
Season: One
Episode number: 4
First aired: July 04, 2010
Written by: Adamhiro
Previous episode: Map
Next episode: Heart



Oscar is dark room . He was tied to a chair . But suddenly the room door opens and Chris goes to Arthur . Then Chris said that Arthur using his ability on Oscar . Arthur stretched out his hands and Oscar's face began to melt . Oscar said stop and Arthur stopped . Then Chris told Arthur to leave and another said microwaves you can later use . Oscar looked at Chris and asked what they need . Chris asked who was responsible for a Project, V2 .

Rahcel and Melissa was in the field . Jill came to them and said that she wants to talk with Anna . Rachel stood up and asked what had happened . Jill said that they must go to her office . Jill and Rachel started to go to Jill's office. When they came to Jill said that they are important mission.Rachel asked what she and Jill said they will have to steal one special thing . Rachel said, what is it.Jill said to tell you later.

Theresa returned to his home . And when she saw that her son not sleeping . She came to him and asked what had happened . He said that dad was kidnapped . Theresa became frightened . And then Max said that she still had the ability .Theresa face was excitedly.

Rachel and Jill is Jill car .Then Rachel asked where they go . Jill said that the one woman that can help them steal a specal item . Rachel ask, what is this item . Jill said that it is a paper with the building project.

Paulo returned to the house . His wife was at home with her friend Natali . And then he went into the kitchen . He will take a pencil and list and wrote Alexandra's name. But suddenly Alexandra appeared and asked what he is doing . He said that nothing . And hide the list . Alexandra said what here . And Paulo said that this is a new beginning.

Oscar was still tied to a chair . Suddenly the door opened again and Melissa went . Oscar ask, what you need it . Melissa said that she came to help him but suddenly the door opened, and appeared in Chris . He asked what it is here . Melissa said that she just saw the open door and thatMelissa left the room.

Jill and Rachel still was in car . Rachel asked why they ride to the unfamiliar woman . Jill said that she can help find these projects are hidden.Then Rachel said that she could see people in the past.Jill looked at her and said, "we no longer need to go anywhere.

Theresa was a police station, she was talking with inspector Campbell .But suddenly his office door opened . and that Sarah and Robert came bloody . Campbell asked what had happened . Sarah said KVAT and that she faint.

Memorable Quotes

Character Appearances


  • Max and Marc first time does not appear in this episode.
  • David also does not appear in this episode.
  • Alexandra first time appear on show .
  • What happen Sarah and Robert before they appear in police station was explain in webisode KVAT Part 1

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