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Agent Ryland
Portrayed by Peter Coyote
First appearance Side Story: Sandman Part 2
In-story stats
Date of death 2005
Occupation Company Agent

Agent Ryland was Tina Bui's former partner who aided her on a mission in 2005.

Character History

Side Story: Sandman Part 2

While flying through the desert with Mike as his pilot, Ryland gets Mike to land at an old trench. While investigating it, Ryland is interrupted by Mike, who tells him that they have to go. Later, in his hotel room, Ryland receives a phone call from Mr Vahava, confirming his suspicions about the recent sandstorms. Ryland hangs up and turns to his partner, who is revealed to be Tina Bui.

Side Story: Sandman Part 3

Ryland and Tina search through Amid's home and Tina discovers Amid's storage room. The two of them then go to Zara Zahir, whom they believe to be Zara's next target. Zara is initially disbelieving but Ryland manages to convince her that what is going on is real and that she is a part of it. Together, the three of them look out the window and see the deadly sandstorm heading right for them.

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

As Amid rages through Zara’s home, Ryland watches as Tina tries to fight Amid alone. Ryland eventually stands and tries to kill Amid by shooting him. Angry at this attempt, Amid directs his sandstorm to Ryland, killing him.

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