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Detective Ro
Spoiler 20080714aic.jpg
Portrayed by James Ryen
First appearance Side Story: The Partner Part 3
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2006
Home Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Detective

Detective Ro was a Seoul detective who killed Dylan Tyler after accidentally finding out about the existance of evolved humans.

Character History

The Partner Part 3

Ro stands with Dylan Tyler outside of the bank and asks him what weapon Harry is armed with. Dylan lies and says that Harry is carrying an experimental taser capable of unleashing 1000 volts of electricity in a single burst. Ro asks how dangerous this could be to the public and Dylan looks around, asking how fast Ro can evacuate the area. Later, Ro sneaks up to the bank doors and learns the truth about Harry and his power. Dylan pulls Ro away and demands to know what he was doing. Ro calls Harry a monster and Dylan takes it as an insult. He becomes angry and begins to burn him. After calming down, he lets Ro go and the detective runs away.

Some time later, as Dylan and Alan Carter are getting into their car, Ro runs up to Dylan and stabs him. Alan then shoots Ro dead.

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