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Wesly Ford
Portrayed by David Boreanez
First appearance Side Story:Mother Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Mind Control
Date of death 1989
Home Los Angeles, CA
Residence Wesly Ford's Hotel
Occupation Cult Leader

Wesly Ford was the leader of cult and an evolved human who had the ability to force other people to obey his every command. He was killed by Samantha Russel.

Character History

Side Story:Mother Part 1

After Samantha Russel and Tessa Harris sneak into Ford's hotel in order to bag him. They find numerous posters of him with the sligan, "A man who could move a nation!". When the girls ask how he could control so many people, Wesly himself appears with a group of his followers. He raises his hand, forcing Tessa and Samantha to bow down and worship him.

Side Story:Mother Part 2

Wesly approaches his two newest followers and they ask him if he would like anything. Smiling, Wesly asks them to help him rule the world. Later, when Samantha comes looking for Wesly, she finds him abusing one of his followers. She asks if everything is ok and a furious Wesly tells her to shut up and go away. Samantha obeys him and after Wesly kills the follower, he attempts to tell Samantha that is was all "pretend". Samantha knows that he is lying and Wesly drags her into his room. He hits her and tells her that while he is beating her, she will always want it because he wants it. Samantha rebels against him and after he shreds a picture drawn by Tyson, Samantha shoots him.

Later, Tessa and Samantha attend Wesly's funeral and Tessa notes that Samantha turned his insides to mush.

Evolved Human Abilities

Wesly has the ability to bend others to his will. The Company originally thought that Wesly had to touch someone in order to influence them however, he was able to force Samantha and Tessa to worship him without physically touching them.

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