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Catherine Noble
Portrayed by Catherine Tate
First appearance Side Story: Love Story, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Terraforming
Formal name Catherine Jane Noble
Nickname Cathy
Age 33
Home Formerly London, England

Catherine "Cathy" Noble is a female fugitive who has been unwillingly brought into Rictor Trundall's team of evolved humans. She herself is an evolved human with the ability to manipulate the geological structure of the environment surrounding her.

Character History

Side Story:Love Story, Part 1

Cathy is sitting at a restaurant in Washington. She is joined by Kevin Haile who comments on her breakfast choice. Cathy introduces herself and Kevin tells her that he already knows who she is. After revealing that he knows she escaped from Building 26 not too long ago, Cathy stands up warning that she can hurt him. Kevin claims to only want her help and places his hand on her shoulder. They are teleported to a warehouse full of other people. Rictor Trundall then approaches the newly arrived Cathy and welcomes her to the team.

Later, Cathy watches as Rictor barks orders at his followers. Kevin sits next to her and reveals that he saw her while imprisoned in Building 26 himself. Cathy breaks down into tears and wishes she could tell her family in London where she is. Kevin teleports her to London and tells Cathy to spend the day with her family. He warns her that if she doesn't return Rictor will kill her. Cathy thanks him and runs inside.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 2

Cathy exits her home in London and pulls out her mobile. She goes to her contact list and contemplates whether or not to call Kevin Haile. She does so and a second after she dials his number, Kevin exits a teleport rift behind her. Cathy is angry at him and tells him that she doesn't want to go back. Kevin apologizes to her and takes her arm, "jumping" to a deserted location.

Cathy and Kevin fall out of his teleport rift and Cathy is happy that they landed in the wrong spot. She also verbally abuses Kevin on his inability to navigate in his "twilight zone". Government agents then swarm from the bushes and surround the fugitives. Cathy tells Kevin to get them out of here but Kevin tells her that the agents could follow through his rift. Cathy is upset at this and, as the agents order them down, tells Kevin to cover his eyes. He does so and she places her hands on his head, telling him to stay still. Cathy then manifests her ability and causes a bright white light to envelop the agents and her surroundings. Cathy eventually collapses and Kevin takes her to Rictor. As Cathy wakes up, she is disappointed to see Rictor. He thanks her for killing the agents but she states she is no killer. He agrees and gives her a file on Tina Bui, revealing to Cathy that he wants her on the team.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 3

Cathy stands outside a motel room and knocks on the door. A voice asks who she is and Cathy explains she was sent by Rebel. Tina Bui opens the door and invites Cathy in. Cathy notices Tina's injuries and asks if she is okay. Tina asks Cathy what her problem is and Cathy replies she is in trouble with Rictor Trundall. Tina is surprised at this and reveals to Cathy that Rictor is a murderer, which shocks Cathy. Cathy reveals to Tina that she really came to her in order to recruit her and Tina suggests she get out of the team while she can. Kevin Haile enters the room and tells Cathy it is time to leave. Cathy then leaves Tina and enters a portal made by Kevin.

Cathy goes in search of a friend within the team, Bryon, and finds him in a room with Rictor. Rictor disintegrates Byron and Cathy holds back a scream. Later, Cathy is still shocked at what she saw and Kevin approaches her, asking if she would like to visit her family again. Cathy looks at him and quickly says no.

Evolved Human Abilities

Cathy possesses the ability to manipulate and alter the geological structure of her surrounding environment. She has shown to develop a bright white light when using this ability that surrounds the affected area and fades when the terraformation is complete. Cathy has also shown that whatever "living" (humans and animals) creatures caught within the light also transform, mostly into trees.

Cathy greatly dislikes her ability as she believes it is only useful for destruction and death.


  • Cathy is described by series co-creator AJ as: Intelligent and sassy whose ability makes her a dangerous woman who is also capable of beautiful things...

Memorable Quotes

"No, please!, Don't make me go back!"

"I'm sorry"

- Cathy, Kevin. (Love Story, Part 2)

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