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Sandman Part 4
Lover's Leap
Episode number: 104
First aired: August 2, 2009
Written by: Josh Korolenko
Previous episode: Sandman Part 3
Next episode: Mother Part 1


This Side Story is fanmade and should not be considered canon.


  • Ryland and Tina fight to protect Zara.
  • As Amid rages through Cairo, Tina discovers that strength is not everything.
  • Zara makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her city.


Tina looks out the window and sees the sandstorm rush towards them. She screams for everyone to duck and the three people hit the floor seconds before the windows smash and glass flies across the room. Amid materializes and, over the roaring of the sandstorm, yells that Zara must pay. Tina stands and punches Amid, sending him flying across the room. When he hits the wall, he disintegrates and reforms behind Tina. He brings his hands together and the sandstorm forms a massive hand that throws her through a wall. Ryland shoots Amid three times and yells for Zara to run. As Zara runs to help Tina, Amid directs his storm to Ryland, completely engulfing him. Horrified, Tina screams in grief for her partner but receives no reply. Zara drags her away and Amid attempts to follow. To stop him, Tina rips the mailbox from the ground and hurls it at him, disintegrating him upon contact.

Two hours later…

A reporter explains that the city of Cairo has become a city of horror. She says that the abnormal sandstorm that raged through the city has subsided but that residents are in a state of panic. She goes on to explain that the death toll has risen to the high hundreds. Tina and Zara turn away from the diner’s television and Zara apologises for what happened to Ryland. Tina tries to shrug it off by saying that it is part of the job but Zara tells her that she knows how it feels to lose someone you love. Tina breaks down and cries on the counter. Zara holds her and looks out the window. Most of the street has been damaged by the storm and people are trying to fix the damage. Zara looks ashamed but her face turns to a look of terror as the sand in the street begins to rise into the air. Zara alerts Tina, who orders everyone in the diner to run. The sand smashes through the window, completely obliterating the front half of the diner. Amid appears and points at Zara. Tina steps forward and begins fighting him hand to hand. Amid slams her with a blast of sand but she uses the wall to propel herself at Amid. Using his sand mimicry, Amid manages to avoid any injuries by disintegrating and reforming himself. Zara screams that she never wanted to hurt Amid, which causes him to stop. He generates a mini storm that pushes Tina, Zara, and the other citizens of the diner away. The sand obscures their vision and when it clears, Amid is gone.

Tina and Zara run through the city and stop in an alleyway. Zara asks why they are running and Tina tells her that she can’t fight Amid. Zara becomes fearful and asks if there is anyone that can stop him. Tina decides that they need to get to New York and asks if there is a way they can fly without alerting Amid. Zara thinks and then tells Tina that Mike ran a tourist flight company around the desert and that there are a few planes he owned on the outskirts of town. Tina says that she should be able to fly one and the women leave.

In his desert bunker, Amid paces back and forth. He looks at a photograph that he took from Zara’s house, one taken shortly after their wedding. He holds it and a tear rolls down his face. Raising his hand, Amid stares at the wedding ring that he had kept on his finger. He asks how Zara could have been involved with his accident and says that Vahava must have lied. He remembers the night of his accident: Mr Vahava wakes Amid up in his hospital bed. Amid, very scared, asks what he is going to do to him. Vahava explains that his business associates are very interested in Amid and his talent but that they will never be able to find him. Amid asks what he means and Vahava tells him that he will never try to hurt Zara again. As he leaves the room, Vahava sends a stream of fire towards a gas canister, causing it to explode. Amid opens his eyes and becomes angry once more. He rips the photo in half and says that Zara has to die.

Tina and Zara hop on board a plane. Zara asks Tina if she has ever flown before and Tina tells her that Ryland showed her how. She flies the plane high into the air and tells Zara that they will be in America soon. Suddenly, another sandstorm pushes the plane back towards the desert. Zara screams and Tina tells her to hold on. The desert floor begins to move rapidly and numerous bursts of sand explode into the air. Tina yells for Zara not to pay attention to it but Zara looks towards Tina, then to the city. She sees that the sandstorm has stretched back to there and that it is more powerful than before. Tina yells that she can’t get out of the storm and Zara undoes her buckle. She yells that Tina shouldn’t feel bad for what is about to happen. Tina demands to know what she is doing and Zara calls her a hero. She leaps from the plane and down into the desert. As she is falling, an enormous hand reaches up and snatches her from the air. The sandstorm ends and Tina regains control of her flight.

Tyson enters his office and sees a letter on his desk. He opens it and reads that it is from Tina. The letter explains that she does not want to do field assignments anymore and that she will be training recruits. She says that she has made a deal to stay on for two more years but then after that she will leave. She thanks Tyson for his friendship and tells him that she hopes they will work together again soon. Back in Cairo, at the desert bunker, the ripped photo pieces of Amid and Zara flutter in the air. They fall back onto the sand and are pushed back together by a tuft of sand.

Character Appearances


  • The true cause of the fire that nearly killed Amid is revealed in this chapter.
  • The final scene of Sandman ends with sand somehow pushing the ripped photo back together. Whether this is an indication of Amid’s survival is unknown.
  • Zara’s final words were “You’re a hero Tina. Don’t forget that.”
  • Ryland’s final words were “Get Tina out, now!”

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