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Dennis Lockman
Portrayed by Christopher Heyerdahl
First appearance Side Story: The Partner Part 1
In-story stats
Age 40
Date of death 2006
Occupation Korean Bank Robber
Former Company Agent

Dennis Lockman was a former Company Agent who quit his job and turned to robbing banks in South Korea with his accomplice, Harry Chow.

Character History

Side Story: The Partner Part 1

Dennis counts the money that he and his accomplice, Harry just stole from a bank. Dennis comments on Harry's aim and says that he will need to practice some more. When Harry gets angry at this, Dennis calms him down by reminding him that he took him in once Harry manifested. Later, Harry is once again angry at Dennis and wants to know why he makes all the decisions. Dennis tells him that he spent ten years of his life bossing arrogant people around and thats what makes him in charge. Harry leaves to go check their next hit and Dennis is happy he is becoming dedicated to his job.

Not long after this, Dennis hears a knock on the door. He calls out that it is open as he expects it to be Harry. However, Company Agents Alan Carter and Dylan Tyler enter and tie Alan to a chair. Dylan beats Dennis for information on Harry and their next hit but Dennis only tells them that "his boy" will be back soon. Dylan, furious at his old partner, places his hand on Dennis' head and incinerates his insides, killing him.

Side Story: The Partner Part 2

Three months ago, Dennis saved Harry's life after he attempted to commit suicide after the manifestation of his ability. A month later, Dennis tutored Harry on his power and revealed more about his life as an agent for the Company. Another month after this, Dylan Tyler learned that Dennis had been aiding Harry in numerous bank robberies across Seoul.

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